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The name Fuuko means "wind child." Fuu=wind, ko=child. It may be spelled as Fuuko or Fuko (with those two dots over the "u"). Kirisawa means foggy swamp. Though she certainly doesn't look like a "swamp thing " ^_^ (remember that 80s series?). To see another interpretation of the name Fuuko, click here).Her birthday is on August 2nd and she's Leo (just like me, hee hee ^_^). She's 16 years old and a second year/sophomore high school student. She goes to the same high school as Hanabishi Recca. Her blood type is B (Aha! Two things in common with Fuuko-sama @_@). In the anime, she has purple hair and blue-violet eyes. In the manga, her hair is brown and her eyes are green. I dunno how tall she is, but she probably falls among the usual height for female anime characters (between 5'1" to 5'4").

Fuuko is introduced in the second anime episode and in Book 1 episode 3 of the manga. She is Recca's neighbor and childhood friend (Er...sweetheart? Not quite ^^;;). Since childhood, she's been trying to beat/outdo Recca but to no avail. They would've been best friends if they had not been arguing all the time. Fuuko is hellbent on beating Recca so he would be her servant/lapdog. So when Sakoshita Yanagi shows up with Recca on bent knee serving her, Fuuko is enraged. Now is this a show of jealousy? Most definitely! Though whether Fuuko is jealous because she had a crush on Recca or that Yanagi was a better butt-kicker than she was (Fuuko thought Yanagi beat the hell out of Recca for him to serve her like that), is beyond me. An early viewer of the series would think that Fuuko had feelings (other than annoyance) for Recca and that she was mad that Recca found another girl to be his girlfirend. Of course this doesn't seem to be the case. Since I had not seen the first few episodes of FOR, Fuuko had been described to me as a friend/foe of Recca's.

fuuko and kage houshi
Enter Kage Houshi who tells Fuuko that she can help her beat Recca. The gift of the Fuujin is given unto her. What Fuuko doesn't know is that it contained a stone that put her mind under the control of Kage Houshi. She challenged Recca to a fight one night and released the full strength of the Fuujin on him. She almost gets herself killed in the process. Of course this doesn't happen and she lives to overcome the power of the Fuujin and Kage Houshi.

At this point, Fuuko role becomes more defined as Recca's ally. She is able to overcome her resentment with Yanagi and becomes her friend. She even aids Recca in rescuing Yanagi from the hands of Mori Kouran. Fuuko's intelligence and fighting skills are revealed at this point, as she outwits Kurei's firing statue. She also came face to face with a living mannequin, Reiran Katashiro and her minions. This happened to be merely a facade done by Ganko Morikawa, a little girl who had control of these living dolls. Fuuko defeats her amidst a long, tiring battle and later becomes her friend. They also meet in this story arc, Kouganei Kaoru and Kurei himself.

When Recca learns about his past while the group was visiting Kage Houshi, they were attacked by The Three Fools, Kurei's henchmen. It is from defeating these three assassins that Fuuko was able to acquire the Oni no tsume, a weapon that she utilizes with her fuujin. Fuuko then goes on a sojourn to the mountains with Domon to hone her skills in facing Kurei (who had beaten her to a pulp the last time they met).

prepare yourself for the fight of your life
Fuuko, together with the rest of the Hokage Team were invited to the Urabutosatsojin. There, she faced a number of adversaries. The first of which was Fujimaru of the Kuu Team in the opening tournament. The second battle was supposed to be against one of the Uruha Maboroshi team, but Fuuko was captured in a trap set by Kurei. Domon and her fell into a pit and nearly drowned in the pool of water that filled it. They were saved, however by Raiha, another member of the Uruha Jyuushinshuu. He appears to be Kurei's right hand man, as it is often showed that Raiha stands by Kurei when the latter is viewing the tournament.  Fuuko has then done battle in the quarterfinals against a member of the Uruha Ma, Gashakura. She beats him, using the newly-discovered power of the fuujin, the spirit of wind. In the finals, Fuuko is pitted against the merciless Mikoto and her living robot. Mikoto deals Fuuko-san her first ever loss in the Tournament. However, this was mainly because of Fuuko got knocked out of the ring. See my versus section for more details of this battle. After the UBS, Fuuko faces another formidable opponent in the form of Soukakousai and his magic cauldron. This cauldron pulls people into it, and whoever it captures dries up turning into nothing but a dry husk. This was not seen in the anime however, and runs from volumes 17-20 in the manga. In volume 18, Fuuko acquires a new weapon, the Shinryu, a double-edged she got from her adversary Hisui.
fast approaching
Fuuko seems to be one of the more popular members of the Hokage Ninja. Possibly after Recca himself and the hunk Mikagami Tokiya (Hey, they're both bishounen! No questions asked ^_~). She's everything I like about a female anime character: rough, tough, gutsy, brave and can hold her own with little if any help at all from the men (e.g. Kamiya Kaoru, Hino Rei and Makemuchi Misao- all of which I like ^_^). If it weren't for her voluptous figure, you'd mistake Fuuko for a boy with the way she acts and carries herself. Her rough-and-tumble demeanor and her devil-may-care attitude says it all. And yet deep inside you know she's gentle, vulnerable and caring. Traits she doesn't like showing too often as she doesn't want to appear weak and dependent.
fuuko in a green garb
For some reason she seems to like the color green, as you see most of her blouses appear. She also has a tendency to dress like Ranma. No, not girl-type Ranma, but boy-type Ranma *_*! Those short shorts and male undershirts. Fuuko also seems to like gym clothes (cycling shorts, sweatshirts, leotards and torn-sleeve tees). She dresses like a boy, alright. Seemingly oblivious to the fact that the clothes she wears are rather...uhhm...provocative. They enhance her curves, and tend to attract more attention that she wants. I guess Fuuko-sama is a little naive in this aspect. At 16, she isn't as self-conscious of appearance as other anime femmes. Does she show any change in the manga? I dunno, really. Go figure :P. So what if she dresses like a 16-year old boy instead of a 16-year old girl? Fuuko is Fuuko is Fuuko is Fuuko. She rules my world! Want to see my top ten for Fuuko-sama? Click here!
The name of Fuuko creates an easy-going, good-natured personality, meeting and mixing easily. You appreciate the company of others, to the point that you do not like to be by yourself for very long. You are gifted with natural expression, both verbal and musical, but you would find it tedious to study music and practice theory. Anything that involves concentration or just plain hard work, you prefer to avoid as best you can. Although you have many creative, original ideas, procrastination is your worst enemy because you can seldom make decisions and carry them out. In your desire to gain the favour of others and to keep peace, because you abhor friction, you change your opinion to agree with those at hand. It is easy for you to express love and affection, but you would have to watch that your emotional nature does not get the better of you and lead you to indiscretions which you would later regret. A desire for sweet, rich foods could create skin problems, overweight, or you could suffer weakness across the back, or possibly a liver ailment.

Do you want to know the story behind Fuuko's headband, Domon's mohawk hairdo and how the latter fell for the former? Click here for the special story on Fuuko-san!

Volume 11- Interview with Fuuko Kirisawa
This interview happened on Volume 11 of the manga, translated by Firetigeress. This interivew was originally taken from her site, Raging Fire
Interviewer: Now we're interviewing Team Hokage's lone female fighter - Miss Fuuko!
Fuuko: How do you do!
Interviewer: When did you get your first kiss? And with whom?
Fuuko: I haven't been kissed yet!
Interviewer: What's your favourite colour for your underwear?
Fuuko: White, white, white!
Interviewer: In the summer do you sleep naked?
Fuuko: Sometimes!
Interviewer: [Are you the type of person who doesn't like to wear a bra?]
Fuuko: Sometimes I don't wear a bra... Hey! Why are you asking these weird questions? Hentai!
Interviewer: So... sorry... Ah ah - - *heart*
(Even though the interviewer was beaten half to death, he still feels very fortunate to have this interview)


1. She *does* have a family. Consisting of mom, whom Recca always runs to since he doesn't have his own. And a bro (now whether older or younger, is not mentioned) since she had lent her bro's clothes to Koganei. I'm assuming he's older and may be at university since he doesn't seem to make an appearance in the Kirisawa household. No mention of a father though.

2. Fuuko, even when she is on her deathbed with illness, never cuts classes. Back in junior high and even before that, she has perfect class attendance!

3. Fuuko calls Recca's adopted dad Shigeo, "Uncle" whilst Recca always called on Fuuko's mom because he didn't have his own at the time.

4. She sings karaoke (and Yanagi does too ^_^!)

5. Yanagi was initially jealous of Fuuko (back in volume 1).

6. Recca and Fuuko have been in the same class since first to sixth grades and junior high school. They were also been neighbors.

7. Recca's nickname for Fuuko is "North Wind Brat." He thinks he's her natural enemy but he also calls himself her "buddy."

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