Domon Ishijima
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The brawns of the Hokage team, Ishijima Domon is also a 16-year old first year high school student like Recca. The name Domon means Rock Door while Ishijima stands for stone bird (my, is he hard or what?). Domon's birthday is on May 5 and his blood type is O. Domon represents the elemental power of earth. 
Domon was formerly Recca's enemy. Recca had told Domon if the latter could beat him, he'd be Domon's personal ninja. But since Domon couldn't do it, they became best buddies instead (remember Yusuke and Kuwabara?). Recca calls Domon affectionately "Franks," short for Frankenstein...rather obvious ne? Another "nickname" he christened this behemoth is..."pig-nose." Most would liken him to  Kuwabara of YYH fame. Biggest in body mass, but not the brightest of the group. Domon is also the most underrated of the Hokage ninjas. He is constantly being taunted as the weakest member of the team, and he is under constant pressure to prove that he isn't. He serves as the comical relief of the series though he develops into a more mature individual in the manga.
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Physical strength is Domon's biggest asset. He became even stronger when Kage Houshi granted him the madugou of Saturn's ring/Dosei no wa in the form of a nose ring. It multiplies a person's strength many times and an already strong punch can turn into a more powerful one. If I'm not mistaken, he first used this during the battle against Sekioh in Kurei's mansion. A second madougu he has obtained is the kuchibashi which he got from one of the Three Fools/Three Brothers. It is in the form of an iron claw with a chain. Domon uses the kuchibashi for grasping and anchoring things. He rarely uses this though and prefers to utilizing his brute strength. He once used this to save Fuuko from falling into the cliff during her match with Mikoto. A third madougu is the tetsugan, a small madougu in the form of a marble. Swallowing it will make the owner have a body made of solid steel. Domon used this to beat the hell out of Noroi in the final round of the Urabutousatsoujin. 
The opponents Domon has faced include Sekioh (Uruha Jyusshinsuu), Minamiyo (Team Kuu), Ahki (Uruha Oto), Magensha (Uruha Ma), and Noroi/Bakuju (Uruha Kuranei). Domon won against Sekioh, Magensha and Noroi. His match against Minamiyo was declared a draw while his battle with Ahki resulted into a no-contest because he interfered in the match of Recca-Tokiya vs Neon-Miki. 
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Domon has got to be the biggest Fuuko fan ever ^_^. He's had this hopeless infatuation over her since day 1! When Yanagi came into the picture, Domon became closer to Fuuko than to Recca. They even trained together in the mountains for a whole month using their newly-acquired madougu (courtesy of the Three Idiots). Domon is crazy about the Hokage maiden (And who wouldn't? She's everything a man would be wanting!) and is willing to give life and limb for her. He shows his affection for her directly and indirectly. He asks her out on dates and tries to protect and save her from harm. Now whether he and Fuuko are going to end up a pair is beyond me. Let's wait and see in the manga (though all you know I'm not pro-Domon/Fuuko *_*). If you want to see more of my take on the Domon-Fuuko relationship, click here. Or you could go to Fuuko's shrine

1. One of Domon's most prominent characteristics is his being ecchi. Hentai-head for those who don't know ^.^. He likes girls with big, uh...mammary glands and he drinks from a cup where a lady's lips had previously been as it is a form of indirect kissing. In vol. 20, he actually *touched* Yanagi's, ah, you-know-where, much to Recca's chagrin.
2. He's good with plants. He can be seen in vol. 23 planting flowers in a pot and he helped rebuilda little girl's garden after it was destroyed by bad children. 
3. He *does* have his own fangirls, although they're both too young for his tastes ^.^. One is Inoko, a referee in the UBS who is a major Domon fan, and a kawaii little girl in vol. 23 who gave him flowers before he left to join the Recca-gumi.
4. He used to have hair, lots of it ^.^. He had it cut because Fuuko had told him he looked better with less. And he'd worn it that way since.
5. He's been in love with Fuuko since she beat the crap out of him in junior high ^_~.
6. He's known around school as *The Oni.*