Hold Her Closer
by Miki-chan
Gomen! I haven’t had the time to really sit down and write… then again, I haven’t had the time to go online at all, and thus I kind of neglected everything concerning my love, anime. Argh! Anyway, I’m back with a song fic that I wrote like a few months back… just never had the time to do anything with it yet. It’s my first time writing a fic from a not so main character’s point of view. As usual, the same disclaimers apply here.

The household was quiet, too quiet. A translucent curtain waved in the gentle breeze, carrying the pleas of a young child. My eyes were fluttering, struggling to open but I could feel myself drifting into an embassy of peace and comfort. “Hang in there, for me. Please don’t give up now,” the pleading continued. I opened my eyes weakly, fighting the urge to close them. His face came into view.

When you see love
and you don't know what it is
you might find yourself in fear
to show your heart

I didn’t need friends for I was afraid of falling in love. A relationship sounded so wonderful but I didn’t need it when I had him. A simple smile from his sweet face was all I needed to brighten up my depressing day. I knew he was afraid of the future but I was too. However, I would wake up each day knowing that we would go through the future together.

But when you feel it
and it's oh, so wonderful
you might find yourself in fear
to let it part, in fear to let it part

“You promised you wouldn’t leave me! Don’t leave me!” The little boy cried even harder. His eyes stayed dry and I knew he was strong. Slowly, I smiled and stretched a hand out to stroke his soft hair. The last thing I wanted to lose was he. He was my reason for everything in life, even life itself. He was my joy as much as I was his. We both knew we needed each other the most and no one else.

So hold her closer when she cries
Hold her closer when she feels
She needs a hand to hold
Someone who'll never let her go again
And hold him closer when he tries
To hold the tears back from his eyes
Don't say goodbye

I could feel a tear slid down the corner of my eyes and I tried to smile on. I didn’t want to break his little fragile heart. We had been through so much after the death of our parents and I couldn’t bear to leave him then.
“You’re crying?” I heard him say. Slowly, his small arms wrapped around my body. It was so warm and comforting and I felt his little hand slip into mine. I was silent. Why? Would it hurt to speak? It was hurting already, what difference would it make? No. I knew if I said anything, he would hurt. And I didn’t want to hurt him at all.

When your heart decides
that it's time to let it through
there's no reason to be scared
to open up

I knew it was time to leave him but I didn’t want to. My eyes closed again and then I saw a bright light. It was so warm and comforting. I could feel the warmth entering my cold body and I knew I needed it. My body moved on its own will towards the warm light and glow. Slowly, I felt it engulf me. A strange sensation washed over me and I felt whole again.

Cause love may be blind
but all of us don't see it
so just once in your life
if you hear the knock of love
just let it in

I heard someone crying this time. When I opened my eyes, I found myself at my door. Looking down at my dress, the bloodstain was gone. The wound on my abdomen disappeared miraculously. Then I understood what happened. I entered the house and saw him sitting on the floor crying and clutching onto a pale figure in a cream-coloured dress. I choked and burst into tears.

Hold her closer when she cries
hold her closer when you know it's time to say goodbye
you hurry back to see her smile again
And hold him closer when he's down
when his world is upside down
turn it around

So many things flashed in my mind. Then one scene on night came to mind. He came home from school, soaking wet in his own perspiration. I was so amused to see the prim and proper boy I knew so well looking ragged and messy.
“What’s wrong, Tokiya?” I smiled. A small smile appeared on the little boy’s sad face and he ran into my arms. “I saw Tou-san walking towards the house. I was so afraid that he was coming to take us and I wasn’t home. Then I thought he was just taking you away so I ran back to see you smile at me for one last time.” Our parents’ death hit him the hardest between the both of us.

So hold her closer when she cries
Hold her closer when she feels
She needs a hand to hold
Someone who'll never let her go again
And hold her closer when she's down
When her world is upside down
Turn it around
Hold her close

His hold on my lifeless body on the floor relaxed and he stood up. Slowly, he removed the ensui from my hands and clutched it tightly in his hands. How could I leave him like that? He was too young to face the world alone. But there was Megura, the man I disliked all my life on earth. He had a certain air about him that I hated but he was Tokiya’s teacher. I couldn’t do anything about it.

“You left me when you said you won’t. But I know it’s not your fault. I will avenge you, I promise I will,” Tokiya said and turned towards the door. He was most probably going to his teacher’s house. I stretched out my arms to hold him as he walked towards me. But he went right through me. Suddenly, he turned around and in a small voice called out, “Mifuyu? Are you here? …I must be kidding myself. Mifuyu will never come back for me until I avenge her.”

With that, he walked out of the house. Tears welled up in my eyes again. “Tokiya, I’ll never leave you. I promise.”
I don’t think I got Mifuyu’s character correctly though. There isn’t much character development of hers besides what Mi-chan says. Fine, she’s sweet, caring and everything a fantasy older sister is (I’m speaking from experience. Which fantasy sister bits her younger sibling on the shoulder?). Anyway, comments and complaints are sincerely welcomed! Oh yea, the song is Hold Her Closer by Blessed Union of Souls.