This is a page dedicated to the master of puzzles
of the Hokage Team, Koganei Kaoru.
kaoru and his anki
His name means Fragrant (Kaoru), and Excellent Small One (Koganei) ^_^...most appropriate don't you think? He is thirteen years old and a junior high school student. He is an orphan, as it has been revealed he had no more family and was on the verge of suicide when Kurei  found him and took care of him. His birthday is on September 29 (Libra) and his blood type is A. Kaoru represents the element of metal.

Kaoru was a member of the Uruha Jyusshinshuu. He belongs to the Junior Uruha with Ganko. Among his companions in the group are Ganko/Reiran and Sekioh... he is known to be a former prisoner, and Kurei's personal bodyguard. Kaoru (or Lorkan as he is known in the Philippine dub), was initally fond of his master, Kurei. He obeyed all of Kurei's wishes. Together with Mokouren, he kidnaps Yanagi and Tatesako Fumio from the latter's house. He even cut Recca down to size at that time. However, he later discovers Kurei's cruel treatment of Yanagi and all those lies Kurei made up. Thus he voluntarily resigned from the Uruha, much to the displeasure of Kurei and the fury of Neon who wanted to kill him. Only Raiha's intervention prevented Neon from doing so.

lorkan bitbit
Kaoru is later invited to the Urabutousatsoujin to participate. Raiha (who also happens to be Kaoru's mentor) had warned him not to come as he knew Kurei's true plan was to eliminate the boy. Kaoru however, joined anyway. In a trap set by Kurei, Kaoru is brought into the open. Fuuko and Domon were trapped in a water pit and left to drown, thus they were unable to go against Uruha Maboroshi. (In the manga, it was only Fuuko who fell into the water trap ^_^ where she was saved by her prince!) It was Kaoru who volunteered to take Fuuko's and Domon's place in the round. He does this to make amends to Yanagi. In the tournament, he faces one of Genjurou's beasts Ziju/Shijou (Uruha Maboroshi), his former partner in crime Nagai Mokouren (Uruha Maboroshi), Tsukoshiro the Narcissistic one (Uruha Ma) and Joker (Uruha Kuranei) . 

Kaoru has a special talent for assembling complex shapes, thus he was given the madougu of the kougonanki. It's been said that the kougan anki should be assembled one shape at a time and you can't skip a step, so it takes the average person would change its shape in 10 seconds. Kaoru, the master, takes only 0.6 seconds. The kougun anki has 6 forms.

lorkan a la manga
Shaped like a long knife, it can produce a straight line attack.
Looks a lot like that weapon Kamatari (of RK fame) wields, only smaller. It has two scythes at the end and a chain in the middle. Produces all sorts of streamline and bent attacks. It is powerful in a sense that it can attack people from behind and/or bind the person with it. A classic ninja weapon which can be seen in other animes.
As sai, it is in the form of scissors, and can cut other people's weapons.
Looks like a boomerang, acts like a boomerang. 
Configures in the shape of a bow and arrow and functions as such.
This form was told to Kaoru by Kokuu (Recca's 7th dragon who was in the form of an old man). This is the kougananki's final form and it divides into several pieces which shoot to attack the enemy. This is the form Kaoru used to beat Joker.
cute little kaoru
Personality-wise, Kaoru is every bit your prepubertal ( I say this because  its pretty obvious to you and me he has yet to get his growth spurt) male. A wise aleck for the most part, but can be  adult-serious  when the need arises. 

After the tournament, Kaoru lived with Recca, his father Shigeo, and Kagero. I dunno what happens next. It's up to the manga to continue where anime had ended. I like Kaoru ^_^. He is sooooo kawaii.  Must be those fangs... ^_^. As Yanagi had said, he is a "zoom-in version of Recca." And despite his young age, he sometimes shows more intelligence than Recca. He also loves teasing the latter. He is also stronger than he looks and is awfully skilled. Pitted against ensui expert Tokiya, they battled to a draw.  And even though Fuuko-sama will always be my number one character, Kaoru's kougananki is my favorite madougu. It is waaay cool! Anyway, I hope you like my piece on Kaoru. It's all I found out  about him. And these images are all I have so don't go asking me for more, okay? Now, back to Fuuko's shrine!

For one reason or another, these two do not seem to have much interaction in either the anime or manga. Kaoru replaced Fuuko in the second round of the UBS in the match against uruha Maboroshi. Kaoru is more often seen in the compnay of Recca/Yanagi/Tokiya. Perhaps he's pitting himself agains this two rivals ^^! They're cordial (Fuuko & Kaoru that is), not much.

its hard being small...

1. In one manga pic depicting Yanagi, it was shown that Recca's rivals for the love of his hime are, one, Mikagami and the other is Kaoru!
2. The scarf you see on his right wrist is not a fashion statement, but rather used to hide his scar from a previous suicide attempt (he was depressed at the time when he lost his family).
3. He is a master of the Rubik's cube!
4. For all his small size, he's a junior high school student and is a major scholl heartthrob!
5. In the manga, he's almost always in neko-neko form ^_^!
6. The sixth form of the Kougan Anki is invisible. 

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