Hard to Resist
By: Fuuko Hanabishi

 Fuuko Kirisawa and Recca Hanabishi were walking to Fuuko’s house together from school.  Cherry blossoms were flying together with the wind, surrounding them.  Fuuko’s purplish red hair went with the wind’s direction, together with Recca’s black, spiky hair.
 “I can’t believe I actually passed the Math test today!” Recca shouted.  “Woo hooo! I passed! I actually passed!”
 “Yeah! With my help!” Fuuko said smiling.  “Just kidding!” she said slapping Recca’s shoulder playfully.
 Recca smiled back.  “Thanks.”
 After a few minutes, they reached Fuuko’s house.  She opened the door, thanked Recca for bringing her home, and was on her way inside when Recca stopped her.
 “Wait!” Recca said.  “Fuuko wait! Don’t go in yet!”
 “Huh? What is it?” Fuuko asked.  “Is something wrong?”
 “No.” Recca replied.  “I just wanted you to do me a little favor.”
 “Little? Favor?” Fuuko queried grinning.  “Something tells me it’s not little.  And practically all the favors you ask me aren’t even little Recca! What is it this time? ‘Please help me cheat on a test?’ or probably is it a ‘Please do my homework for me?’”
 “Neither.” Recca answered.
 “Oh!” Fuuko said surprised.  “Then what is it?”
 “Teach me how to dance,” Recca said.
 At first Fuuko was serious, and there was complete silence between them for a couple of seconds, while Recca looked at her with pleading eyes.  Then all of a sudden she bursts out laughing.
 “What? What is it?” Recca asked.  “What’s so funny?”
 “OK.” Fuuko said.  “After all these years you still haven’t learned how to dance?”
 “Ummm... no.” Recca said.
 “Uh-huh....” Fuuko said.
 “What? What’s with the ‘Uh-huh...’ You don’t wanna teach me?” Recca uttered.  “It’s for the Halloween dance in the next couple of weeks! Please! I’ll do anything! I’ll be your Ninja for one whole day! And--- And you would be my Princess! Pleeeeaaase!!!!!!!!!! I’m desperate!”
 Fuuko started laughing again.  “Good one, Recca! Good one! But.. don’t you think Yanagi wouldn’t mind if you called me Princess the whole day?”
 “She wouldn’t know.  Just keep it a secret between us... and Domon... and I guess Kaoru and Mikagami.”
 “Ummm.... OK! Fine!” Fuuko beamed.  “I’ll teach you how to dance!”
 “Yes! Thanks Fuuko! You’re the greatest pal anyone could ever have... even though.. we... you know... fight... for fun... I guess... sometimes... just to see if we have become stronger... and... who’s better at fighting...” Recca said with a big smile on his face.
 Fuuko smiled back.  “I know! Well, see ya! I still have to do some homework.”
 “OK! See ya!” Recca said turning to his heels ready to leave.  Then he stopped short.  “Umm... Fuuko?”
 “Yeah?” Fuuko replied.
 “Did.. you just say homework?” Recca said slowly.
 “Mmmhmm...” Fuuko nodded.
 “Ummm... hehehe... gorgeous please?” Recca said handing her his notebook.
 “I will soon kill you Recca Hanabishi! Do you think I’m some kind of super hero who could just do things that much for you in a split second!?” Fuuko screamed fakely; pretending to get mad.
 “Please Princess!?” Recca begged, getting down on one knee.  That was probably the only way she’d accept.
 Fuuko sighed, lifting her arms and dropping them by her side which was a sign of defeat.  “Fine!” She said roughly grabbing the notebook from Recca’s hand.  “What are friends for?” She shrugged her shoulders.
 “Gee! Thanks Fuuko!” Recca said hugging her tightly.  “You’re a real pal!”
 Fuuko blushed a little.  “Sure! No problem!” Then she went inside the house, closing the door behind her.  She never knew Recca would be so sweet at times.  Ever since they were little, they were always fighting until a few years ago when the Urabutosatoujin started they started working as a team, although there still were times when they could never get along.

 “OK, Recca!” Fuuko said when they reached Recca’s house the next afternoon after classes.  “Wanna start?”
 “Sure!” Recca replied.  “Teach me the basics first.”
 “What kind of dance do you want?” Fuuko asked.  “Slow dance?”
 Recca shrugged.  “OK.”
 “OK.  Ummm...” Fuuko said.  “OK... uhh...” She cleared her throat.
 Recca looked at her.  OK.  So this thing isn’t really the usual thing we’re going to do.  I can see by her facial expression.  “Do whatever you have to do.”
 Fuuko looked at him.  “Are you sure?”
 “We’re friends, Fuuko! Go ahead!” Recca said.
 “OK.” she said.  She grabbed both of his hands and put them on her waist, while she put hers on his neck.  “Just start swaying...”
 “OK.” Recca said.  “It feels weird.”
 “It always does at first.” Fuuko replied.  “You’ll just learn to relax sooner or later and learn to get used to it.”
 “I’m starting to.” Recca said still swaying, although he was still a bit stiff.  “But one more problem.”
 “What is it?” Fuuko asked, resting her head on his shoulder.
 “How do I ask the Princess out?” Recca asked.
 “Now that’s your problem, not mine.” Fuuko laughed.  “Tough luck Recca!”
 “Do me a favor?” Recca asked Fuuko.
 Fuuko pulled away, and looked at Recca’s face.  “Another one!? No way!”
 “Please?” Recca begged.
 “Like what? Ask her for you or something.  That’s not gonna be very original, Recca.” Fuuko uttered.  “Ask her yourself.. whether it’s going to be pretty scary or whatever.  Just ask her.”
 “No way.  Not in a million years am I going to embarrass myself in front of her.” Recca said.
 Fuuko shrugged.  “Suit yourself.”

 “Hey Fuuko!” Domon called.
 Fuuko turned around.
 “Did lover boy ask you out to the dance, yet?” Domon asked.
 Fuuko shook her head.  “How could he? He doesn’t even like me.  He likes Princess Yanagi.  And he’s planning on asking Princess Yanagi.” She sighed and shrugged her shoulders.  “What the heck.”
 “Come on Fuuko, I can see it in your eyes that you really like that jerk..although I still don’t know what you see in him.  I even think I’m a better man than him.” Domon said.
 “Wanna go?” Domon asked.
 “With you?” Fuuko pointed her index finger at him.
 Domon shrugged.  “Yeah.. just as friends.  We are close friends anyway, practically best friends!”
 “Why not?” Fuuko replied.  “Sure.  Well, I gotta go.  I’m gonna be late for my next class.  See ya!”

 “Hey Fuuko!” Recca shouted, running after her.  “Wait up!”
 Fuuko turned around.  “Hey lover boy!”
 “Mind if I stay at your house for awhile?” Recca asked.
 Fuuko raised an eyebrow.  “Why?”
 “I just wanna practice a couple of lines with you.” Recca said.
 “Aha! Gonna ask Yanagi to the dance? Hmm?” Fuuko said.
 “Stop teasing!” Recca said.  “Yeah, why? Gotta problem with that?”
 “No.  I was just asking.” Fuuko said.  “No big deal.”  She opened the entrance door to her house, and took off her shoes.  She prepared some snacks for Recca and her.
 “OK, ready to start?” Recca asked her.
 “You’re the one who’s gonna do all the talking.  Not me.” Fuuko said, sitting on the couch munching the chips she brought out for snacks.
 “OK, OK! Fine, Fine!” Recca said.  He cleared his throat.  “Hey, Princess!“
 There was a few seconds of silence.  “You’re supposed to say something.” Recca told Fuuko.  “You’re the Princess.”
 “O... K”  Fuuko said.  She cleared her throat and started to squeak.  “Hey Recca!”
 “I was wondering...” Recca said, holding back a laugh.  “Did anyone ask you to the dance, yet?”
 “No,” Fuuko purred.
 “OK! Then, that’s great! Wanna go the dance with me?” Recca asked.
 Fuuko shrugged, “Sure.”
 “OK then, see you Princess!” Recca jumped happily.  “Yes! Yes! Yes!”
 Fuuko tapped his shoulder.  “Don’t be too sure about it, Recca.  I’m not the real Yanagi you know.”
 “But I’m sure she would say yes.  I know she would! She’s my girlfriend!” Recca said.
 “Good for you, then!” Fuuko said.  “But why are you having such a hard time asking her if she’s your girlfriend?”
 “I just don’t want to embarrass myself infront of her.” Recca said. “Did anyone ask you by the way.”
 Fuuko nodded.  “Domon did.... as a friend.”
 “Oh, I see.” Recca said.  “I wonder who Mikagami is gonna bring.”
 “He’s not going.” Fuuko said.  “I asked him and he said he was just gonna stay at home.  Does it take that long to get over someone who died for a pretty long time?”
 “I don't know. I’ve never had a sister..” Recca replied.  “But I always wanted to have a sister.. well, I wanted to try having a sister.”
 “I thought I was your sister.” Fuuko said.  Recca looked at her with a weird face.  “Well... at least I thought I was.  We’ve known each other forever.”
 “We’ve known each other forever.” Recca agreed.  “But being my sister is not one of the things I expect or want you to be.”
 “OK...” Fuuko said.
 “Well, I think I better be going now.” Recca said.  “It’s getting late.  Thanks for everything.”
 “Sure.  No problem.” Fuuko said.  She waved at him.

 “Hey Fuuko!” Recca called to her.  “Wait for me!”
 Not him again!  “Hello Recca!” Fuuko greeted him.  “What’s up?”
 “Can you come with me when I ask Princess out to the dance?” Recca asked.
 “Do I have a choice?” Fuuko said.
 “Hey Princess!” Recca called to Yanagi.
 “Hi Recca!” Yanagi said, giving him a peck on the cheek.
 “I was wondering... did anyone ask you to the dance, yet?” Recca asked.
 “No,” Yanagi replied.  “Why do you ask?”
 “Well, I was wondering...” Recca said.  “Would you go to the dance with me?” Recca asked.
 “Umm.. I’m sorry.” Yanagi said sadly, looking down at her shoes.
 “Huh?” Fuuko asked, surprised that Yanagi would refuse Recca’s offer.  “But then Recca has been practicing to dance, and now he seems to be pretty good at it.  And he’s been practicing how to ask you out to the dance, too.  Don’t tell me he did that for nothing.”
 “I’m sorry, but then my grandfather passed away yesterday, and my family and I have to go to his funeral.  But then you two could go together!” Yanagi said.
 “Huh?” Recca asked blushing.  “With Fuuko!? No way!”
 “Then you would end up not going with anyone! Just go as friends.” Yanagi said.  “I wouldn’t mind.”
 “And Domon already asked me.” Fuuko added.  “But I would still refuse the offer of that creature, Recca, going to the dance with me.”
 “Same here!” Recca agreed.  “Creature, huh?”
 Yanagi shrugged.  “Anyway, I have to go.  I’ll see you guys later.”
 “I have to go, too, Recca.” Fuuko said.  “Catcha later!”  She ran after Yanagi and waved at Recca.  “Hey, Yanagi wait for me!!!”
 “Domon!?” Recca said, talking to himself as soon as the girls disappeared from the corner.  “Why would Fuuko wanna go out with Domon? Oh don’t be silly Recca! It’s just a friend thing.”

 Recca has been twisting and turning for two whole hours on his bed.  He couldn’t sleep, and he has been lying there for hours trying to sleep, but he couldn’t.  Domon asked Fuuko to the dance, and she said yes! I can’t believe it? Why would she want to go to the dance with Domon? Recca wondered to himself.  Wait! Why is Fuuko going to the dance with Domon bothering me? They’re just going there as friends, right? What’s wrong with me? I sound like as if I want to go with Fuuko, and as if she’s my girlfriend who’s cheating on me or something! Recca’s mind was always focusing on Fuuko all of a sudden.  Fuuko in the past when they were still kids, and they were fighting to see who would win this time, the cute way she winced and scowled when Recca defeated her, and when she hugged Ganko (even when Ganko has hurt Fuuko a few years ago before the death match started), when they went to Kurei’s palace and had to rescue Yanagi, and the way people had worshipped her when they were still fighting in defense of Yanagi which was a long time ago in the Urabutosatoujin.  And in the present: Fuuko walking, Fuuko’s short, purplish red hair, Fuuko’s purple-blue eyes, Fuuko’s voice when she talks, her face when she smiled, the way she laughs at things that were funny like Recca’s jokes, the way she blushed, the way she handled the Fuujin (God of Wind) when she used to fight, her beautiful face.. wait a minute.. BEAUTIFUL FACE!?!
  Since when did Recca thought that Fuuko was beautiful? Hell no!! Not in this lifetime! Are you kidding!? Not in a million years!!!
 “Oh no!” Recca said, finally realizing his feelings for Fuuko.  “This can’t be happening! No way! No way!”  He got out of bed, went to the bathroom to wash his face, and then lied down on his bed again.  “I can’t be.. Yuck! No way!!”
 But he was, and there was no use denying it.  He liked Fuuko, and he was in love with her.  “But what about the Princess? I vowed to protect her, and I would be her ninja.  I might break her delicate heart when I tell her that I’m in love with someone else, and not with her anymore.  Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!! What am I gonna do!?”
 “Hey, Recca!” Fuuko said.
 Recca thought he was dreaming about Fuuko again, until he looked at his window.  She was sitting there looking at him, and smiling.  Recca shouted in startlement.  “Fuuko!!! What were you thinking just scaring me like that!”
 Fuuko chuckled.  “Sorry! Didn’t mean to scare you!” then she mumbled the word, not loud enough for Recca to hear, though, “Wussy.”
 Recca motioned for her to sit on his bed.  “Just what are you doing at my place at this time of night, anyway? And how did you get in?” Recca said.
 “You’re not the only ninja around here, you know, Recca, I’m one of the Hokages, too, with the Fuujin and all that, and anyway, I can’t sleep, so I decided to come here.  Why? Is it a problem for me to be here?” Fuuko said.
 “Umm.. no, of course not!” Recca said.  “How long have you been up here in my room, anyway? Huh? What’s wrong with you? What’s so funny.” He raised an eyebrow.  Fuuko was giggling quietly at first, then her laugh started to be really loud, like as if she just heard the funniest joke in her life.
 “You talk to yourself! You actually talk to yourself!” Fuuko said laughing.  “Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!” Fuuko said mocking Recca.  “The bravest “ninja” who is known all over Japan actually talks to himself!”
 “Hey!” Recca said pretending to be angry.  “Don’t mock me, Fuuko! What else did you hear, anyway?”
 “Did you say something else rather than,” Fuuko said, then she cleared her throat and tried to immitate Recca dramatically.  “Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!”
 “Quit it now!” Recca said.  Then he playfully plunged towards Fuuko and started to tickle her on the ribs.  They both rolled and fell off the bed, then Fuuko started to squeal.
 “Stop Recca!” She said laughing while kicking the air and trying to move him aside by her hands, but he was too strong, and he hung on to her and tickled her even more.  “Recca quit it! Quit it!” She kept on laughing and laughing.  “Stop it! Recca I give up!”
 “You may give up, but I’m not!” He said.  “Too bad for you, Fuuko!” He stopped for a few seconds, giving Fuuko time to try and run, but she only got until getting up since Recca was fast, so then he tickled her again.
 “Oh no!” Fuuko screamed.  “Stop!!” Then she fell on the wooden floor again and started laughing even harder.
 Recca’s foster father was still awake, and decided to see what was happening in Recca’s room and what’s with all the noise.  He made his way to Recca’s room and opened the door without knocking.  He saw Recca tickling Fuuko.  “Hey you two love birds!” Mr. Hanabishi said.
 Recca ceased what he was doing, and Fuuko tilted her head upwards, to see an up-side-down Mr. Hanabishi, since she was lying down, and Recca’s hands relaxed on her body.  “Hello, Mr. Hanabishi!” Fuuko greeted him.
 “Well, Finally you two are actually getting along, and are a lot closer now.” Mr. Hanabishi said.  “I’ve noticed.”
 The two teenagers wondered what he meant by that.  They were still on their positions, and they looked at him with a confused look.
 “Oh, you don’t have to hide it from me!” Mr. Hanabishi said.  “You two look good together! Believe me, I have great taste.  And don’t look at me like that.  It’s about time you two showed your real feelings for each other.  When you two were young, many people said that when you grow up you would soon know what love is, and fall in love with each other.  When you were young, all you really did was argue, and people would just shake their heads and say that you were still too young to know what love was all about, and now that you do, that’s great! It’s really nice to see the both of you being a couple.”
 Fuuko and Recca squatted on the floor, stunned and what Mr. Hanabishi just said.  Both of them were blushing and exchanged looks.  “Papa, what are you talking about?” Recca asked his father.  “Nothing’s going on between me and Fuuko.  We’re just best friends, and we will be forever.”
 “Oh really?” Mr. Hanabishi said narrowing his eyes.  Both of them nodded with the most innocent face they could make.  “I’m not falling for that.”
 “What!” Fuuko said.  “But it’s the truth! We have no private feelings for each other whatsoever.  Right, Recca?” But she knows deep inside her, that that was a lie.  She’s always had a crush on Recca.  Hidden feelings that were hiding for quite a long time now.
 “Umm... Yeah.” Recca said, nodding.  I just lied.  But it’s for a good cause anyway!
 “If there’s nothing going on between the both of you now,” Mr. Hanabishi said.  “Then there would be in the future.  Goodnight!” Then he left Recca’s bedroom, and shut the door behind him.
 The two just sat there in silence, speechless.  Recca glanced at Fuuko.  Should I tell her, or should I not tell her? He asked himself.
 “Do you wanna tell me something?” Fuuko asked Recca like as if she read his mind.
 “No.” Recca said.  “What makes you think that?”
 “Nothing.  Everytime you’re quiet, it means you want to tell someone something--oh! And that look, too.” Fuuko replied quietly.  She got up and made her way to Recca’s window, the same way she got in.  “I guess I better be going.  It’s getting kind of late.”
 Recca got up.   “Fuuko, wait!” Recca said.  He grabbed her arm and pulled her close to him, then he kissed her on the lips.  It surprised her at first, then she started to relax a little bit, replying to his kiss.  After a minute or two, Fuuko pulled away.  She slightly smiled, although still a bit shocked.  “You... you kissed me.” She said quietly.
 “Umm... yeah... I guess I did...” Recca replied smiling back at her.  They both sat down on Recca’s bed.  “What’s wrong?” he asked noticing a look on Fuuko’s face that he had never seen before.
 “N--nothing.” Fuuko answered.  “I’m... I’m just surprised, that’s all.  Did you even know what you just did?”
 “Yeah.  I’m not drunk or anything.” Recca said.  “But that’s not all that’s bothering you, is it? Tell me.”
 “No.” Fuuko said slowly.
 “So what’s the problem? Is it about what just happened?” Recca asked.  “What is it?”
 “Your obligation to Yanagi.  And don’t forget that she’s your girlfriend.” Fuuko replied.  Then she shrugged and got up.  “What the heck.  Whoever said we were on.  It just happened.  You’re probably just sleepy.  Half asleep even!”
 “Do you wanna be on?” Recca asked.  “And I’m not half asleep!”
 “Do you wanna be?” Fuuko asked back.
 “Yeah, I do.” Recca replied.  “But then if you don’t...” He slumped his shoulders.  “Then I’m not going to force you.”
 “It’s just that---” Fuuko said, then she let out a long sigh.  “Forget it.”
 “No.” Recca said.  “What? What is it? Tell me.”
 “Yanagi...” Fuuko replied.  “Remember what Tokiya said that if anything happens to Yanagi, you will apologize by losing your very own life? I’m sorry... I can’t live with that.  You’re my friend, and you already have a Princess, Recca, and if you don’t do your duty... you’ll die... remember???”
 “I could let Tokiya take care of her.  I mean---”
 “NO! OK, NO! You can’t do that!” Fuuko interrupted.  “You have no idea how fragile Yanagi’s heart is.  I know because she’s my friend, too.  Do you know how she would actually react to you and me being together? I’m sure you don’t.  She’d probably cry her eyes out and probably threaten to commit suicide or something.”
 “But then---” Recca started.
 Fuuko waved her hand to silence him for a minute.  “You know what? I think I made up my mind.  I don’t wanna be with you.” She said, and made her way through the window, then Recca grabbed her by the hand.  “Let go of me!” She snapped.  “NOW!” She snatched her hand away from him, and ran.

 “Hey Fuuko, you OK?” Domon asked that morning in their first class.  “You don’t look so good.”
 “I’m fine, Domon.” Fuuko replied quickly.  “I just have a lot of things in my mind lately, that’s all.”
 “Uh-huh... And you actually want me to believe that.” Domon said.  “Tell me everything.  Did anything happen?”
 “Umm...” Fuuko said.  “Well, not exactly.  Domon, Recca and I sort-of shared a special moment last night, and I had to end it.  While I was on my way out, he grabbed me and kissed me.  Then he asked me if I would like to be his girlfriend, but then because of Yanagi I said no, but that’s all I’ve ever wanted.  I wanted Recca so badly.”  Tears ran down Fuuko’s cheeks, and Domon reached out to wipe them.
 “You know what?” Domon started.  “He’ll know how much you care for Yanagi, and that would make him love you even more.  He’s just waiting for the right girl to come, and she has.  Just wait for a little while, Fuuko... just wait.  He’ll soon realize that your really the girl for him--Oh, and I hope you still don’t mind me joking around about you being my girl.  That kinda makes people mad at me, and I sometimes actually like people being mad at me.”
 Fuuko managed to smile.  “Thanks, Domon.” She gave him a friendly hug.  “But life just isn’t worth it.  There are more troubles and problems than that.  And I thought that Recca would be able to try and make me forget things.  That’s why I went there last night in the first place, and he did.  He took all my troubles and sorrows away with the tickling episode, and that passionate kiss he gave me... until Yanagi just popped out of my mind and of how disappointed she would be when she would find out that me and Recca would be together.  She’s my friend, too and I don’t want to hurt her.”
 “It’s OK.” Domon replied.  “Well, I better be going.  I still have another sleeping session to attend.  I’ll see you.”

 All Fuuko ever thought about on her way home was Recca.  When she reached home, she immediately ran to her room and wept on her bed.  She wanted to be with Recca more than anything else in the world.  But how could she when Yanagi’s around, and that he should play the ‘Knight in Shining Armor?’ “Recca!” she cried.  “Recca!” She never knew she was a softy when it came to wanting Recca.  She never really cared about him and Yanagi before, but then she soon found out she needed someone to at least be there.  Domon? Nah.  She never even knew she could cry this much just because of Recca Hanabishi!
 Recca, who has been waiting for Fuuko to arrive at her room, and who has been hiding under her bed, crawled out.  He looked at Fuuko... HIS Fuuko, who was lying on her bed, front down, weeping while saying his name.  He went near her quietly, and put his arm around her.  He, then whispered softly in her ear, “Hey, you called me?”
 Fuuko looked up at him.  “Recca? What are you doing here?” she asked surprised.  “What are you doing here?”  She quickly wiped her face with the back of her hand.
 Recca wiped the tears that continuously flowed down Fuuko’s cheeks.  “I told you a long time ago that whenever you would call my name, I would be right here.  And here I am.”
 “You heard me calling your name?”
 “I heard you calling and screaming it.” Recca laughed, and Fuuko laughed with him.  “I heard from Domon what you were trying to do, and I sort-of figured it out myself, too.  Fuuko, I really care about you more than anything in the world.  And what you did just so you can’t hurt Yanagi made me care about you even more.  I never knew you could be that nice.”
 Yanagi.  It struck Fuuko immediately.  “I also care about Yanagi, Recca.  Do you actually think I’d risk my own life just to save her during the death matches? She’s one of my friends!” Recca shook his head.  Fuuko put her hands over her head.
 “Is there something you have to tell me?” Recca asked her.
 Fuuko looked up at Recca, and hugged him.  He hugged her back, tightly.  “Oh, Recca.” Fuuko cried.  “I love you too much just to let you slip through my fingers.”
 Recca felt something deep inside him that he has never felt before in his whole life.  He has never felt like this for anyone before in his eighteen years of life.  All he knew was that he has never been so happy---or so in love---in his life.  Fuuko telling him that she loved him too much just to let him slip through just meant so much to him.  He held her tighter and closer to him, that it’s like he never wanted to let go of her, or of the present moment.  He just wanted them--- him and Fuuko---to be standing right there in the middle of her room hugging each other like they would be together forever.  “I love you, too, Fuuko.  Too much, that I don’t want to let go of you anymore.  I want to remain standing right here forever with you in my arms.  I don’t know what I would do without you.  I’d probably die!” Recca said.

 “Hey, Hanabishi!” Tatsuya Komiya said, after classes at their hang out place.  “I heard you broke up with Yanagi a week ago.”
 “Yeah.” Recca said.
 “That’s too bad.”
 “Are you going to stop looking like your day dreaming or are you going to walk around like a lost puppy all year?” Tokiya Mikagami asked.
 Recca smiled.  “Ruff. Ruff.”
 “Good thing I was nice enough not to kill you.” Tokiya told him.  “At least we got over that.  Apparently Yanagi didn’t seem to get that affected either... I think.”
 Domon let out a deep, rumbling burp.  “You’ll meet someone else.”
 “I know.”
 “Besides,” Tatsuya put in.  ”it’s not like Yanagi’s sitting around all weepy for you.  I saw Saicho walk with her home yesterday.”
 “What are you, a spy?” Recca asked annoyed.  But he’d noticed himself that Saicho and Yanagi have been hanging together in school quite a bit.
 “Just thought you’d be interested.”
 At first Recca had thought that Yanagi was just trying to make him jealous.  Maybe at first she was.  But the expression she had on her face when he saw her with Saicho wasn’t fake.  He felt kind of down about it at first, but then was genuinly glad for her.  And hearing about her with Saicho left him feeling strangely unemotional.  Probably because every ounce of emotion he had was tied up in thinking about Fuuko.  He keeps on thinking about what Fuuko said a week ago, when they were embracing each other in her room, like they never wanted to let go of each other again.
 “Are you guys ready to go?” Tokiya asked.  “I have to finish up a project that’s due tomorrow.”
 Recca dumped the rest of his trash in the garbage.  “You know what you said about meeting someone?”
 “Yeah,” Domon said standing up.
 “Well, there is a very special someone whom I like in the campus.”
 “Who?” Domon, Tatsuya, and Tokiya asked in unison.
 “Fuuko?” Tatsuya repeated.  “You and Fuuko Kirisawa? The biggest babe in school?!” he then whistled.  “Trouble.”
 “What’s wrong with Fuuko?” Recca said.  “I’ve known her all my life, which makes me really know her inside and out.”
 “So when are you planning to ask her to be your girlfriend?” Tokiya asked.
 “I already did.” Recca said.  “She turned me down.  Well, it didn’t really go as I have planned.  I didn’t have a single thought in my mind.  She went to my house, sneaked up in my room, and while I was lying down in bed thinking, she scared the hell out of me.  Then I said something to her that ended both of us down on the floor tickling each other to death, then my dad came in and thought we were on or something, and when she was about to leave I grabbed her and kissed her.”
 “Ooooh!” Tatsuya said.

 As Recca walked along on his way to his house, he’d done a lot of thinking.  He couldn’t survive without a girlfriend.  Especially if Fuuko isn’t around.  Usually Recca gets confused at the things he wanted.  But then now, he has changed, and whatever he usually wanted, he’d try his very best to get it.  And he knew what he wanted.
 He wanted Fuuko Kirisawa, his best friend for life to be his girlfriend.
 And he would get her as his girlfriend, no matter what the costs are.

 Recca picked Fuuko up at her house late Saturday afternoon.  They were on their way to Yanagi’s house to tell her the truth.  Fuuko can’t survive not being able to tell Yanagi that she has fallen for her best friend, and Yanagi’s ex-boyfriend.  She had to tell her, whether or not Yanagi would hate her forever.  She had to be honest with her.
 They reached the Sakoshita’s residence, and both of them stepped out of the Taxi.  Yanagi was in her front lawn, raking some leaves, while jumping on them, then raking them again.
 “I’m not so sure about this, Recca.” Fuuko said.  “All of a sudden I’m having second thoughts.  What if she’d hate me for it or something?”
 “It’s OK.” Recca replied.  “Trust me.”
 “Hey Yanagi!” Fuuko said.
 “Hello!” Yanagi waved at her, then turned to Recca.  Her face fell when she saw him, but then she managed to smile a little bit.  “Hi.”
 Recca smiled back.  “Hi.”
 Fuuko chewed the inside of her lip.  No hostility.  This was a good sign.
 “So where’s everyone else?” Yanagi asked.  “Maybe they want to come in and have a drink or something before we go.  I think my mother got some cookies and milk.”
 Fuuko paused, taking a deep breath.  “No one else came.” She said, forcing her voice to be cheerful.  “It’s just us.”
 ”Domon and Tokiya couldn’t make it?” Yanagi asked.  “Guess they weren’t in the mood for a movie today, huh?”
 “We, um, we didn’t ask them.” Recca spoke up.  “We wanted to talk to you in private about something.”
 Yanagi rested her cheek on the handle of the rake.  “You sound so serious.”
 “Well, it’s, um, something that’s serious.” Fuuko said.  “I kinda found someone special.  I’ve known him for quite a long time now, and both of us just realized that we really cared for each other just now.”
 “Really!?” Yanagi squealed.  “Oh I knew you and Tokiya were meant to be, I knew it from the first time that I saw you guys together!!”
 “It’s me.” Recca said.
 “Excuse me?” Yanagi asked, surprised, the traces of her smile fading away.
 “We wanted to talk to you first.” Fuuko said quickly.  “That’s kind of why we’re here.”
 “You’ve got to be kidding.” Yanagi’s voice was low, and her hands turned into balls of fists, and her knuckles blanched.
 Fuuko and Recca froze, stricken.  They’ve never seen Yanagi like this before.
 “Tell me this is some episode of The Twilight Zone.”
 “We hoped you’d be OK with it.” Recca said nervously.
 Fuuko looked anxiously at Yanagi.  “After what you said about Saicho and everything, well, well...” Fuuko stammered.  This was a disaster.  “You know, I just thought that you wouldn’t...”
 Yanagi’s mouth tightened up into a horrified little scowl.  “The two of you? Together?” She looked from Recca to Fuuko, then back to Recca again.
 Fuuko reached out to touch her.  “It’s not like we planned to like each other after all these years.” she tried, knowing her words were ineffective the moment she said them.  “We--we just... I---”
 “Shut up.” Yanagi said.
 The words hit Fuuko and Recca like a hard slap on the face.
 “Princess... I mean---Yanagi...” Recca started.
 “Just shut up!!!!” Yanagi burst out, tears welling up in her eyes.  “I never want to hear anything either of you want to say again!!!” Before either Recca or Fuuko could stop her, Yanagi had spun around and ran up the front porch and into her house.  The door slammed shut.
 Recca’s face was ashen.  “Should we give her a few minutes and then knock on the door? Maybe she’ll calm down.”
 “No.  Trust me this time.  That wouldn’t be a good idea.”  Fuuko turned on her heel and walked to the side of the road.  What kind of fool had she been? So what if Yanagi and Recca had broken up? He was her first true love.  Seeing him with another girl had to hurt.  A tear rolled down her cheek.  And if that other girl was me... her closest friend.
 “I can’t believe this.” Fuuko whispered when they were in a taxi on their way to Fuuko’s house.
 “I didn’t think she’d react so badly.” Recca rested his head on the seat.  “Well, whatever we did, it was the right thing to do, Fuuko.  She’ll come around sooner or later.  She has to face the ugly facts of life.” He held her hand and kissed it softly.  “Don’t worry about it.”
 Fuuko smiled sadly at him.

 Everytime Fuuko walked on the halls of her school, she sees Yanagi talking with friends all the time, basically ignoring her.  Yanagi has been giving her the silent treatment for about two whole days now.  She snobs Fuuko all the time, and treats her like as if she doesn’t even exist in this world of ours.  There were lots of things she had to get used to.  She also had to be the tenth to hear about Yanagi and Saicho going out together instead of being the first, and sometimes when they bump into each other Yanagi acts like she doesn’t even know Fuuko.  This was hard for Fuuko, of course, but she didn’t have much of a choice.

 “Hey.” Recca tapped Fuuko’s shoulder.  “Mind if I join you?”
 Fuuko looked up at him, then looked around the cafeteria.  Yanagi was no place to be seen.  She scooted over then shrugged her shoulders.  “No.  Go ahead.”
 Recca put his tray down and sat beside Fuuko.  She looked sad and worried, and looked a little nervous.  He nudged her.  “What’s wrong?”
 Fuuko sighed.  “I wanna die.”  She said plainly.  “What’s the point in living when you don’t have a close friend anymore.”
 Recca looked at her surprisingly.  “Don’t say that! I mean, let’s put it this way.  If you wanna die, Fuuko, then die.  Because if you die, I die.”
 Fuuko looked at him.  She didn’t know he cared about her that much.  “That’s stupid.  You’re stupid!”
 “It’s just that,” Recca started.  “I really care about you.  I love you, Fuuko.  I don’t want you to die.  And I wanna be with you.  So if you die and go to heaven, I’d kill myself so I can be in heaven with you forever.”
 Fuuko blushed. Corny but sweet.  She thought. “Thanks.  It’s the nicest thing anyone has ever told me before.” she said.
 “Well,” Recca said.  “I’m starved.  Wanna start eating lunch before time is over?”
 “Yeah, I guess so.” Fuuko replied.

 “Thanks for dropping me by, Recca.  I didn’t really need you to.” Fuuko said.
 “It’s OK.” Recca replied.  “It’s no problem.  Hey, I almost forgot.  About the dance which is three days from now.  I was wondering if you would wanna go with me instead of Domon.”
 Fuuko smiled.  “If I get things straightened up first between Yanagi and me then I’d love to go with you.  But then if not, then... I’m sorry.  Thanks again.”  Fuuko went inside her house and closed the door behind her.
 After finishing all her homework... and of course, Recca’s, she tucked herself into bed.  Before she’d had a boyfriend, Fuuko used to lie in bed at night and wonder about what it would be like when---and if---she ever did.
 Now she lay in bed thinking of the guy of her dreams whom she’d known her whole life, Recca Hanabishi, her friend until everything changed one week ago---and a friend who was fading farther away with every new heart that appeared on the wall.

 It was October 31st.  A Saturday night, and the day of the school Halloween dance.  Fuuko was getting ready for the Halloween dance, although she wasn’t able to straighten things out with Yanagi, Recca and Domon talked her into going to the dance and maybe she could get to straighten things out with Yanagi there.  Recca and her both agreed on dressing up as a Princess and a Ninja.  She was putting her light blue dress on which was so long it touched the floor, and she was scared she might trip while dancing with Recca.  She wasn’t used to wearing dresses.  She was always this tomboyish pretty outgoing girl.  She put light make up on, then a crown that looked dazzling on her head.  She heard a door bell and ran downstairs, but to her surprise when she opened the door, she saw Yanagi dressed as an Angel, and Saicho as a Paper Crane. (^_~)
 “Hello.” Fuuko said, surprised to see the both of them.  “Come on in.”
 “Hi.” Yanagi said smiling.  “Mind if we go to the dance together?”
 “No, of course not.  Recca would be here in about five minutes.  Fuuko replied.
 “OK.” Yanagi said.  “You look pretty.  Princess?”
 “Umm... yeah. Gotta get used to dressing like this.”
 “And Recca’s the ninja, right?” Saicho asked.
 Fuuko nodded.  “You don’t look so bad yourself.  Fuuko said, wondering where this was leading to.
 “Well, umm.. our teacher asked us to write something about what we were thankful for and he’d put it in the school paper for some reason, and I put you.” Yanagi said.
 “Me?” Fuuko said. “Why? I’m the person you hate.”
 “No you’re not.” Yanagi replied.  “I was just mad about what happened between you and Recca.  I mean it’s like the two people I trusted the most went behind my back.  First of all you guys were just acting as best friends, then the next thing I hear was that you’re true feelings for each other finally went out.”
 “It’s OK, you don’t have to say anything.” Yanagi said.  “I know that in school I act like as if I don't notice you at all, but I have, and I” ---she began to cry--- “ I’ve realized how happy you two are together and how miserably I handled the situation.”  Yanagi put her arms around Fuuko and hugged her.  “I missed hanging out with you.”
 “I missed you, too.”
 “Promise me we’ll never fight again OK?” Yanagi said.
 Yanagi showed off a pinkie ring on her left finger.  “Saicho gave this to me.  We’re going out now.”
 Fuuko looked at Saicho, who was smiling proudly.  “Yanagi?”
 “Would a double date be too weird?” Fuuko asked.
 “Not to me.” Yanagi smiled.
 “Me neither.”

 “Didn’t anyone ever tell you that you look so beautiful?” Recca whispered in Fuuko’s ear while they were dancing one of those slow, romantic dances, pulling her closer to him.
 Fuuko looked up at him.  “No.  The last time you described me, you said I was ugly.. so did Fujimaru the hentai.”
 Recca laughed. “Well, you do look beautiful.”
 “Thanks.” Fuuko replied quietly.  “Hey! You’re getting better at dancing!”
 Recca grinned the smile that Fuuko could never resist.  “I had a good teacher.”
 There was silence between the two of them for a few seconds.  Fuuko rested her head on Recca’s shoulder.  She looked at Domon dancing with one of the popular girls in their school, and he gave her a thumbs up, and she smiled.  Then she saw Tokiya sitting around drinking juice and talking with some of his friends, serious as usual.  He nodded agreeably to what his friend was saying.  Another slow song replaced the previous one that was playing.  The song Recca and Fuuko planned to be their song, since every couple has a song together.  Recca hummed the tune in Fuuko’s ear.  It was a pleasant sound.
 “Fuuko?” Recca said.
 “Hmm?” Fuuko said, getting comfortable.  She pulled slighly away so that she could look at Recca’s handsome face, and at his dark blue eyes.
 “We’re an official couple now, right?” Recca said, looking at Fuuko’s beautiful face which he never really noticed until a few weeks ago.  I never thought she would look so beautiful if she were dressed as a Princess.  My Princess.
 Fuuko nodded.  “Mmmhmm.”
 “Good.” Recca said.
 The both of them began to get comfortable again, and went back to their normal positions.  Fuuko resting her head on Recca’s shoulder, Recca humming the song, and his breath going against Fuuko’s neck.
 “Fuuko?” Recca said after three minutes has passed by.
 “Yeah?”  Fuuko answered without bothering to look at him.  She liked the position she was in now.  It was really great to be in Recca’s strong arms.  She’d always wanted to feel how it was like to be in them.
 “I love you.” Recca whispered.
 This time, Fuuko did bother to look at him.  “I love you too, Recca.” She whispered back.  I never knew it was that weird to actually say that to Recca.
 Both of them smiled, and put their foreheads together, making the tips of their noses touch.  “I love you so much. You have no idea how much.  And the last thing that I ever want to happen in life is the both of us fighting and breaking up.  Do you think those things could happen in our relationship?”
 Fuuko shook her head.
 “I love you, Fuuko, I really do.” Recca said.
 Fuuko grinned.  “You already said that.”
 Recca grinned back.  “Well, I’m saying it again.  I love you, Fuuko.”
 Fuuko sighed.  “I love you too, Recca.”  The moment Fuuko finished saying it, their lips met, and melted together.  The both of them were in heaven, and nothing mattered to either of them any longer, except for the both of them, the love they had for each other, and the world they lived in... well, and maybe the rest of the Hokage team....hehehe... (^_~)


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