Child of Wind and Thunder
Part 2
by Wan Ling
Recca did not know what to do. He did not know where was his mother. Aki then suggested,” Miki and I will go and get Raiha. Please, Miss Yanagi, take care of Miss Fuuko.” And then they disappeared into the darkness.Yanagirevived Fuuko with much effort. Everyone looked at Raifuu, who was still floating in the air.Fuuko felt so helpless.She could do nothing but to stand there, watching her prescious son in the air and to pray hard that Raifuu would be alright.

Miki and Aki ran aling the dark hallwayof Kurei’s mansion, shouting, “ Raiha!!!Master Kurei!!! Miss Neon!!!” At last they found them in a room, holding a meeting with Joker and Kagerou. “ Quick! Raiha! Miss Fuuko fainted! Raifuu! Something has happended to Raifuu!” That statement left all of them in shock.

Suddenly, Kurei asked Raiha, “ Raifuu is now 1 month old, right?”

Raiha answered, “ Yes, Master Kurei, but wha---!Could it be?!”

Kagerou in turn gasped, “ It could not be, could it?”

Kurei only replied, “Lets go!” And the trio rushed to Fuuko’s house immediately.

After a few minutes, Miki and Aki arrived with Raiha, Neon, Kurei, Joker and Kagerou.They hurried to Raifuu’s room.

“It is! Look!”Kagerou exclaimed.

“Raiha! What will happen to our child?!”Fuuko asked, worried sick.

Raiha held Fuuko close and calmly said, “ He is fine,dear.Don’t worry. ”

Everyone wanted to know what was happening, so Kurei explained. “ Raiha’s madogou is Raijin and Fuuko’s madagou is Fuujin. And we all know they are twin counterpartes. Only the child of the device masters of Raijin and Fuujin can control the wind and thunder without any madagou. One in a hundred child of the device masters of Raijin and Fuujin. It is already very rare to have a child of device masters of both Raijin and Fuujin and it is even more rare to have a child who can control thunder and wind without the madagous.”

Raiha looked at everyone and said, “ I never thought Raifuuwould be one of the chosen one.”

Kurei said, “Usually, the child will be given the powers about 1 month after his or her brith.”

Joker shook his head and said, “Really, Raiha, you underestimated your own son!”

Raiha nodded and smiled sheepishly at Fuuko.

Kagerou then spoke, “ Everything is fine now. Raifuu will be sleepy soon and he will return to his cot to sleep.” Everyone stayed in Raifuu’s room and waited to see him return to his cot himself.