A parody of "Hang in there, Nakago!" and Flame of Recca, by Ailin
This was formed after reading Ana-chan’s Behind the scenes. The thing I noticed about her’s was that the actors were the characters themselves. So I decided to do my own version, based on Watase-sensei’s Hang in there, Nakago! This fic is not original, it was never meant to be. Just to amuse myself and others. Gomen to Ana-chan! Your fic was wonderful! It really was. This just a different opinion, ‘kay? ^__^ 

Kurei: I’m sorry, but my father has an interest in your healing ability. (raises arm) He believes that you hold the key to eternal life. (flames shoot out) 

Yanagi: This man… he has the same power as Recca-kun… could he be… the one Kage Houshi was talking about? (faints) 

Director: CUT!!! 

Kurei (role-name): *looks at Yanagi without clothes on the floor* *nose-bleeds* Whoa… 

Yanagi (role-name): *stands up* What are you staring at? Hentai! *whacks him* *sneers* Don’t even think I’d even *consider* going out with a low-status newcomer like you. *stomps off* 

Kurei: A—ano… 

(Camera pauses on his face. Superimposed words: This is the actor playing Kurei. A relative newcomer in the field of showbiz, has a part-time jobs as a waiter and a salesman in an aromatherapy candle shop.) 

Yanagi: *puts on a kimono, snapping* Director-sama, do I really have to take my clothes off that often? 

(Camera pauses on her. Superimposed: A 17-year-old teen sensation. Has released 2 hit albums up to date and hailed the new Queen of pop after Hikaru Utada. Best-known for helpless heroine roles.) 

Director: *soothing* Yanagi-sama… you know we can’t make a decent show without you. You’re the star. 

Yanagi *rolls eyes* I’d better get a big bonus.  

Assistant: Yanagi-sama, some reporters want to see you. 

Yanagi: *face changes, a sweet Yanagi-like smile spreads across* Hai, I’ll see them. Konichiwa, 
reporters-sama, what can I do for you? 

Reporter: *murmuring to 2nd reporter* Waaa, she’s as sweet as they say she is. *__* 

Kurei: *thinking* Hypocrite… *turns around and bumps into Domon (role-name)* 

Domon: Whoa. Watch where you’re going. 

Kurei: Go…gomen, I didn’t see you… 

Domon: It’s okay, we all have our days, but you should be careful today. Yanagi-sama and Recca 
(role-name)-sama are in a very bad mood today.  

(Camera freezes. Superimposed: A Medicine student at the local University. Hired for the TV series due to his strength (but special-effects contribute to that also lah!)) 

Kurei: *thinking* I can’t believe the person playing Domon is a University student. 

Recca (role-name): Hey, Kurei! Give me a light, will ya? *takes out cigarette* 

(Camera freezes. Superimposed: Teen-heartthrob. Commands an exorbidant price per episode of any TV show. Rumours are that he’s the highest paid cast member of Flame of Recca (but don’t tell Yanagi-sama!) Known to act like a prima donna.) 

Kurei: A—ano, Recca-sama, the director says we can’t smoke on the set… 

Recca: Who cares? Come! *scowls* Hurry up, will ya?! 

Kurei: *hands shaking* Ha—hai… Recca-sama. *takes out lighter*  

Recca: Okay, you can go now. *Waves him away* Get lost. 

Assistant: Now, calm down, Recca-sama, your scene’s coming up… 

Recca: *rolls eyes* Whatever, whose the scene with. 

Assistant: A~ano, it’s with…Kurei-sama, Domon-sama and Fuuko-sama. 

Recca: What?! With this pathetic excuse for an actor? *points at Kurei* The last time I did a scene with him, we had to do 24 takes. *sneers* don’t you have any insight?  

Kurei: *thinking* Aargh. I’m no good!!! *sniffles* But to be a star, I don’t mind playing the bad guy and letting you bully me. You just wait! Some day, I’m going to be as big a star as the rest of you. Hahahaha…* alks onto set* 

Director: And…ACTION! 

Kurei: Oh, come on, Recca. Don’t you remember? 400 years ago, I cut you on your cheek.  


(Even bigger silence) 

Kurei: I’m sorry, is it still my line? 
Director: CUT!!! Cut cut cut!!! 

Recca: Can’t you get it right you moron?! 

Fuuko: Really, Kurei, you should memorize your lines better. 

Recca: THAT IS IT!!! I refuse to work with this talentless nincompoop who keeps flubbing his lines!!! 

Director: Now, now, Recca-sama. Kurei, what’s wrong? 

Kurei: I… I… 

Director: Maybe you’ve had a long day. Take 5. Recca-sama, calm down… let’s do another scene shall we? 

Recca: Fine. You! Kurei! Get me my lunch. And it better be warm when I eat it. Not hot, not cold, but warm! Understand? Or do I have to break in down further so your simple mind can understand it? 

Kurei: Hai… hai, Recca-sama. 

Neon (role-name): Here, I helped you bring the lunch boxes. 

(Camera freezes. Superimposed: A well-known model-turned-actress. Famous for endorsing make-up 
products due to her clear complexion and beautiful, rose-red lips. Also plays Kurenai, looks different thanks to the wonder of the make-up products she so happily endorses) 

Kurei: *tears gather* Wha… what? 

Neon: I know how it’s like to be a newbie. Everyone bullies you. 

Kurei: A~ano, Neon-sama… 

Neon: ^__^ Don’t worry, you’ll succeed, eventually. After all, look at me. I’ve acted in a few well-known shows and endorsed dozens of make-up products already. 

Kurei: But… but… I’m one of the oldest here (excluding Kouran Mori (role-name)) yet… yet I’ve got the smallest status. 

Neon: It’s like that. Evil characters are often overlooked. Sad, isn’t it? 

Delivery man: Parcel for Kurei-sama. 

Kurei: That’ll be me! *takes parcel. Opens it* NANI!!! These… these are Kurei shaped chocolate bars with that mystery meat! I keep getting them! 

Neon: ^__^;; There, you have fans. 

In FoR ML-land… 

Ailin: Jia Xian-san, what are you doing? 

Jia Xian: Making chocolate… 

Ailin: O_o;; 
Kurei: *jumps up and down* WAI!!! I have fans—Whoa! *squishing sound. Looks down, is stepping in his lunchbox* A~ano! My lunch!!! 

Neon: *sweatdrops* You could eat the chocolate… 

Kurei: Argh… I’ll go to my dressing room to clean up… *walks to a dressing-room without thinking* 

*Woman’s high-pitched scream* 

Kurei: *stares in horror* 

Tokiya (role-name): *blush* So, you’ve found out my secret…  

(Camera pans down, reveals Tokiya to be wearing a *gasp* bra! And sexy, lacy lingerie. O_o;;) 

Kurei: A~ano… You’re… you’re a girl… 

Tokiya: What can I say? Bishounen just don’t exist in real life.  

Kurei: Does…does the director know? 

Tokiya: *frowns* Iie. He doesn’t. No one does… so if you won’t tell, no one will know… right? *smiles 
seductively* Of course… you won’t tell, will you, Kurei-kuuuuuun? *fondles with Kurei’s hair* 

Kurei: *blush* No… no, I won’t. 

Tokiya: Good boy. *kisses him squarely on the mouth—with tongues O_O* Jya ne! *pushes Kurei out of dressing room* 

Kurei: @_@ *eyes spiralling* Whoa… 
What will happen to Kurei as he continues to work here? 

What other secrets unfold? 

Will Kurei finally find the stardom he’s been searching for? 

Will he finally accomplish his dreams? 

Will the author stop babbling?  

Stay tuned for the next FoR episode, on the same FoR channel and the same FoR time for… 

Hang in there, Kurei! Part 2! 

(What do you mean no part 2? Of course there will be one. Kakakakaka) 

So up till then, hang in there Kurei! You can do it! Keep fighting! I’m behind you all the way!!! (And so are the other advocates of evilness and cruelty!)