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Name - varun    Email - oh_oh@rediffmail.com 
Date --     From - india 
this shrine is the best i've seen dedicated to fuuko kirisawa
Name - Fuuji
Date --     From - Singapore 
Hi there ! Wow, you have such a great page!REally enjoyed myself in here =)
Name - Kiana    Email - hula_dancer2000@hotmail.com 
Date --     From - Korea 
WOW! This site is so cool! If I was an anime  
I would probably be exactly like Fuuko! 
I like so many different animes! My favorite 
is Samurai X and Flame of Recca close behind! 
*-_- I wish I could do something cool 
like this site.....but I'm a major cluts 
at computer stuff, I only can type pretty fast. 
Gotta go watch my shows---> =P
Date --     From - PHILIPINES 
Name - Cleo Kirisawa    Email - Fuko@flameofrecca.zzn.com 
Date --     From - SiNgApOrE 
This is a really cool site ^_^. Theres a really bg amount of stuff about fuko here ^_~. Pleeze, if yu make any additions, email me. Ok sayonara ^_^.
Name - Star of Recca    Email - yanagisakoshita@flameofrecca.zzn.com 
Date --     From - SiNGaPoRe 
hey, love ur site... 
Fuuko si pretty cool... 
now... if only u would make a Yanagi shrine... hehe 
seriously, if ANYONE reading this is interested in making a Yanagi &/or Recca shrine with me... just email me! thanks! 
~Star of MY Recca...
Name - Justin    Email - rascal@mindgate.net 
Date --     From - Philipines 
Thank you for visiting the shrine 
of Fuuko-sama its ben an honor  
finding this site for a long time 
so thank you!
Name - Marlo    Email - shinji7@tokyo-3.com 
Date --     From - Phillippines 
Name - Tristan Peralta    Email - boyroman@vaisa 
Date --     From - Philippines 
more pictre of Fuuko Kirisawa
Name - nico    Email - nico131@mailcity.com 
Date --     From - the philippines 
i just want to tell you that you have a great webpage, hope you add more pics. thanks!!!
Name - Julienne Logarta    Email - dody@mozcom.com 
Date --     From - Cebu City ,Philippines 
you are very cool and very beautiful.
Name - michael m. leqaspina    Email - mercury69rising@yahoo.com 
Date --     From - philippines 
Name - Canuleia    Email - Canuleia_erkay@hotmail.com 
Date --     From - Canada 
Nice site design, simple yet fresh.  
Just started to watch flame of recca, and so far so good. The figting scences are amazing! But the only thing I don't like about it, is that the characters do not have a consistant look, and that it is too similar to Yu Yu. But I like it as far as I'm concern.  
Keep up the good work! *smile* 
come visit my site if you have time (www.atmosphere.be/fantasy/dreams_imagination/) 
Name - John Lennon Jr.    Email - samuel.liboon@letran-calamba.net 
Date --     From - Philippiines 
Wow! what an amazing site...Fuuko is my favorite character in Flame of Recca.She is very cute & I like the style of her hair.I hope of being her boyfriend someday :). 
Name - John Lennon Jr.    Email - samuel.liboon@letran-calamba.net 
Date --     From - Philippiines 
Wow! what an amazing site...Fuuko is my favorite character in Flame of Recca.She is very cute & I like the style of her hair.I hope of being her boyfriend someday :). 
Name - saiha    Email - saiha_6810@scifianime.com 
Date --     From - Philippines 
nice site...please fin the fic!!!
Name - Franchesca Gesmundo    Email - gesmundo@pworld.net.ph 
Date --     From - Philippines 
COOL SITE! Nah! I mean it's the  
GREATEST site dedicated to Fuuko!!! 
Nice language! Did you learn that 
from boys or from Manga? I reaallyy 
luv anime! Thanx for the info i've 
been frozen! (duh!) Especially  
Flame of Recca, once I dreamed of  
having Fuuko's Fuujin! dah! 
Name - Charaira    Email - charaira@hotmail.com 
Date --     From - phil. 
To The Bluhdy one,  
Thank's for the E-mail!
Name - tokia    Email - mikagami_tokia@gohip.com 
Date -- 
Finally, I have found a site that is dedicated to the wonderful (and extremly cute) fuuko. Hi the names Tokia Mikagami. Cool, site. As you can see my favorite character is Tokia from the series. 
I, have the biggest crush on fuuko. Wonder why Tokia went for yanagi instead of fuuko. Fuukos stronger and cuter than yanagi. So i wanna congradulate you for being the first to put up a shrine miss fuuko. 
I left my email. hope you write back to me. 
Name - SeeD X    Email - gamer@mydestiny.net 
Date --     From - Philippines 
Fuuko is my favorite female character in the whole damn series! But why does she have to be paired up with that monkey, Domon? Wouldn't it be better if it was a Recca and Fuuko instead of Fuuko and Domon? Well that's enough of my ranting, COOL PAGE!!!!
Name - mico    Email - mark.dabon@usa.net 
Date --     From - Philippines 
This is the 1st site i've seen on the search engines 
well, i really admire Fuuko so much...and i really liked one of her 
pictures,..hey, can i ask a favor,...her sexy picture in the middle, 
of the images gallery can't be copied clearly...i really want to  
have a clear picture of that...and put it as a design on my  
cellphone, if it's okay with you...cause i really like..and 
i mean all... 
Name - Yui    Email - i_luv_u@animemail.i-p.com 
Date --     From - Philippines 
This si a cool page about Fuuko. I Love it a lot. 
You know? FUUKO RULES!!!
Name - bLoOdBeRy    Email - mikka_28@hotmail.com 
Date --     From - Philippines 
Why does Fuuko be partnered to Domon? 

She should be with either Recca or Tokiwa Mikigami.... 

Fuuko rules!

Name - Suriya    Email - www.sumiha12@hotmail.com 
Date --     From - Malaysia 
Why does Recca must pick Yanagi as her girlfriend? 
Why dont he pick Fuuko as his girlfriend.  

I think Fuuko is 10 times cooler than Yanagi.

Name - miyuKi - chAn~    Email - miyuki@antisocial.com 
Date --     From - SingAporE~ 
*knock the door* ohaiyo~!  
first things first: I LOVE YOUR PAGE~!! its just so wonderfully done! i'm sure fuuko-sama is very proud of you!i think fuuko-sama is just the best gal in FoR and Raiha is very suitable for her~ Oh yes you ARE gonna finish you story right?? 
hehe anyway keep us updated k?? and you better finish that story!~ *holds kamiya kaoru's bamboo sword behind her*
Name - Jude Michael Y. Logarta    Email - dody@mozcom.com 
Date --     From - Cebu city,Philippines 
Name - carlo david     Email - mojack_29@yahoo.com 
Date --     From - philippines 
ok all right! i love it all 
Name - ron    Email - jedi_wizard@mail.com 
Date --     From - the Philippines 
Your website's cool! 
I really think Fuuko is a better girl for Recca than Yanagi is.
Name - Dan    Email - bgy_ocampo 
Date --     From - Philippines 
I like fuuko cause she is so cute  
and never depend to anyone. I also 
like yanagi she is so nice and gentle 
Name - Charisse    Email - charaira@hotmail.com 
Date --     From - philippines 
Hey I like your website specially The fanfics
Name - ashley    Email - what_e_v_e_r@hotmail.com 
Date --     From - s'pore 
great page you've got here! love it!
Name - Sting    Email - confidential 
Date --     From - The squared circle 
Fuuko, you are so sexy and so pretty, Come away with me, I love you!!!
Name - Jewel    Email - jewelriders@hotmail.c 
Date --     From - Singapore 
She is really cool, pretty,athelic,tough.I like the way she speak,fight,use the Fujiin.I warn you do not make Fuko so sexy or you gonna be blown away by her Fujin!Just like what the pervert Fujimaru did to her. 
Just Kidding!Jewel 
Name - lloyd    Email - gigs_4_treat@yahoo 
Date --     From - philippines 
fuuko is the very beautiful lady in flame of recca
Name - Purvi    Email - limca7@yahoo.com 
Date --     From - calcatta 
your great, lovly, cool, your the best in flame of recca. 
Name - StArDuSt    Email - dawnie_24@hotmail.com 
Date --     From - Singapore 
hi there... 
hmm...i think the story "destiny"is really cool. 
and i really hope dat u can continue the StOrY... 
This is a Fantastic Site!!=)
Name - Rikki    Email - squall_lionheart99 
Date --     From - from ur heart 
make a fuuko mail please........
Name - Amanda McIntyre    Email - recca_yanagi@flameofrecca.zzn.com 
Date --     From - Singapore 
I really like your site!It's really cool!As cool as Fuko Kirisawa!I think she's sweet,tough,brave,beatiful and cool. 


Name - Alissa McIntyre    Email - jewelriders@hotmail.com 
Date --     From - Singapore 
I like your website!It's fantastic!I like Fuko Kirisawa too coz she's beautiful,cool,sweet and tough ^_^ 
Thanx!Fuko rulez! 
Name - snake2000    Email - pakau@hotmail.com 
Date --     From - malaysia 
your site is the coolest one i've seen for the flame of recca series! 
Keep up the good work! 

p.s:I m also a big fan of Fuuko-sama too! So i hope you'll update lots more stuff i the future!

Name - dilimon    Email - dilimon@yahoo.com 
Date --     From - philippines 
hi!!! .. i wuz surfin when i found your site 
... It's great!!!! ..... i too love flame of recca..... 
i wasn't gonna sign your guestbook but when i read your desc. and found out your a  
pinoy... i just had to sign...... anyways.... i'm a 20 yr old nursing stud and i will be 
taking up med. soon...... =) ... tnkx a lot!!! 
Name - Spray    Email - Spray_@hotmail.com 
Date --     From - Singapore 
That's it...you've done it...NOW I WANNA 

j/k...this site just reeks coolness, especially since it's dedicated to Fuuko, who  
is the coolest character in FOR! yaya! 
Keep up the great work!

Name - Taroon.:.    Email - Taroon4@hotmail.com 
Date --     From - Milky Way Galaxy, Earth, North America, U.S.A., New York State… 
Not a bad page. Keep up the good work and maybe your page MIGHT be as good looking as our goddess of wind....But then again you will never make it that good!!!!...hehehe...
Name - Andrael    Email - andrael@skyinet.net 
Date --     From - Manila, Philippines 
WAH! FUUKO! Fuuko rules so much! She's probably my favorite Flame of Recca character. It's about time somebody devoted a shrine to her greatness. ^_^
Name - Jan Corcino    Email - RABIDHELIX@excite.com 
Date --     From - Philippines 
hope ur webpage will grew more big- 
ger coz im an aira/fukko kirasawa 
fan 2 u know
Name - Tokiya no Miko (dah Nth one!)    Email - ana-chan@softhome.net 
Date --     From - Anywhere BUT Earth. Preferably the Makai. ^.~ 
Heyooooo, remember me? I thought I'd drop by your Fuuko shrine! And... I LOVE IT!! Fuuko-sama kicks @$$! ^.^ Well, she does happen to be one of my favorite characters in Flame Of Recca... with a very good reason!! 
Keep up the good work, ne?? Looking forward to see some new stuff added her! ^.^
Name - Prateek    Email - mr_shotgun_2000 
Date --     From - India 
your page is really awesome. Fuuko is very sexy. 
I think she and raiha will make a very good pair..
Name - Jin    Email - jinzurakhiryu@excite.com 
Date --     From - Philippines 
Your shrine is da best everrrrr!!!! 
I hope you continue to make your site beautiful...as beautiful  
as our wind-goddess Fuuko!!!
Name - fujimiya ran
Date --     From - philippines 
your page is a very cute one! 
i love cute pages! FUUKO is really HOT 
but is sometimes HOT-HEADED person. 
well thanks! 
Name - Ida    Email - perfectako@imneverwrong.com 
Date --     From - Sa Perlas ng Silangan 
Cute page! Keep up the good work! :P
Name - Charissa Aira    Email - jomarg@msc.net.ph 
Date --     From - Philippines 
Im here again wow your website is so cool
Name - karra l    Email - misao1022@usa.net 
Date --     From - Philippines 
i love fuko, and your website's the coolest I've been in. Keep up the good work!!
Name - Kawaii Wolf    Email - metal_greymon@mail.com 
Date --     From - Malaysia 
Wow......Fuuko is so popular huh?  
Guess I'm one of her fans..... 
anyway, all the best.....!
Name - Charissa Follosco    Email - jomarg@msc.net.ph 
Date -- 
i like fuuko very much 
Name - yanagi
Date --     From - outer space 
i like fuuko,too~ 
and i also like yanagi^^ 
is there any sites about her??? 
anyway,i'm not very agree fuuko together with domon...^^;;; 
the boy at the left of this page background(i don't know his name)...don't you think it's nice that fuuko together with him
Name - Danial    Email - veye_1 
Date --     From - Malaysia 

I love you Fuuko!!!Your soooooo sexy!!!

Name - richard g. fresnillo    Email - ira_recca@hotmail.com 
Date --     From - philippines 
i love to watch you in flame 

of recca i love your fuji

Name - Haikei    Email - fuujin@eudoramail.com 
Date --     From - Singapore 
Hiya ! Thanx for signing my guestbook some time earlier. I really love your Fuuko site ! I'm a GREAT fan of hers man ...
Name - Arijit Lahiri    Email - indianna@satyam.net.in 
Date --     From - calcutta west bengal 
you are the coolest fuuko
Name - Raiha    Email - pmb_ph@yahoo.com 
Date --     From - Philippines 
I love Fuuko and she is the best.
Name - Richter Belmont    Email - gentlemen_4u2_love@yahoo.com 
Date --     From - Philippines 
well d' best........^_^ :) :) ;)
Name - Mark     Email - pmb_ph@yahoo.com 
Date --     From - Philippines 
Fuuko is the best and the sexiest character in Rekka no Honou (Flame of Recca)
Name - Juan Enrique Sayson    Email - abcd@bcd.com. 
Date --     From - PHILIPINES 
Can you make Fuuko sexy and naked
Name - Dexter Tan    Email - dgstan@singnet.com.sg 
Date --     From - Singapore 
I like this page, and also the graphics, but i suppose you should add more about others ??
Name - DarkWater    Email - DarkWater@mikagami.zzn.com 
Date --     From - singapore 
This si a site I really must compliment on, its done really well, this is the first Fuko shrine that I have seen but I have a small question, is Fuko spelt Fuuko or Fuko, which is which, ok, cya for now.
Name - Fa    Email - Mhomy@hotmail.com 
Date --     From - Thailand 
I like flame of recca very much!!! 
I want information about another pwrson 
( with picture )but this is good
Name - J.C.    Email - jeezluiz@skyinet.net 
Date --     From - Philippines 
Great site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I came back here many times already
Name - Natsumi     Email - natsumi@angelfire.com 
Date --     From - saan pa ba? sa Jurai? 
Konnichiwa! Okey sige na titigilan ko to muna. Mabuhay, ka kabayan! Love the website! Yours is one of the best I've seen so far. Yup Fuko is trés kewl, way better than Yanagi *ack! is killed by Recca and comes back as a ghost* She kicks as, she's up there on my ranks of the best anime heroines up there! (Next to Kaoru Kamiya and Natsumi Tsujimoto) Keep up the great work on your site. Your Link will be up there on mine someitme in the next millenium. Since you're an Angelfire Neighbor, I'm pretty sure you know the horrors of dealing with that server! Arigato gozaimashitas for signing my guestbook. I've practically been blackmailing everyone to sign it but no such luck. Keep it up!
Name - Amadeus C. Escudero    Email - uroscar@dmsf.edu.ph 
Date --     From - Phillipines,Davao city 
Pretty good shrine.Were thinking 
same thing 
Name - zia    Email - zianiz@usa.net 
Date --     From - India 
I like flames of recca everyday its my favorite
Name - Roberta Magnaye    Email - kylie_89@email.com 
Date --     From - the Philippines 
Fuuko Kirisawa is my favorite 
cartoon character in the whole  
UNIVERSE! The way she fights and 
no wonder Domon Ishijima has a  
totaly great crush on her! 
Name - aisyah    Email - sailormars37@hotmail.com 
Date -- 
your page is cool.....keep up the good work
Name - Mark Joseph    Email - markPC14@hotmail.com 
Date --     From - Philippines 
I really love Fuuko very much. The way she was drawn 
and the way she fights. Thank God there was a gallery 
of Fuuko Kirisawa. I just love those cute pictures of 
her. Thanks for the staff of Fuuko's Shrine. 

P.S. Can you give me pictures of Fuuko w/o getting busy?

Name - Cara     Email - jeezluiz@skyinet.net 
Date --     From - Philippines 
Fuuko da best! Fuuko beautiful! 
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Name - romano morales    Email - naakodiha@mailcity.com 
Date --     From - carmen,cebu 
it is very good that i have found a team worshipping the wind goddess. i love her very much. she is my idol and inspiration. her confidence and fighting spirit to defeat her villain is extraordinaire. she's the reason why i watch flame of recca. thank you
Name - Recca no Koibito    Email - Fairchld@aol.com 
Date --     From - Sore wa himitsu desu 
Great sight! Fuuko totally rocks 
and its great that someone has  
made a whole shrine devoted to her! 
I'm very happy that so many shrines 
are popping up for Flame of Recca  
Characters also! There's my shrine 
to Recca, your shrine to Fuuko, and 
Natsumi's shrine to Tokiya! Yay! 
Go Flame of Recca. 
Shameless Advertisement: 
Name - Foxxe    Email - u know 
Date --     From - u really know 
Luv the Fuuko shrine! It even has tidbits about the Babe of Wind even I didn't know about. Grabe ang research mo.  
One comment. I think Raijin means Thunder person or like Fuuko's Fuujin. It probably means God of Thunder. I got this translation from the the daily Flame of Recca episodes from AXN. Makes sense? Rai appears in Raiden's name from Mortal Kombat and he's what? The god of Thunder? Raishin must probably mean Heart of Thunder. Cool, no? Wind and thunder equals a storm. Sou's attack Hakujin Rai ha also has Rai and Ha. Anyway, I think that's more than enough proof don't you think. 
That's it for now. 
Name - Bear & Angel    Email - bear_amgel79@yahoo.com 
Date --     From - California 
An excellent sign, I love your graphics and all the pretty scans you have of dear Fuuko sama. I like it very much. I'm looking forward to more exciting stuffs from you. Allow me to link you to my site.
Name - Perry    Email - nelmar13@hotmail.com 
Date --     From - Arizona/Oregon 
Wow. . . nice site. I wish that I had known about your site about two months ago. My friends and I were doing a FoR cosplay and I was trying to find decent pictures of Fuuko and her Fujin. 
Name - nikegirl    Email - sulfuric_acidd@hotmail.com 
Date --     From - USA 
wow, really great site! i spent the whole afternoon surfing this place...finally there's a site for fuuko.....^^
Name - Clarity Pang    Email - benison@pacific.net.sg 
Date --     From - Singapore 
Your site is very interesting
Name - Jaywen Alvarez    Email - jaywen@flameofrecca.zzn.com 
Date --     From - Your Neighbor, from Philippines 
Hello, Neighbor, I'm very sorry for it took me some time to visit this great site, quite busy... What can I say? wow, it's ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!! I will recommend it to others....
Name - tokiya    Email - goten444@aol.com 
Date --     From - us 
wow!...your site's awesome...i like the stuff about raiha......this site has some flame of recca manga scans if u wanna check it out...http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Pagoda/5034/rnhmain.html
Name - THE BLUHDY ONE    Email - bluhdy1@angelfire.com 
Date --     From - Philippines 
Hello everyone! Being the shrine keeper, I thought I ought to sign this first. I hope you enjoyed your visit at my Fuuko Shrine. Be sure to come back next time for more of Fuuko-sama!