<A maze that even Kaoru can’t figure out>
- …………….i have run out of stuff to say

Koganei: for the first time too! Enjoy the silence while it lasts that it.

Translation of Urdu words * you are gonna need this *

1. what are you doing here humans
2. hell
3. no
4. why
5. Come here
6. Thank you

“Okay lets go through this again…it’s pretty simple, YOU MAKE ONE MORE STUPID STUNT AND I RIP YOU INTO PIECES!” Recca yelled at Domon.

“What did I do!” the larger teenager protested.

“No special introductions, no last minute tricks, no nose bleeds and absolutely no spandex!” Hoshi rubbed her forehead.


“No buts. Get back to training.” Fuuko retied her shoelaces. “But who fights against who?”

“Let’s see, it’s Koganei’s turn and everyone else has already had a go. Stone paper scissors!” Recca snapped his fingers in a V form.

“Lets all hear it for our extremely wise leader,” Tokiya muttered dryly.

“Got any better ideas?” The ninja snapped.

“Better then a child’s game?”

“Hey, stone paper scissors is not a child’s game!” Ganko protested.

Tokiya sighed. “Alright, fine!” he grumbled and placed his hand in front of Recca’s. The rest did the same.


“Paper wraps around rock! It’s you turn tomboy!” Recca pointed at Fuuko.

“Don’t call me a tomboy!”

“Does monkey sound better?”


“I said I was sorry!” The Hokage leader swung back and forth from a tree.

“ it wise to keep Recca-kun hanging upside down like that?”

“He can just stay there until the blood rushes into his skull.” Fuuko dusted her hands.

Yanagi: 0_0

“Why am I up here!” Tokiya yelled to the Fuujin master.

“You’re the one who gave me the name so bear it like him!” she retorted.

“Remind me never to get on her bad side. My male form already has taken a good beating but I am afraid my female form is a bit delicate,” Hoshi uttered, watching Tokiya and Recca bicker about whose fault it really was. She had never seen a girl turn two martial art qualifiers over their heads and tie them up in a tree so easily.

“I am hungry!” Koganei remarked. Genie nodded.

“Hey, Miki’s ramen noodle stand is up ahead. Come on, we should get there before she closes it!”

The group left the park.

Tokiya and Recca looked at each other.

“Umm guys….GUYSSS!!!!!” but there was nobody except for Mikagami to hear him.

Tokiya simply folded his arms and closed his eyes.

<Do I hear thunder?>

“Recca-san, Tokiya-sama…are you two alright?” Hoshi asked as Domon lowered them both onto the ground.

“Well let me see…I spent two hours hearing the sea monkey holler in my ear, birds decided to build a nest in my Gucci shoes, an extremely fat boy made like Tarzan used my hair for a vine, then to top it all… it started to rain. Oh yeah life couldn’t have been better,” Tokiya grumbled, plucking grass and other debris from his shoes.

“Well at least that brat didn’t think your head was a piñata and whack it a couple of times with a stick.” Recca rubbed his head. “Itai!”

Hoshi giggled and shook the water out of Recca’s hair. “I think you two will survive.”

“Listen up! We’d better get moving to the passage, so everyone meet at Mikagami’s apartment five o clock in the morning tomorrow!”


“Why my place?”

“Mikagami-san…haven’t we learned anything from this ordeal”



            *Tokiya’s apartment, 4 o clock in the morning *

“Hai hai haiiii I’m coming!” Tokiya called out to the person who was ringing the doorbell repeatedly.

‘Aren’t they a bit early?’ He shuffled in his silk p.js.

He swung it wide open. “Gahhhhh what are you doing here!” He saw a certain person in sweatpants.

Neon looked at him with groggy eyes. “Good to see you too.” She shoved a parcel into his hands. “That stupid Miki insisted that I give this to your cousin,” Neon grunted and walked away

“Ummm okay…” Tokiya opened the packet. It was a breakfast pack.

“Hey, got any plain donuts?”

 *A flute hits Tokiya*


(Now it’s five o clock in the morning)


Genie opened the door this time. “Konichiwa! Good to see you all!”

The group said nothing. Koganei simply yawned

“Ah you must be still sleepy, come inside. I am making some coffee!” Genie chirped.

Tokiya peeped through the doorway. “Warning. She can’t even make her self a decent sandwich!”

“Mika-sama! What was wrong with that sandwich I made you!”

“First of all, sand is not in the ingredients.”

“It’s not?”

Recca-gumi standing outside:  *sweat drop *

“Eh, Genie-san, we are up and awake.” Recca stretched his eyes. “See…”

“Oh okay!” She walked inside while the others breathed a sigh of relief.

“Kage Houshi and Ganko are not coming, so it’s just us,” Recca explained to Hoshi who arrived a bit later.

“But is it wise to take Yanagi with us in that area?” she asked.

“I really don’t want to, but we need a healer. Hime, that depends on you.”

Yanagi nodded her head. “It’s not that I have to go. I want to come,” she said firmly.

“Fine then. Let’s get moving!”



“The door is that way.”

“I know, but thinking about entering hell is making me want not to go!” Domon gripped the chair he was sitting on.

Recca and Koganei grabbed him and dragged him outside.

“But I am scccaaarrreeeedddd!” He whined while Yanagi skipped ahead

“And over here I was worrying if Yanagi could go through this ordeal,” Fuuko uttered.

“That’s a cool hat,” Kaoru told Hoshi.

Hoshi took off the brown cowboy hat. “Well cutie, do you really like it?”

“Yeah I’ve always wanted one!”

“Then it’s yours!” She plopped it on his head. It was a bit a big on him though.

“Under one condition…”


“You don’t scrunge up your face when I call you cutie.”

“I’ll try…”

Genie opened a portal and the group walked through it. The next thing Tokiya knew was that he was in a forest.

“Ladies and gentlemen, you have just arrived in the Khara Khorams.”

Yanagi hugged her self. “It’s really cold.”

“Yep, it’s in the north of the country Pakistan, and since it’s winter, well…it’s gonna get colder now.” Genie led everyone.

“As far as I am concerned, this area is demon central. There should be a passageway around here somewhere.” The angel pressed her palm onto a boulder. Just then a golden dog appeared in front of the Hokage.

“1. insaan ider kya karr rahe ho?” A freakish voice escaped from the canine’s throat.

This sent shivers down Fuuko’s spine. Yanagi was well behind everybody else.

“What is he saying?” Recca asked.

Genie went forward. “We want to find the tunnel to the ‘2. Dhozhak’ ”

“3. Nahi.” He declared.

“Please?” Genie pleaded.

Hoshi kneeled down in front of the dog. “We have an invitation from him.”

“4. Kyu?”

“A match” she replied. The rest gasped. “You understand his language?” Koganei asked.

She nodded. And patted the dog’s head. “It was an extra subject I picked up”

The beast turned away. “5. Ider aao.” He clawed through the ground and it broke apart, leaving a large hole. After that he simply trotted away.

“6. Shukerria!” Hoshi called out to him, but the beautiful dog didn’t turn around. All he did was snort and continue on his path.

“Arrogant mongrel!”

“He reminds me of someone” Fuuko and Recca looked at Tokiya.

“I wonder who…”


“So what do you think is the mutt’s story?” Domon remarked as they walked down the tunnel.

“Don’t know and don’t care,” Tokiya mumbled.

“There is a legend that a handsome young man went searching in this forest for his sister. He found that she was in the mercy of a witch who lived in here, so he offered his life for her freedom. Thus the witch owned him and while his sister was never to return to this area. But while the girl was running away the witch stole her soul and he attempted to kill her. She died but not before cursing him to be an immortal animal. Ever since then he has been making sure no one innocent crosses this path,” Genie shrugged.

“He was a bit rude though,” Hoshi remarked.

“Ah well, be alive for a few centuries and see how polite you are to trespassers,” Koganei replied.

“Kaoru, that was pretty intelligent. I would have never thought you could have said that.”

“Neither did I……man this tunnel is making me weird!”

After a while Genie halted “I cannot go any further then this. Just remember, always follow the red flame and you will get there. I wish you all the best of luck.” She hugged Mikagami before disappearing.

“So where is that flame?”

“There it is!” Domon ran forward.

Up ahead Domon banged against the wall. “Ooowww.’

“Dead end.” Hoshi kicked the wall. “And it’s solid steel.”

“We’ll just blast through it!” Recca was about to call out his dragons when he heard laughter coming from above.

“What the…” Koganei looked around.

“It sounds familiar,” Tokiya realized

“MIKOTO!!!!”  Fuuko yelled.

Mikoto grinned.  “Long time no see, Fuuko”
 Up above on a cliff the woman in pigtails looked down on them with an evil smirk.

“What are you doing here, bitch!”

“Is that how you greet an old friend?”

“You never even came close to being my enemy you…”

Hoshi put her hand on Fuuko’s shoulder. “It’s alright, she only wants to rile you up.” She made direct eye contact with Mikoto. “Considering you are so scared of us!’

“You think I am scared of you!” she giggled.

“So why don’t you come down so we can kick your ass!”

“New member of the group? You all need all the help you can get even though she’s just Mikagami’s whore.”

Tokiya growled and was ready to jump forward and get her but Hoshi held his hand. “You can’t make the jump, there’s a deep pit there.”

She was right. If Tokiya had jumped he would have simply slid down and fall through the gap.

“Or otherwise…” Mikoto urged her to continue

“Or otherwise I would have let him cut you into pieces!” Hoshi barked at Mikoto.

The hated female yawned. “I am so moved, but now it’s time to say goodbye. You see, Satan-san wanted to make sure that I decrease the competition, so I was thinking … Why don’t I just kill it off in one swing?” She pulled a lever.

“Uuuhhhh guys…” Koganei looked down at the ground. The earth was splitting up at an alarming speed.

Tokiya shifted his weight from foot to foot. “Try to find some solid ground!”

“It’s all disintegrating!” Recca yelled as he held on to Yanagi protectively.

“Eeeeyyahhh!” Yanagi buried her face into his chest as debris hit her head.

Fuuko shielded herself with the help of her arms. The sharp pieces of rock cut across her soft skin. She gazed above to see a massive boulder heading straight for her.

“Fuuuukoooo…” Domon shoved her away just in time.

Then suddenly, the tremors stopped. Now only dust fell to the ground.

“That was too sudden,” Tokiya remarked. He looked down.

*crack *

“Uh oh.”


The whole Hokage team started to fall, and more yells followed.


“Ugh!” Koganei landed in some muddy water. Dirty liquid splashed everywhere.

A large arm got hold of Koganei’s collar and raised him up. “Domon!” Koganei coughed while knocking some seaweed out of his ear.

“Thanks…where is the rest of the group?”

“I only found you! We are loosssst and dooommmmedddd!” The older teen wailed.

Koaganei whacked him. “Calm down, we are going to get out of this somehow.” He looked around.

“There’s the red flame I am sure we will meet the rest there.” Koganei trudged through the water, feeling that his madougu had become heavier.

“What’s in my case?” he emptied it. An electric eel slipped out.

Koganei: @@

“Run!” Koganei and Domon ran through the swamp like they had never run before.

Yanagi and Recca had hurtled into an icy cavern. The wind blew around them with a lot of gusto.

“Hime! Are you alright?”

She nodded, but huddled closer to him.

“Where are we?” Recca looked around. The weather was chilling him to the bone. “There’s the flame! But how do we get across that sea?” He watched the icy ocean crash against the shore.

Yanagi pointed towards a boat.

“Good idea!” He carried Yanagi to the boat.


“Yes Hime?”

“I can walk.” *note: she is not saying this sacarstically *

“…I knew that.”


“Ouch!” The wind master landed on her butt with a hard thud.

Fuuko peered around, there was nobody in sight. Alone in a dry and arid plane. Until she saw the same golden dog.

“What are you doing here!”

The canine sat down “I was about to ask you the same thing actually”

“You can speak Japanese! But last time you talked to us you used Urdu!”

“Dear, how did you think I couldn’t understand Japanese language if all your answers were in that language?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Whoa, a mutt who can speak several languages…do you know Shakespearean?”



 *pffffffff* Tokiya spurted out a lot of mud from his mouth.

“There there…” Hoshi hit his back a couple of times. She slid off her jacket. “It’s really hot here.”

“It’s a desert…”

“Oh, and that too.”

“I see the flame,” Tokiya announced.

“And I see our transportation.” Hoshi gestured to two camels

“You have got to be kidding.”


The devil rested his face against one hand as he watched the screen. “They are taking much longer then I thought,” he muttered.

Mikoto stood over him. “The Recca-gumi is a little slow.” The only two matches she had seen indicated that.

“On the contrary, they are actually very quick in adapting.” He pointed to the screen. “Kirisawa-san managed to take on two fighters in one go and killed you using your own poison.”

Her face darkened.

“But now you have improved and can get back at her. You did a lot of bad things in the past, but honey you’ve just reached the ultimate of evil.” He beckoned her to sit on his lap and slid his arms around her waist.

“Fuuko will never know what hit her,” Mikoto chuckled.

“I guess Mikagami-san should have become my slave a long time ago. Now he’s put his friends in great risk,” he smirked as the screen switched to the area where Tokiya and Hoshi had fallen.

“I think we should take the fight to them!” Mikoto declared

“Wouldn’t that be cheating?”


“That’s my girl.” He kissed her on the cheek.

“Aiee aiiee aiie aiiiiiee…” Poor Tokiya was bouncing up and down, he was having a rough time, and without any water in sight, he was also feeling a bit insecure. All he had was his water bottle.

Hoshi brushed back her hair “I was hoping that Recca-san would have been with me so I could form my fire sword.”

Both camels stopped dead in their tracks.

“Aahhhh…” Tokiya lunged, practically breaking his neck. He got back up. “That was close…Hoshi…er Hoshi?”

A boy was looking straight ahead. “What?” He suddenly became pale. “What’s wrong with my voice…” He turned to see Tokiya Mikagami.

“Tokiya-sama!!! Ya-ya-ya-” the man infront gulped.

<waitaminute there’s only one person who calls me Tokiya-sama and that is…..>

Mikagami felt that his form was different. Then it hit him/her.

Tokiya was back as a girl and Hoshi was back as a guy.

“Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Their wails rang through the desert.

The dog perked his ears.

“What’s the matter?” Fuuko asked

“I thought I heard something…. It must have been some tortured creatures, poor beasts.” He walked towards the flame.

“ *Pant* I think we lost it!” Kaoru and Domon finally reached partially dry land. “We need to keep on moving.”

They both followed the red flame.

“What’s with the wall?” Domon asked. In front of the unique duo a  door made of pure rock seemed to be moving on its own. It happened to be slowly covering a gap.

“It’s closing!” Koganei and Domon darted in front to cross it in time.

Since Domon was larger he went first.

Then Kaoru rolled underneath.

“My hat!” It was left on the other side.

Koganei reached out and managed to get it just in time.

* Indiana Jones music starts to play *

Both smiled at each other as Koganei puts the cowboy hat back on. However…their running is not over.

*Music screeches to a halt *

“That boulder is heading straight for us!” A chibi Kaoru and a chibi Domon began to dash again


The author of the fic…

Friend *who wishes to remain a secret: duh that’s you!
Okay I sit on the comp wondering what to write next.

“Ooh ooh look why don’t you take a break so I can go and make a call?”

“That’s not a suggestion”

“Sure it is freshens up your mind!”

“Gawd I hate it when guys with girlfriends come over to my place!”

“Hey I haven’t spoken to her since…. The morning paper!”

*thwap! *

“Tatsuko! What are you doing here!” Yanagi asked a little peeved. She coughed and changed the tone of her voice. “I mean, Tatsuko, what are you doing here?” she asked in her usual soft and polite manner.

The dragon referee girl sat on the boat, shivering because she was in her skimpy costume.

“I-I don’t know!”

“She’s gonna take judge of our match.” A man with long hair appeared on the boat. His eyes were the color of burning amber.

“Pull over Mr. Hanabishi, it’s time to fight.” He drew out a sword.


“I can’t believe this is happening!” Hoshi and Tokiya had switched outfits.

“And plus those stupid things ran off!” He gazed to see where exactly the camels went.

“They didn’t run off any where, I just needed a snack.” A wolf the size of a black bear came up to them. Behind him Mikoto, Satan and a blonde girl were leaning against it a tree.

“This is fair…” Tokiya said, his voice dripping with venom.

“Don’t worry humans Chiron and Iris are going to Fuuko and a surprise guest” Satan grinned.

*Fuuko is going to fight with the surprise guest against Chiron and Iris* Sorry I make stuff pretty confusing don’t I?
Koganei: and here comes the complain about getting no emails

Hoshi: like we’ve kind of heard about ten million times already *yawns *

* cries in chibi form but whyyyyyyyyyyyy* *gets dragged away by two men in white coats *
“Surprise guest?”

“That dog you ran into earlier.”

“Oh great… a mutated werewolf against a golden retriever…What are the odds?” Tokiya slapped her forehead.

“Shall we start the fight now?” Iris pushed a mouse referee forward.



-It will end trust me…in part 5 Mi-chan’s torture will be finally over. But not without having a little fun *cackles * *transforms into a witch * I will get you my pretty and your little dog too!

Tokiya: I don’t have a dog….

Okay then Seth is your dog

Tokiya: if you get him, why would I care?

Seth: 0_0

He knows how to ruin a good scene doesn’t he? *Turns back to a normal girl sitting in front of the computer *