Konbanwa and Irraishimase! (Darn, did I spell that right?) ^_^. Welcome, one and all to the first, but not the only Fuuko Shrine on the information superhighway. As you can see I've finally quit procrastinating and put on a new frames layout. Hopefully everyone's browser can now support frames???? Well git one if it doesn't! One thing I adore about frames is that ya dont have to load everygoddangtime to see the menu. And for a site that had gotten as big as this one, I think de frames layout is but necessary since it's image intensive and all that. Though I don't claim to be an HTML genius so I really cant give you all that high tech stuff. So I hope you just put up with what I've got. Okay?ALL WEB GRAPHICS  AND EDITED/COLORED MANGA IMAGES HERE WERE MADE BY MYSELF (courtesy of PSP 6/7, PhotoPlus and GIMP) UNLESS OTHER WISE SPECIFIED. I wouldn't really mind if you take them, but I wish you'd give credit where credit is due. You can do one of three things: 1.) Link to me 2.) Mail Me 3.)Thank Me. Not too much to ask 'ne? So proceed and enjoy!

This is a hentai free site, not a site for free hentai !!!!
This Fuuko oni image provided by Bottou-chan, made into a gif by me so NOBODY claims a right to say this transparent gif was made by them other than ME!!!! Permission needed before use on other sites.


Ohaiyo gozaimase to each and every one of you! Again, Fuuko no miko apologizes for her tardy updates! As again, real life proves out to be a bite off more than one can chew. I do hope you people understand ^_^. Although I am proud to say that I am one of the handful of Rekka no Honoo webmasters to keep the flame alive for our favorite anime/manga series. To those not yet in the knowing, Anzai Noboyuki's obra has ended recently at volume 33. What happened to our favorite Hokage ninjas is a fact for you and me to discover as yet, as I have not laid hands upon the latest issues of Rekka no Honoo. Rest assured however that you people will be updated at the soonest available time.


Thirteen new and spanking fanfics grace our FANFIC SECTION! Thanks, in no small part to everyone who has been contributing and sending over their works! My heartfelt gratitude reaches out to all of you! We have the introduction of more Fuuko-Tokiya fics, as well as a couple of Rekka-Fuuko ones (for a change of face) and some odds and ends. And some new faces in the realm of Recca-fic-dom send us their entries as well!

The proverbial pretty boy Mikagami gets another wallpaper courtesy of a dear friend, Heroine Yuy at the MULTIMEDIA SECTION!!!

And two more awards are received by the webmistress from a good friend and fellow Filipino Otaku Mithi-chan, now on display at the AWARDS SECTION!!!

Man of the month honors this update goes to the breathtakingly gorgeous Hisoka of Hunter x Hunter!!! Never has villainy been graced by such a droolsome bombshell...well, okay, maybe not never. Still, he *is* one fine specimen of bishounen-dom and this month, he rules my world.  WO AI NI HISOKA-KUN!!!!

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