By JiaZai
19 January 2002

Disclaimer: I only own Kanra Suiyako. Tokiya Mikagami, Meguri and whoever I mentioned in here belongs to Nobuyki Anzai(Is thi how to spell? Anyway, you get the idea.) and whatever group out there.
Hokage's Second Water Wielding Group: Suiza Kaishi
Tokiya, Tokiya and more Tokiya...Ps: I dun noe how to spell HioMonKim or whatever it pls pardon me...
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       'Ice Sword' is the sword Kai used. I'm not sure of its original name, so...

Tokiya Mikagami looked out of the clear glass window of the racing train. Mountains, tress, fields ran past, but mikagami stared blankly into space as his mind was swirling with number of thoughts...

<Ensui, HioMonKim, Meguri, Mifuyuu...revenge... These are the ingrediants which makes my life...totally pathetic...Now I'm totally lost in my life. I don't know who to take revenge on, should I take revenge or not and what I want to do with the rest of my life. escaped from where are you? Or are you dead?>

The train halted to a stop and Mikagami jerked up from his swirl of thoghts.  Grabbing his backpack, he shuffled out of the train, following at the back of the rest of the people. Suddenly, he was strucked by a sense of danger, followed by an icy feel at the bottom of his spine.

He spins his head around (slapping the person next to him with his blue-grey streaks) and spots the back of a silver haired girl wearing jeans and t-shirt stepping out of the train. Mikagami eyes narrowed, and he suddenly felt that this trip was more then it should have been...

Kanra Suiyako was her name. Sliding on a pair of blue sunglasses, she slid out of the station and awaited by outer wall of the station for her 'guide' to the HioMonKim dojo house.

<Hmm...a cute guy eh? Too bad he's in HioMonKim...>

From the corner of her eyes, she spots the blue-grey streaks she had been waiting for. Suiyako swiftly pulled her silky sliver hair into a neat ponytail and followed carefully behind the long-haired guy.

Tokiya shifts his view from side to side as he slid into pace. He tried to ignore the strange presence behind him and walked quickly up the familiar road to the HioMonKim dojo. Suddenly, Mikagami sprints across the busy road, almost getting hit down and continued his walk on the other side. The strange presence dissapeared again, the returned when Mikagami had walked past some shops.

He calmly slides into the mens and exited by pulling down one of the panes in the toilet.

<Peace at last!> Fridge boy relaxes himself for a while, before the presence appeared again after he walked a block away.

"Sigh..." Mikagami rolled his eyes and decided to ignore that presence and headed uphill.


<This guy's good!> Suiyako wrinkled her nose. He had sense her and tried to shake her off, and they almost worked. She holds on to a small bush to help her climb a steep slope. <Wretched dojo! I've been walking for an hour now! Does this onna-man in front here never gets tired?> Suiyako frowned with annoyance while sweeping away the leaves and branches blocking her way.
Finally, civilisation came into sight. A low building with steeping roof appeared and Suiyako almost cried out in relief. Onna-man suddenly stops, looking like he was studying the place. Suiyako slides into a nearby bush, trying not to get leaves stuck in her hair.


<This is the second time I'm here since I left this place years ago...>Mikagami stops his pace and stares at the old and wrecked dojo. <So much memories...Meguri...if I see him again, shall I call him father, sensei or murderer?> Fridge Boy shuffles slowly to the gate. Pushing it open, he remembers that creaking sound it always makes. He observes the outside of the dojo again, before stepping to the door and sliding it open.

A blurry voice called out, "I knew you would be coming here...Although the truth had already been revealed." Mikagami closes his eyes and bows. "I've come to see you...sen...sensei...."

Meguri steps out of the dojo and he held the Ice sword in his hand. "I think that is not all, Tokiya." He squints his tiny eyes, "you came to ask for the answer to your life and all that you have been through. I can only tell you to follow your heart."

"Follow my...heart..." Mikagami's forehead wrinkled as looked down thoughtfully.

"But first, you have to search for your heart from the start again. In this way will you onli get the correct answer." Meguri replied quietly. "The main reason I'm here is actually not for you, Tokiya. I have some old debts I have to clear." Meguri's eyes shifted to the bush Suiyako hid in, and the silver haired stepped out.

<How did that O-ji-sang know I'm there?> Suiyako thought darkly as she steps into the grounds of the dojo. Onna-man stared icily while the O-ji-sang remained expressionless. Suiyako felt like exploding. " So? I'm the unsolved debt. Then? Say something, O-ji-sang!"
Meguri remained silent for a while before speaking, "Do you have the madaogou?" Suiyako narrowed her eyes on these words.

She reached inside her pocket and pulled out an---

Mikagami widened his eyes in shock. <This couldn't be! There should only be one Ensui!> He staggered back and he felt his breaths go lighter and faster.

Meguri looked delicately at the Ensui that appeared in front of him. After a long inspection, he closed his eyes slowly. "Is your sensei still alive?" Meguri suddenly popped the question and Suiyako shooked her head slowly.
"I thought so." Meguri said, sodding rather choked. "Your sensei once said that she will keep her Ensui till the day she dies." Suiyako looked away in a kind of bitter expression.

"SenSei! May I please know what is happening?" Mikagami demanded. He wasn't going to be standing there all day without knowing what happened. Meguri seemed reluctant to tell, but when he opened his eyes, he opened his mouth and spoke.

"HioMonKim is not the only clan that wields madaogou which uses water as a source and blade as the shape. At least until before me and Syu-san. Both of us practised HioMonKim and as there could only be one to inherit it, my teacher chosed me. The reason was that Sensei didn't like Syu-san's really free way of wielding the sword.  Syu-san was a girl who didn't like restrictions. So she just let heart decide how to defeat the enemy. Her skills were great and not restricted while mine was straight and unmovable. Syu-san wasn't happy about teacher's decision, so she challenged me to a match."

Suiyako continued, "Sensei defeated Meguri and her teacher was totally upraged. He threw her out of HioMonKim and banished her from the dojo. Sensei didn't think she was wrong at all and set up her own kind of skills to wield the sword. The fight between sensei and Meguri broke up their relationship and they never heard news of or saw each other from the day sensei was banished."

Meguri closed his eyes yet again, tears flowed down his cheeks and he reached into his shirt for a short knife. Before anyone could say or do anything, Meguri stabbed it into his chest and there was a burst of red. Mikagami and Suiyako gasped and ran up to hold Meguri. "Mi...mikaga...mi...Syu...had....said have a...a match...please...accomplish...her...wish..." Meguri coughed blood out and he gasped and panted hard, "...aren'" With that, Meguri ended his own life and the two younsters couldn't help but thought if Meguri had actaully been loving Syu.

Suiyako put Meguri down slowly and grabbed a bottle of mineral water from her bag. Pouring water over her Ensui, the shiny sword was formed. Mikagami carried the body of Meguri up and with his hair covering his tear stained face, he manged to choke out something, ""
Suiyako nodded silently and looked away. <Chibi-boy's just like me...> Mikagami grabbed the spade that was in a corner of the dojo and started digging up dirt from the ground. Tears were dripping from his face, but he kept his head down, refusing to show his sorrow. After covering Meguri with soil, he slumped to the ground, exhuasted by the work and the sorrow.

Suiyako pushed the Ensui into the ground, and immediately, there was a twist of mud in front of Meguri's grave and the mud shaped itself into a tombstone. Words appeared on the tombstone that read, 'Meguri, a great swords man of Hokage'. "A man of his virtue should have at least a tombstone." Suiyako replied gently. Mikagami stood up slowly and took out his Ensui. Suiyako threw another bottle of mineral water to Mikagami and he formed his sword. "I'm not going go easy on you just because you are a girl." Fridge boy said icily. Suiyako grinned and replied, "You are going to have to do your best, Chibi-boy."

Tension sped up between them and Mikagami striked first, bring his sword down on the silver haired bishoujo. Suiyako pressed down on her Ensui and a circle of water with icicles formed around her, fending Mikagami off. He flipped away from the huge waves of water and stared in amazement as the water got sucked back into the Ensui. Suiyako opened another bottle of water and threw it on the ground, where it was near her Ensui.

"This is how I wield the power of water. Water is shapeless, therefore restirctions does not go with water's characteristics. Watch out, chibi-boy!" Suiyako pressed her fingers down on the Ensui and huge amount of water slid out of the sword and formed dragon. Mikagami jumped away ffrom the dragon's attack, but it was a miracle how something this big manged to move so fast. Mikagami felt something slide past his face and saw spots of red dripping away. He flipped down onto the ground and tried to block the dragon's attack with a wall of icicles. A rumble was heard below him and Onna-man suddenly remembered how Suiyako made that tombstone. He jumped in shock and dismay onto his own icicles and was about to jump out of that surronding of icicles when the icicles moved and Mikagami was thrown to the ground, but not without getting pierced by his own icicles. In front of him stood an mud plus icicle water dragon, with its owner standing a few feet away, her eyes shining the lights of a devil.

"Don't tell me HioMonKim is really that weak." Suiyako folded her arms. She didn't want this fight to end so easily and quickly, especially when dealing with a handsome guy.

Mikagami staggered up, his eyes shone a new shine of light, one that was dark and icy. Suiyako watched carefully as Tokiya held his Ensui out infront of him. She felt a really strong aura coming from where Mikagami is. Tensing up, she prepared her dragon for attacking at anytime. A huge swirl of water spinned around Mikagami and he shot out a huge serpent that had icicles around it. But the colour was reddened and Suiyako can immediately feel the huge strength it consisted. She shot her dragon out and the Icicle Serpent shot through the insides of her dragon and towards her while the outer crest of her dragon flew at Mikagami and the two masters of water went flying through the air. Suiyako smashed through the wooden paper door of the dojo and slammed onto the ground, unconcious whereas Onna-man smashed against a tree and blacked out.

It wasn't before nightfall when Mikagami woked up. His head was spinning and he staggered up with the support of the tree. He raised his head slowly and observed the effect of the day's fight. There were mud pools here and there and puddles of water were formed in many of the holes on the ground.

<Where's that girl?> Mikagami looked around him and spotted a feet sticking out of the smashed dojo door. He staggered over and Suiyako laid there with her eyes in a worried frown. "Hurt something?" Mikagami asked softly. The silver haired girl nodded and replied, "I think I might have hurt my back or something. I can't seem to move it...That was a nice move you had there. Seeing through my stance." Mikagami smiled and replied, "he insides of your dragon seemed to be rather empty, so I tried my luck. We'll have to stay here till morning though, because the its too dark to see the road."

"Can a get me my backpack? I'll reward you with something." Mikagami cocked his head to a side, but reached for the bag. The Bisoujo reached inside the backpack and pulled out two of what seemed like burgers. Except that they were squashed.  Giving an awkward smile, Suiyako handed one of them to Mikagami. He gave a look of amusement before unwrapping it and shoving it into his mouth.

"Take these too," Suiyako threw a bottle of antiseptics and some bandages to Mikagami. "Don't bother to bandage me up, it'll do no good to my back, anyway." Digging into her backpack again, she pulled out a thin blanket and slapped it onto the floor. Fridge Boy could only shake his head in amazement on what these girls can stuff into their bags.

He glanced at Suiyako and sees her face wince everytime she takes a bite. Odviously, the movement causes pain on her back. Tokiya ate up his burger and bandaged himself, before attending to his supposedly 'enemy' again.
Suiyako shivered slightly as a cold wind blew through. Summer was slowly drifting away and bringing in the windy authumn. And being stuck on top of a hill on a cold night doesn't help at all.

"Why aren't you using the blanket?"Mikagami asked as he covered her with it. Suiyako felt her heart jump a beat from Mikagami's move. She could see the shimmers in his aqua blue eyes even in the light of only the moon's. She was mesmirized and words worked their way out of her before she could shift her glance.

"Why don't we share it?" She asked breathlessly, pulling Mikagami down to her and slapped his lips on top of hers. Fridge Boy's eyes widened in shock, but slowly closed his eyes and anticipated the kiss. Finally, after getting totally breathless, they pulled away, blushing furiously.

After a pause of silence, the two youngsters chatted within the blanket on their lifes, what they want to do and what they had to do with their Ensuis. Suiyako was an abandoned baby and she never got to know who was her parents and where was her family. She had totally gave up on the word family until Syu took her in and treated her as though she was her very own daughter. Suiyako practised her strokes with Syu's Ensui, therefore familiar with weilding the maduogu. Before Syu died, she told Suiyako to go to the HioMonKim dojo and fight with Meguri's student so as to end the fued between the two masters. Suiyako had felt as if she was going back to those horried times when she was terribly abused before she met Syu and had been rather depressed for weeks before finally coming to this dojo.

Mikagami felt as if he had found someone who shared many points with him and they chatted and snuggled in the shared blanket through the night.


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