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Hang In There, Kurei! Part 2 
 (A.k.a. Ailin has another breakdown) 

 The last time we saw our favourite evil bastard (I mean this in a positive way of course ^^) He had been bullied and whacked around by several of the cast members of Recca no Honou (or Flame of Recca). So what would happen to him now? We continue the story… (Oh come on, you knew this was coming… *evil smile*) 

[Kurei stumbles out, his eyes spiraling] 

Kurei: Whoa… [promptly trips over something] 

Kaoru (role-name): Hey, be careful there, Kurei nii-chan! [looks at Kurei sitting on the floor looking dazed] A~ano, Kurei nii-chan, daijoubu ka? 

[Camera freezes, superimposed: Child star. Has risen to fame after joining a talent search for child actors. Rumoured to be ruled by his manager/mother very strictly. Acts with younger sister, Ganko (role-name) in this series. Is a pin-up boy for young girls currently in Junior High) 

Kurei: Hai… daijoubu… 

Kaoru: Kurei nii-chan, is this your new character image? 

Kurei: Na~ni? 

Kaoru: Lipstick. [Greeted by Kurei’s blank face] Your wearing purple lipstick, you know. Is this some kind of new image to make your character more evil? 

Kurei *panics* [thinking]: Aargh. It must be Tokiya-sama’s fault. (Author’s note: Remember the kiss? ^^) [Saying] Why yes, yes it is. *Smiles weakly* 

Kaoru: Wow… I admire you, Kurei nii-chan. I wouldn’t wear purple lipstick even if my mom threatened to 
take my Playstation away. 

[A plump woman walks over. She’s wearing thick make-up and overpowering perfume] 

Woman: Kaoru! What are you doing here? Don’t you know your scene is coming up? Why look at your 
sister! She’s so obliging, and she doesn’t run off every time I leave her alone. Really, you should learn from her! 

(Kaoru: Ganbo no baka, always makes me look bad) 

Woman [continuing]: You know what, sometimes I don’t know what to do with you… 

Kurei [speaking up]: A~ano, Ma’am… it’s really my fault, I tripped over Kaoru-chan here and… 

Woman [shrieking]: YOU TRIPPED OVER MY BABY! HOW COULD YOU? DON"T YOU KNOW HE HAS SCENES TO DO? WHAT IF YOU HURT HIM? HE MAY BE SCARRED FOR—[trails off. Looks at Kurei curiously] [Turns to Kaoru] Come on Kaoru… haven’t I told you never to speak to all these lowly newbies? You’re a star! How can you socialize with extras like him? [walks off] 

Kaoru: Mo~ther… 

Woman: And he wears make-up! [lowers her voice] He must be an okama! What kind of normal person 
wears make-up? 
On the Fushigi Yuugi set… 

Tomo (role-name): Bwa-choo! 

Soi (role-name): Are you all right, Tomo-sama? 

Tomo: Hai. Just could have sworn someone was talking behind my back bad things about me. 

Soi: Poor thing… remind me to make you some nice chicken soup when we get home. 

Tomo: You’re so nice to me… 

Soi: Of course… till Death do us part, remember? 

Tomo: Of course! It means I can’t leave you till you’re dead. 

Soi: *whacks him* Baka. 

Back at the FoR set… 

Kurei: Sigh… there goes my only friend… 

[Someone taps him on the shoulder] 

Fuuko (role-name): Hi!!! Kurei-san, do you think my outfit’s too revealing?!?!?! 

Kurei: A~ano… 

Fuuko: I don’t understand why Fuuko has to wear all these tight T-shirts and shorts!!! 

(Camera freezes, superimposed: Another well-known model-turned-actress. Rumours are that even though she doesn’t look it, she’s not as smart as Neon-sama) 

Kurei: Well, Fuuko’s like that I suppose. You’ve read the script for the fight with Fujimaru right. Fuuko’s just really proud of her body… 

Fuuko: Why yes!!! I do believe so!!! Arigatou!!! Kurei-kun, you’re so smart!!! Oh, and you do know you’re 
wearing lipstick!!! 

Kurei: … … [speechless] Um, excuse me… [Excuses himself so as to prevent his brain from turning into 
mindless fluff due to overpowering punctuation] 


Kurei: Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.[shuffles to the main set] 

Recca: LOOK! Look at what this is! [shoves lunchbox under Kurei’s nose] 

Kurei *sniffs* : It’s tonkatsu… [Remembers his destroyed lunch] Oh, what I wouldn’t give for… 

Recca: Don’t try to change the subject! Do you know what tonkatsu is made of? 


Kurei: Meat? 


Kurei: A~ano… 

Yanagi: Baka yarou. Don’t you know Recca-sama is a strict vegetarian? 

Kurei: But Neon-sama… 

Recca: Don’t drag Neon-sama into this! She’s a perfectly nice girl, and I don’t think she’d ever socialize with you. 

[Neon stands by the wings haplessly. Everyone knows better than to interfere when Recca-sama is having a tantrum] 

Kurei *sniffles* : Gomen… Gomen nasai! 

Recca: Director! Can’t we find someone else to do his role? Nakago-sama (role-name) from Fushigi Yuugi 
for example. I’m sure he has a lot more experienced than this. 

Director: We were thinking about that, but he didn’t want to dye his hair black. 

Yanagi *pouts* : Geez, so we are stuck with him after all. 

There was an unexpected pause. 

Yanagi: He’s wearing lipstick. My god, what’s wrong with you! 

Minna: What?! [Crowds around Kurei and gawks at him] 

Recca: My lord… what a freak. 

Kurei *lower lip trembling*: I… I… 

Voice: I think that’s an interesting concept. It makes him a lot more sinister. 

[Everyone turns around to see a girl with long brown hair and glasses] 

Girl: I trust Kurei-san is comfortable working here? He plays an integral part here, and he is to finish the 
entire project, understand? 

(Camera freezes, superimposed: The only sponsor of the entire show. (Also responsible for this sequel 
being produced so soon. This fic was meant to collect dust for a year first ^_^) She’s also the curator of the FoR museum. Hmm… that does sound awfully like someone we know, ne? ^___~) 

Director: Ahahahaha… that’s another reason why we can’t change Kurei-sama. (He has the backing of the sponsor.) 

Minna: … … 

Director: You know what, I think I’ll call it a day. Everyone’s all working on a new project, and everyone’s just really temperamental. Let’s leave the rest for tomorrow, shall we? 

There was a muffled grunt of approval, and the cast slowly dissipated. 
Kurei was walking down the street in normal clothes (read: NOT a red dress) then suddenly— 

Girl1: Hey isn’t that Kurei-kun? 

Girl2: Nani?! Kurei, that bishounen guy from FoR! 

Girl3: It must be him! It can’t be anyone else! 

Minna: KUREI-SAMA!!! 

Kurei: Nani? 

Girl2: WAI!!! Kurei-sama, your so cool! 

Girl1: I prefer you to that ‘Recca’. His endless ‘Hime’ing is soooo annoying. 

Girl3: Gives us your autograph, Kurei-sama! 

Kurei: Now, now, there’s more than enough of me to go around ^.^ 

Minna: KAWAII!!! 

As Kurei began to get swamped by his fans, he notices a familiar red-head standing by. 

Kurei: Kurenai? Iie… Neon-sama? NEON-SAMA! Hello!!! I’m here. 

Neon: *gives him a cold look before stalking off* 

Kurei: Neon-sama! Neon-sama! Wait for me… 

Girl1: Kurei-sama, don’t go! 

Girl2: Stay with us, Kurei-sama! 

Kurei: Matte, matte! Tasuketeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 
Kurei woke up sweating profusely. 

Kurei: Of course…only in a dream will I be this popular. 
So the months flew past, with Kurei working on the set. Things didn’t improve much, just that Kurei was no longer being threatened about losing his job since that threat was already rather outdated. The filming soon wrapped up, and then came the press conference. 

Otaku1: Hey, that’s Kurei-sama! 

Otaku2: Kurei-sama, look here please! *Clicks camera* 

Otaku3: Kurei-sama, give me your signature. 

Kurei [thinking]: This is just like my dream… [Saying] Of course, minna! 

Otaku2: Sugoi!!! He’s so bishounen!!! 

Otaku4: Hey, isn’t that Tokiya-sama? 

Otaku5: Mikagami-sempai!!! 

Otakus1,2,3: Nani?! Tokiya-sama, where?! [Runs to Tokiya] 

Otaku1: Tokiya-sama, we’re your biggest fans. 

Otaku3: Tokiya-sama, you’re so cool, please give me your autograph. 

[Kurei is left standing at the corner of the screen, in the dark, while the spotlight shines on Tokiya] 

Kurei: But… but Tokiya’s a gi— 

[Tokiya gives Kurei a meaningful look that obviously says Rat-on-me-and-I’ll-make-sure-you’ll-never-work-in-this-town-again] 

Kurei: I mean, Tokiya’s a great guy to work with. 

[Meanwhile another group of people approach] 

Recca gumi member1: Hey! That’s that evil bastard (now used in a negative sense) Kurei! Come on guys, let’s stone him for giving our Recca-sama such a bad time, and for kidnapping hime-sama! 

Kurei: Na~ni? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! 

*Runs for cover* 

Kurei [reaching the filming studio]: A~ano, anyone here? 

Neon: Kurei-sama, what are you doing here? 

Kurei: Neon-sama *bursts into tears* 

Neon: What happened? 

Kurei gave her a brief summary. 

Neon: Fame is like that. People are fickle, so they change easily. Some may like you, while some may hate you. It all depends. It’s all a price you have to pay for being famous. (Another one being not having enough time to know a boy/girlfriend.) 

Kurei: *sobbing* Do you have a boyfriend Neon-sama? 

Neon: Not yet. You? 

Kurei: *choke, sob* Iie. 

Neon: But the thing is that I’m sure whoever is your girlfriend will suffer a lot. 

Kurei: … … 

Neon: Ah well, that’s life. C’est la vie. But there’s also another phrase I like to live by. 

Kurei: *sniffles* What? 

Neon: Carpe diem. Seize the day. Come on Kurei-sama, are you coming along for the end-of-production celebration dinner? 

Kurei: No… I have my job as a waiter. 

Neon: I thought you were a salesman in an aromatherapy candle shop. 

Kurei: That’s my other part-time job. I need to pay my rent. 

Neon: O_o I see. 
Cut to a signboard: Aoiya (my, doesn’t that sound familiar? If you read RK, that is) 

Misao: Kurei! Quick get me a table for… get me a large table. 

Kurei: Hai, Misao-sama. 

Omasu: Welcome, minna! Please wait a while as we find you a table. 

Okon: Send them in Omasu! 

Omasu: Hai! Kurei, show them their table. 

Kurei: Welcome people to Aoiya— 

Neon: You work here Kurei-sama? 

Recca: I wonder why a restaurant with such a good reputation would hire you. 

Kaoru: Kurei nii-chan! 

Fuuko: Hey Kurei-sama!!! 

Yanagi: *sniffs* 

Domon: Hello Kurei-sama. 
Kurei promptly passed out. 

Raiha: Pass the beef hotpot will you? 

Mikoto: *meekly* Hai, Raiha-sama. 

Menou: Joker-sama, why don’t you take off your cap? You have such nice eyes. 

Joker: *blush* Iie… I’m shy. 

Saicho: Why don’t you just take it off? 

Joker: O~okay… *takes off cap to reveal…* 

Misora: Wah O.O You have such nice eyes (amber, too). Why don’t you show them more often? 

Joker: *blush* 

Recca: *picking at his salad* So I told the director, you don’t expect me to do that. 

Yanagi: *giggles* Hn. Directors are so silly sometimes. 

Fuuko: This restaurant gives the kind of feel of the Meiji era doesn’t it?!?!?! 

Domon: I think it’s their theme. 

Kaoru: Beef Hotpot!!! Itadakimasu, minna! 
Kurei slowly stirred. 

Neon: Ohayo, sleepy-head! 

Kurei: Ne…neon-sama! What are you… what am I…? I’m supposed to be working… Aoshi-sama is definitely going to dock my pay again. 

Neon: Don’t be a baka. Everyone’s left already, and Aoshi let you off. 

Kurei: Really? 

Neon: *clears throat* Recca-sama actually convinced him not to. 

Kurei: RECCA?! 

Neon: A~ano… he also said that that you’d pryafbkjhfhtyjsn. 

Kurei: Nani? 

Neon: Well, Recca-sama actually said you’d pay for their meal. 

Kurei: *weakly* Oh… how big is the bill? 

Neon: $125.67. 

Kurei: Oh that’s all right. 


Kurei: *convulses* WHAT?! That’s about 25 times my salary per day! How am I going to pay it off? 

Neon: Well, I paid it on your behalf… 

Kurei: Neon-sama… *tears gathering* 

Neon: …so I suppose you’ll have to work for me to pay me back. Come to my house tomorrow evening. I have a job for you. 

Kurei: Evening? *Hentai thoughts follow* 
The next evening… 

Kurei: *mumbling to himself* I will tell Neon-sama how I feel about her. I will tell Neon-sama how I feel about her. *Takes a deep breath* 

*Doorbell rings* 

Neon: [opening door]: Konbanwa, Kurei-sama. 

Kurei walks in. 

Kurei: *Takes a deep breath* Neon-sama, remember you were telling me that whoever was my girlfriend would suffer? 

Neon: Na~ni, did I? 

Kurei: Yes you did, that day when the Recca Gumi was stoning me. 

Neon: Huh? 

Kurei: You were telling me about how fickle fame was… 

Neon: Oh yes, I remember now. I told you that if you had a girlfriend she’d suffer because you would 
always be too busy. 

Kurei: Well I’m telling you now, she won’t suffer, because I’ll make her— 

*Doorbell rings again* 

Neon: Oh, dear that must be my date. He’s early today. 

Kurei: Anyway I was saying—DATE?! 

Neon: Hai. Your assignment today is to look after my house and help me clean it up. As long as you do a satisfactory job, I’ll consider your debt cleared. 

Kurei: You’re not hearing me here, Neon-sama. DATE?! 

Neon: Oh yes. He’s the CEO of a Chocolate Corp. 

*Sound of a funeral bell* 
While Kurei-sama’s world is crashing down on him, I the author would like to take a short intermission. 

Soi and Tomo are married. Why? Because I wish it. And NO ONE defies the author. I dunno, I like them together though… ^^ (Just like in some bizarre twisted way, I like Kamatari-Chou pairings in RK) 

Kurei’s daily pay at Aoiya is about $5. Aoiya, if you still don’t know what it is, is the place where the Kyoto Oniwa Banshuu resides. I made it into a restaurant. That’s why Fuuko said it gave off the feel of the Meiji era ^^ Aoshi, Misao, Okon, Omasu and Okina are all Oniwa Banshuu members. (From Rurouni Kenshin) There’s a reason why I made the actress who played Kurenai the same as the one who played Neon. I think that they both fall into the caliber of Soi (FY) and well since Kurei is obviously a Nakago kind of person, one Soi is enough. (I like the Neon-Kurei romance so much because it’s kinda as if it shows what if Soi and Nakago had a second chance.) The Recca Gumi is my own invention. It means the Recca group/team (or something close to this explanation) Kinda silly… but here it’s used to refer to Recca fans. 

All in all, I’d just like to say I didn’t want to be mean to Kurei, but well, he’s so vulnerable like this. 

Kurei: That’s it. You die now. 

*Blue flame flares* 

And the CEO of a Chocolate Corp. Hm… sounds like someone we know, now, doesn’t it? ^.^ 
Kurei watched horrified as Neon opened the door to reveal— 

A 15-year-old Chinese boy?! 

Jia Xian: Hello Miss. Neon. Hello Kurei-sama. 

Neon: Hello Jia Xian-san. Ah well, jya ne, Kurei-sama. 

Jia Xian: Bye. {Turns to Neon and takes out a box of chocolates] Here, Neon-sama, I made you some 

Neon: Wah, you’re so sweet, Jia Xian-san! *cuddles him* 

Kurei watched the door close like his window of opportunity. The lights dim and a spotlight shines on him. 

Kurei: Why… why… WHY!!! Every time something good happens to me, it’s taken away so fast. When I was 15, I was nominated to be a model pupil… then the next day, MY MOTHER TRANSFERRED ME TO 
ANOTHER SCHOOL!!! And now… all my hopes… NOOOOOOO!!! *Breaks down and starts to cry* And I 
fought so hard too… 

At that very moment, a letter was shoved under the door. The words Kurei-sama…was written on the 

Kurei opened it gingerly, as he suspected it was another sick gag gift from the author and was due to 
explode once opened. He pulled out the letter: 

Dear Kurei-sama, 

Hang in there, Kurei! Things may be really tough for you now, but remember, you will never be alone so long as the KFC (no, not the fried poultry) remains (or so long as I keep updating it) We will always stick with you no matter how big a failure you think you are. ^_^ Keep fighting, Kurei-sama, we’re behind you all the way! 

Bottou-chan, representative of the KFC 
Kurei found himself physically unable to speak, but he didn’t have to say anything, because his silence expressed more things than words could have done. 

"You say it best… when you say nothing at all…" – Ronan Keating, 

Words I used that some people may have no idea what I’m talking about: 

Daijoubu ka: Are you okay? 

Tonkatsu: It’s kind of like fried pork cutlets, commonly had with rice and miso soup. Only since Tonkatsu refers to the pork cutlets, the complete set of pork cutlets and rice would be Katsu-ju (served in a box) or katsu-don (served in a bowl) Just some yummy food trivia… (I like Japanese food ^^) 

Okama: Gay. (As in men who like men, not happy) 

Matte: I think it means stop ^^ 

Tasukete: Help 

Sugoi: Great or cool or wonderful or something like that… ^^;; 

Itadakimasu: Eat up… or something like that… Miaka’s always shouting this. 
Copyright to Ailin "Wolfie" 
0023 hrs, March 25, 2000 

 Good night, minna.