Ah yeah...one of the most sought-after pages in any website has got to be the image gallery. Well, here are fifteen galleries of *nothing* but Fuuko pics! Now go grab em while they last. I must declare that other than the ones edited by myself, I claim NO OWNERSHIP WHATSOEVER with the other pics. I have *NOT* screencapped nor scanned any of them. Other fine, hardworking webmistresses did that. Me, I just make *nenok.*The Fuuko screenshots are all courtesy of Eien-No-Ai, AnimeArt, Whatever's Flame of Recca Page, The WIllow Glade, Specialist's Flame of Recca Encyclopedia, and Sanitary. The manga scans are from Yuffie Girl, Bear & Angel, Bottou-chan, and Quantum Queen.  Please feel free to take any images you want ^_~ except for the ones whose filenames begin with an *E*. It simply means that those were edited by me, and none other. I have to impose that permission is needed prior to usage of particular images. The rest you can ask from their owners. They're not really mine anyway. If you see any image that belongs to you, and you are not given proper credit, please let me know! Chances are, I forgot them.  More Fuuko images to come in the future!

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12manga.jpg 154manga.jpg 172manga.jpg 178manga.jpg 1manga.jpg
216manga.jpg 220newmanga.jpg 28manga.jpg 29manga.jpg 2centerfoldfuuko.jpg
2Fuuko_Raiha2.jpg 2Fuuko_Raiha3.jpg 2Fuuko_Raiha4.jpg 2fuukoargh.jpg 2fuukocapture.jpg
2fuukocard.JPG 2fuukocard2.JPG 2fuukocard3.JPG 2fuukocloseup.jpg 2fuukocomin.jpg
2fuukocomplain.jpg 2fuukocrystal.jpg 2fuukodark.jpg 2fuukodiss.jpg 2fuukoenraged.jpg