Child of Wind and Thunder

by Wan ling

Fuuko Kirisawa walked down the stairs of Tokyo University. She was hurrying home for dinner.Her 1 month old son, Raifuu was under Miki and scare. Ever since she gave birth to him, the others has been very supportive…Especially Raiha who was the father of the child. So much has happened in the past years. Neon has married to Kurei, Tokiya has opened up a bit more to everyone and Kouran Mori has been defeated.The only thing…Fuukio wished to happen was…Domon to give up on her. He would still do anything for her and still look at Fuuko starry-eyed. Fuuko sighed and quickened her steps, still in her own world.Suddenly , a shout intruded her train opf thoughts.

”Fuuko!”Fuuko turned abruptly and saw the Hokage team hurrying towards her.

” Wait up!”Recca shouted.

” Fuuko, can we go to your house for dinner, since now it is so late…? I want to be with you…”Domon cooed.

Fuuko punched him on the face and replied,”Yes, everyone can come to my house for dinner except for you, Domon!”

Tokiya said, “I wish to see the cute face of Raifuu again.”

Yanagi nodded and said,” He does look like his parents.” Then the Hokage team proceeded to Fuuko’s house for dinner, with Domon following behind them, tears streaming down his cheeks.

” Fuuko….Fuuko…”he said.

“Miss Fuuko!Welcome home!Dinner is ready!” Miki said and then saw the others behind her.”Hi, everyone!Long time no see!”she greeted them excitedly.

Firstly, they went to msee Raifuu in the cot. Fuuko carried him in her arms as Raifuu reached out his little fingers towards his mother. Fuuko smiled. Kaoru and Ganko, who were silent just now suddenly proposed Fuuko a question.

“Fuuko, can I carry Raifuu for a minute?He is so cute!” Everyone looked at them.Fuuko nodded and handed Kaoru her child.Ganko and Kaoru were terrified when Raifuu suddenlystarted to cry loudly.Kaoru quicly returned Raifuu to Fuuko, saying,” He is so scary!” Ganko nodded in agreement. Everyone laughed.

The Hokage team ate their dinner together after Raifuu stopped crying.

Recca said, “ Hey, Kaoru, Ganko, how is school?”

Kaoru yawned and replied, “ Oh well, the females still stick to me like super glue…”

Ganko said gloomly. “Teacher scolded me today….”

“Why?!” Tokiya asked. “ A girl in my class took my pen, broke it purposely and lied to teacher that I broke her pen!”

“Oh, I see…Yanagi, do you think we should tell my mother that?” Recca turned to his left and double-took.

“Where’s Yanagi?”he asked.

Fuuko replied, “ She went to the bathroom to…” Suddenly, a blood-hurling scream filled their ears. “Yanagi!” Everyone exclaimed in unision and rushed towards the scream.

“Fuuko! Fuuko!”she shouted. “ Fuuko!Raifuu!”she yelled to Fuuko and pointed at something in Raifuu’s room.Fuuko rushed to her son’s room.She saw Raifuu floating in the air, laughing his boyish laugh and commanding wind and thunder, which made storm!

Fuuko fainted on the spot.