Part 5
<The grand finale of a whole lotta crap!>
by Nefer da Fox Demon

I am not writing the legal stuff again.And if you want to sue me…..I have holes in my sweater how rich do you think I am???

They call da foxdemon, I’m leaving yes I’m gone *runs away from rotten tomatoes, hate mail and history teachers with a flair for drama @_@ don’t ask me my school is one big baka corner*

“This is great…I just got dandruff.” The dog scratched his stomach.

Fuuko rolled her eyes. “Really? What a crisis.”

“Have it covering your whole body and see how you feel,” he snapped, nipping his paws.

“Could it be ticks?”


“Never mind….”

A crow burst through a bush and flew away screeching.

Fuuko jumped. “That freaked me!”

“Something’s coming,” the canine growled.

Sure enough, Mikoto appeared. (Get it? Something’s coming…Don’t? Man you’re dumb! *Joking*)

The dog revealed his claws while Fuuko revealed her own claw; demon claw, that is.

“So you must be that famous Seth that the hell rants about.” Mikoto pointed to the dog.

“Right down to the last word, lady,” Seth remarked.

“This is not the time to be arrogant!” Fuuko hissed. Seth ignored her.

“Whatever. I’ll leave this to my house pet CHIRON!!!”

The wolf that was as tall as a tree appeared in front of Seth.

“Oh my…”

“God…” Fuuko finished.

“I think you should go faster because she’s whipping you at this time.” Tokiya crossed his arms.

“Will you shut up! I’m trying the best I can!” Hoshi desperately dodged away from Iris’s attacks. Tokiya noticed that when Hoshi yelled, Iris kind of hesitated but it seemed nothing important toTokita. She had to fish for other moves to help Hoshi.

“Oh please! I have gone against people with greater speed.”

 Hoshi blocked the oncoming punch. “Kindly notice that I am fighting with no madougu while she has enhanced powers!”

Satan smirked. “Looks like your team hasn’t got a good start.” He ran his fingers through his red hair. “If only you could find a weakness, like we did,” he drawled.

“Damn you…” Hoshi cussed him.

“God already has …He already has!” The devil in teenage form let out a wicked laugh.

“Ahhhhhh!!!!!” Hoshi screamed and charged at Iris. Instead of positioning herself in a fighting stance, the blonde in army boots backed away and held her ears.

“Huh?” Hoshi was confused.

< THAT’S it! Her weakness is sound! No wonder she kept on hesitating when we were arguing>

“Hey Hoshi!!!I found-” Satan grabbed Tokiya’s mouth just in time.

“Tokiya-san, that would be helping and would break the main rule, neh?” He reminded the boy in female form. He then let go of her mouth.

“Who said I was going to help her in that way? I simply was going to CHEER for him…now that’s allowed isn’t it?”

“You wouldn’t…”

 *Evil grin *

Tokiya cupped her hands together “TWO FOUR SIX EIGHT WHODOWEAPPRECIATE!!!!”

“No!” Iris protested. A split second later Hoshi connected her fist with the other girl’s stomach.

“HOSHIIII!!!!!” Tokiya did a cartwheel.

“Itaiiiii” Iris whined.

“That smart ass son-of –a bitch,” Satan muttered dryly.


“You think you can fight against me? SAIHA!” Recca’s blade was formed.

“Be careful, Recca-kun,” Yanagi whispered.

“You will go back where you came from, servant of Satan.”


*silence *

“?????? Then who are you?”

“So aren’t you one of his warriors?”

“ I am an angel and I was sent to destroy his new attackers”

“Why would he do that??”

“He tricked all of us.” The angel realized.

“That means that he has diverted us from the real thing,” Yanagi said with a lot of thought.

“I don’t get it,” Recca said.

“So is the match continuing?” Tatsuko asked.

“NO!!!” the three yelled at once.


Koganei bumped into someone. “Excuse me.”

<Umm who can be here!!!> Koganei looked forward “Genie-san! What are you doing here!”

“I need your help,” the woman asked softly.

“What’s wrong, Genie-san?”

The girl looked at him. “Do I know you?”

<She’s not Genie-san! But if she’s not then who could she be…?”>

Just then Domon ran to her and hugged her…

“We finally found someone! Why did you all make me come to this place?” He began to weep, practically soaking her black blouse.

“Sorry, I am not who you think I am.” She pushed away Domon making him fall down.

“… But I know someone who does know me. I believe he is here, could you help me find him?”

“Let me get this straight…You are not Genie!!!” Domon took a closer look at her, making her feel uncomfortable.

“Who is he?” a sweat drop formed on her head.

“Don’t worry about him, he’s a bit slow” Kaoru apologized.

Fuuko raised her hands up. “This is so unfair, you know very well he can’t fight against him!”

Mikoto. “Tough…deal with it!”

“You shouldn’t have said that, love.” Seth knelt down. His aura started to rise.

“What the…”

The shape of a dog was slowly disappearing, and finally the golden canine was cloaked in a gold ki.

Fuuko watched the display with astonishment.

“Where is he!” Mikoto frantically searched around.

“Right…here” Fuuko turned around.

A boy about Tokiya’s age was standing with his hands shoved in his pockets.

The boy was much different looking from normal humans; he had golden eyes and golden hair to match. A warm glow surrounded his fair skin. And he wore an interesting looking outfit in white.

* He is wearing the local attire of Pakistan….its called a shalwar kurta- don’t know really how to describe it…but it can come close to Chinese outfits  (Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho is a good example <human form>)*

“Seth…” Fuuko asked.

“Right in the flesh.”  ^ .~

“Well you haven’t changed, personality wise,” Fuuko remarked.

“Now stop this or-”


“Cut it out right now!”

“HOSHI!” Tokiya appeared next to Satan, then popped up behind Iris.


“HOSHI!” She reappeared behind Satan.

“RULESS!!” She went back to Iris.

<I’m glad that no one is here if they saw me doing this…but I have to help Hoshi and the look on that devil’s face is so priceless…>

It is not Tokiya’s style to act cheeky, but everyone knows very well that he is the piss-me-off and you’ve -had –it kind of guy. And after all this that the oni had made him go through….Satan was just asking for it. No one feminizes Tokiya Mikgami and gets away with it. Its time to make him suffer now.

Iris could not take it anymore….Hoshi did a spin kick sending Iris airborne.

“SEND YOUR SOLAR BLAST!” Satan yelled out.


“K.O!!!!” A voice rang out. (All right so it’s my voice…I kinda got carried away with the whole Street Fighter bit)

Iris screamed and fell down. Indeed, she was knocked out.

Demi went up to Iris and checked her. “Hoshi wins!” She announced.

“You just helped us by yelling out,” Tokiya snickered, looking at the fallen girl.

“You will pay for this Mikagami….” A red ki rose from the devil.

“Is this a bad time to ask if they are bathrooms?” The mouse referee asked.


Mikoto slammed Emma to the ground. “Guess who I picked up.”

“Let her go.” Fuuko warned.

“Or you’ll do what?” Mikoto challenged.

“I don’t know. Let’s see … KILL YOU AGAIN!”

“Again? You never killed me in the first place, girl. You don’t have the rocks for it!”

On the side Seth struggled against Chiron’s claws. “Girl with the weird hair style, listen up!”

Both Mikoto and Fuuko turned their heads

“I guess I better rephrase that…. The dumb one listen up.”

Both had blank looks on their faces

“Now I don’t know who he’s talking about,” Mikoto muttered.

“Maybe he imagines characters in his head,” Fuuko shrugged.


“She can’t help you, it’s against the rules.”

“Bloody hellllll”

“I knew you also had a British accent! Do more do more!”

*Wham* Seth fell over.
Yanagi, Recca met up with Kaoru and Domon.

“Guess what? We just met up with an angel!”

“So did we! But she disappeared!”

“So did the angel we were with!”

“There has been a mix up; we weren’t sending a fighter and the messengers mistook us for the hell warriors!”

“Same here!”

They blinked and looked at each other.

“There is something fishy going on here.” Kaoru announced.

“I knew there was something funny when Tokiya become ‘guy Tokiya’ once again, But he had not actually fallen in love with Hoshi.” Domon scratched his head.

“And still he just thinks of her as a friend as he thinks of everyone else,” Yanagi pointed out.

“That means he planned everything out from the beginning, even all the screw ups” Kaoru uttered.

*silence *

“ALL HE WANTED WAS MIKAGAMIIII!!!!” The three realized.

“I still don’t get it,” Recca said.


“Seth-san knocked out Chiron and that means…!!” Emma said happily.

Seth dusted his hand. “Stupid animal.” After that he fell down and fell asleep.

“It’s a draw.” Enma said very sadly.

Fuuko made her cute whinnying look “Whyyyyyyy…”

“It’s you against me now.” Mikoto narrowed her eyes.

“I guess it is,” Fuuko muttered.

“But are just a stupid bitch… I will defeat you using my little finger.” Mikoto eyed a nail. It was the poison with which she had attacked Fuuko earlier.


“I pick a lot of stuff, especially,” Mikoto revealed a pill, “the only antidote.”

Mikoto’s eyes locked onto Fuuko’s startled green ones.

“Shouldn’t have really dropped the pill down. I recovered it after Satan resurrected me. Who knew that that such a simple thing could lead to your death? Now Fuuko Kirisawa, it’s my turn to live on forever…and doing this I swear that I will take you down. You thought that you could simply ridicule my pride and get away with it? I think you are very very wrong”

“You done?” Seth yawned, had woke up just in time to hear the long- so-called-lecture.

“Yes I am *ahem *… haha, you’re so shocked that you can’t say anything!”

“Shocked? Not really.”


“Just repeat what you called me.” Fuuko cracked her knuckles.

It’s a shame that Mikto’s good baka speech went to waste.

Mikoto: what did u call it!!!

I said it’s a good packa speech

Kaoru: what in the world is that????

I’m beginning to ask that myself…. Better write her off before she gets me!

“And she is airborne!” Enma commented gleefully looking at a flying Mikoto.

“Fuuko-san winssssss!!!!!” her voice rang.

“No one calls me a bitch and gets away with it!” Fuuko massaged her hand.

Come to think of it no one calls her ANYTHING and gets away with it.  ^_^;;

Recca gulped as he saw a monster up ahead, he then spotted Mikagami standing on his left.

“Oi Mikagami! What the….”

“That’s Satan in his fave form” either Mikagami was acting like the Mikgami TM  she was or she had become scared stiff. But seeing a giant reptile up close was pretty terrifying.

“Size does matter” Recca said with hesitation, he just hoped that Satan had never seen the movie Godzilla so he wouldn’t get the joke. Or realize that the joke’s on him.

“Ah Tatsuko…you will referee this match”

“Why me?” She chirped.

He brought his large face to her. “Because…I said so.”

She paused. “Ooohhhhh of course,” she said whimpering. Suddenly appearing between Yanagi and the sea monkey, she hugged Reeca.

“Just for good luck!” She laughed before skipping away.

*Ice glaciers formed all around Yanagi and Recca. No one could see Yanagi’s face*

“H-Hime” Recca stuttered.

“Recca-kun...” she said in a sugary voice while the corner of her mouth twitched. A split second later she jumped on his toes.


“Round One! From Satan’s team, Satan! From the Hokage team, Tokiya Mikagami!!” Tatsuko yelled.


Tokiya took out her Ensui…but it was definitely not the Ensui.

“A pepper spray…” Deja vu hit her with a lot of strength. (See the first part of the story)

The devil came up to her. “Prepare to die, Hokage ninja!” he roared.

“I don’t even own a pepper spray.” Tokiya looked up at her opponent.
“Hey, where did my spray go!?” Genie searched frantically in her clothes. “Uh oh…. These are not my pants….”

<I wonder will if I get to meet Oneechan before I go to hell> was the thought running through Tokiya’s mind.

<I wonder if he is going to be eaten like those victims in that Jurrasic Park movie> was the thought running through Recca’s mind.


Everyone turned his and her heads to see…

Tokiya stiffly tilted her head to one side. She raised her eyebrows.

Hoshi went up to him and tossed Mikgami the ensui. “I get it now…all you want to do is switch hosts”

“Smart girl, too bad your friend wasn’t smart enough to realize that,” Satan told her.

Hoshi put down his head “I cannot allow another person I care about be taken by you!”

“What are you talking about!”

“He inhabited the body of my-a person named Makita…both of us were victims at the same time and he’s planning to use your body as the host”

“But is Makita still inside?” Fuuko asked.

“Yes but once the transition takes place the soul will be destroyed” Hoshi answered sadly.

At this point Mikgami shoved the ensui into the ground. “This time hell is really going to freeze over,” she muttered.

But after that the worst was yet to come for the oni……


“Say it again.” Kaoru sat on top of the red head devil.


Kaoru looked at Tokiya and she shook her head.

Kaoru lifted himself up and slammed down harder on Satan. “I can’t hear you,” he said in a singing voice.

“I’mmmm sorry!!!” He yelled.

“How was that, Mikagami-neechan?”

“It will have to do,” she mumbled.

The whole event was over and the Hokage team were enjoying the spoils of war. Recca was sitting and playing the snake game on Hoshi’s cell phone, while Yanagi had gotten inspired and had kept her self busy by drawing a comic starring the female Tokiya. Domon ran around while Seth chased after him…apparently the muscular teen had taken a swipe of his hair mistaking it to be real gold, so until he realizes what a fool he is, *which is not going to happen anytime soon * he will be happy with his bounty. Fuuko, who was the most satisfied, used Mikoto as her new target practice, with the sharpest type of ninja weapons available. While Hoshi…. She was nowhere to be seen.

“What’s next?” Kaoru wondered

“You have to make him change me and Hoshi back.”

“Alright you heard the man – er - woman!” Kaoru yanked the oni’s leg backwards.

“Fine!!” Mikagami-neechan had now become Tokiya-niichan.

“Anything else?”

“Yeah…Let that guy inside you go and never inhabit a human body ever again” Tokiya fell backwards because he became weak again, but Hoshi grabbed him just in time.

“Man you just can’t handle yourself,” she grinned.

“Where did you go?” he asked.

“I had to pick up a couple of souvenirs” she opened up a sack that had fire embers inside.

“I may never have to recharge my sword again,” she said with a satisfied sigh.

“Hey whatever you do on your own free time……”  *a very hentai joke…0_0 *

*whack * “Hentai baka.” She mumbled to Domon. She turned to Mikagami again.

“I think we should swap clothes again.” Hoshi pointed out.

“I think we should.” He gazed at his fitted tank top with a red heart in the middle. “But, first things first.”

“He ain’t listennin…” Kaoru shrugged. Then, he had a evil grin plastered on his face. “But then I could use plan B,” he chuckled.

“I think you’d better ask him again before you do anything drastic.” he uttered.

“What’s plan B?” Hoshi asked in puzzlement.

“Okay but I have to continue ‘cause I have no other choice.” Kaoru bent over to face the devil “ano…Satan-niichan, you see, if you don’t agree then I’ll havtha use plan B.”

“Go ahead.”

Kaoru took out a feather from his back and started tickling him.

“Hahahah *gasp * I will hahahahahehehehehe stop STOPPPPP!”

A red ki covered the devil once more and then it evaporated. The body on the ground lay limp.

“No…” Hoshi kneeled down and shook the body. “W-wake up Makita-kun!”

Recca narrowed one eye, raised an eyebrow and gazed towards at Tokiya giving him the <I have this funny feeling that Makita is more then just a person she knows> look.

<Jeez you’re smart> was the look Tokiya snapped back with. At this point Seth had grabbed hold of Domon and beat him up silly.

Makita opened his eyes “Hoshi……” She bent over and kissed him.

The Recca-gumi’s mouths hit the floor.

Tokiya had already started making his way home.

                                                                 *next day *

“So that was it.” Fuuko had told the story to Genie.

Genie nodded her head “I guess its over then…I always thought that I would find someone for Mika-sama.”

“Now that guy will never melt. He’ll just freeze some more,” Recca remarked and leaned against the wall.

“It is really sad that the situation ended up like this,” Kage Houshi said.

* Ring riinnnnnngggg*

“Who could that be?” Genie picked up the phone “Moshi moshi? Kaoru-chan, I can’t hear you there is too much noise…… You are where?……HE IS DOING WHAT!!!!”

The angel shut the phone and grabbed Yanagi’s hand “Let’s go! Tokiya rejoined the cheerleading team! And he is taking part in the finals!!!”

“Whoa~” Recca and Fuuko were a LITTLE shocked.

“And the winners are….The Samuraaaiiiiss!!!!” The man announced on the microphone.

 “Yess!” Kimberly dragged Tokiya to the award.

“I am not so excited as to make a fake pose for the camera, so count me out” Tokiya said curtly.

Kimberly laughed. “You are just like your cousin Natsumi! I miss her and Masashi but I am also equally happy that Hoshi is back on the team”. She ran off to get the trophy.

Hoshi smiled at Tokiya.

“I am just filling in for Natsumi,” he replied.

“Aww come on I think you enjoy your self too,” Hoshi teased “Beat them bust them cuss them, come Hoshi readjust them!” she chuckled.

“It was all to make you win the fight. Nothing else-”

“And the cart wheel?”

“To get my stamina built up for my fight.”

“I see”. She spun around to see Makita. “I’d better go.” She waved to him.

Hoshi kissed Mikagami on the cheek. “Thank you for everything,” she whispered before flitting away.

Tokiya watched her leave, like he had watched everyone in his life leave. But, this time he didn’t mind.

“Oi Mikagami, great work!” Recca slapped him on the back.


“You were great, Tokiya-kun!” Yanagi said joyfully.

“Thanks.” He picked up his duffel bag.

“Hey, why don’t we go and celebrate!” Fuuko suggested.

“Not tonight I am…busy.”

“Doing what?” Koganei stuck his nose in between.

“If you have to ask I have a date.” He walked off.

“WITH WHOOOO!!!” The Recca-gumi yelled out.

Akiko came up to Tokiya. “Ready to go?”

“Yep, just give me a minute.”

Akiko walked off.

“You are…wha…” Fuuko was not getting it at all.

“Well the thing is since I got to know her I’ve found that we really have something in common…she’s not all that bad like what I thought of her at first.” He passed through them. “Excuse me. I don’t want to keep her waiting for long.”

Everyone stood staring in shock. Hell, even Kage Houshi seemed a little over taken by this whole thing.

“Man….he did change.”

“Not really. He’s still Tokiya-san, but he has just learned to do something that was the reason of this whole escapade,” Kage Houshi told the teenagers.

“What’s that?”

“How to open his heart again.” she smiled.


Genie smiled and shut off the monitor.

“Good to see you back here, Genie.” Angel Gabriel greeted her.

“Thanks.” She opened her glorious snow-white wings. “So how has heaven been?”

“Without you…”

She started to laugh.

“So with a great miracle your job managed to be done?”

“Well…that stubborn Mikagami didn’t let me do anything, he just did everything himself.”

Gabriel nodded his head and sat down in a golden chair. He flipped through some papers on a wooden desk. The whole setting was a bit odd since the furniture was placed on pearly pink clouds.



“Are you going to miss this assignment?”

“Yes, a lot.”

“Good…you may actually get to do it again”


“Satan strikes again in Japan…this time he’s going into the past straight into the Meji Era. Apparently there was this great assassin who murdered many but then reformed and swore to save lives and never kill again. Think you can manage it?”

“What is this assassin’s name?”

“Kenshin Himura…hey, I believe they made this really popular anime on him.”

“Kon ban wa Battousai-san.”

Kenshin instinctively reached for his sword, but he just couldn’t. There was something holding him back

<This is strange. I did not sense him before…and what kind of technique is he using to hold me?>

“What you do you want from me?”

“I suggest you put on your gi top and I will explain the rest.”

Kenshin gave the stranger a confused look but then looked down at his chest.



- Its over! *phew * and just when I was beginning to enjoy it!

Recca: heh at least now we know that one person was


~ Tokiya’s protector~

~Tokiya’s hairdresser~

~Keeper of Raiha’s Raijin~

~unofficial keeper of doing whatever the **** you want!~