by Nefer da fox demon
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Huh? Where am I?

Tokiya looked around trying to focus his eyes but everything seemed blurry.

Around him he saw cheering and booing people and a referee in a tight animal shaped swimsuit waving a microphone about.

The dark martial combats…what the….

“Round One, from Satan’s team Satan! From Hokage team Tokiya Mikagami!!”

“SATAN! Wha!!!”


Tokiya whipped his ensui out but it seemed different now

Tokiya’s eyes bulged out of their sockets. What happened to my ensui?!

The sword that Tokiya was holding was definitely not the ensui; in fact, it did not even pass for a sword

“I-I don’t even own a pepper spray”

A large man appeared in front of Tokiya. He revealed his fangs.

“Prepare to die Hokage ninja!”


Tokiya swung his back up from the bed. Sweat beaded his forehead.

“Just a dream…” he whispered to himself

He had been having the continuous dream for the past month, now it was troubling him. Dreams don’t occur for such a long period of time without meaning something. He let the silky blankets flow away from his body, the temperature of the room was rising extremely odd in the winter season. “That damn heater has probably malfunctioned again,” he grumbled and yanked his top off. He was about to collapse back on the bed again until he jerked to see a figure sitting next to the window.

“Good evening, or rather should I say good morning Mikagami-san” a male voice spoke. The figure sat poised on a chair, one leg on top resting on the other, and his hands were folded.

“Who in hell are you?”

“Good question”

Suddenly all the lights in the room automatically switched on, Tokiya had a difficult time adjusting to the brightness.

“Look I am going to tell you only once: get out!”

“You can try to force me out but I am afraid it isn’t so to succeed….”

Tokiya growled and tried to get up, but it felt like something was holding him back.

“Please sit back here what I have to say” the man with bright green eyes ordered.

In no position to argue, Tokiya stopped struggling.
“Why don’t you try to guess who I am?”

“I don’t care you look like the devil,” he muttered.

“Ah, my informers were right when they told me that you were intelligent” he chuckled, his red hair shining in the light.
“Ga-ga-ga…” For the first time Tokiya seemed to be at a loss for words.

“But they also informed me that you always had something interesting to say” he said cynically.

Tokiya shook off his trance “Oh yeah.  If you are the devil then why are you speaking to me so politely? Isn’t Satan supposed to be rude and uncouth!”

“Hai, but I am always polite to the members of the opposite sex”

Tokiya raised an eyebrow “ Satan is a woman?”

“Not quite…”

“You don’t make sense.”

“You haven’t looked at yourself recently have you?”

Tokiya gave him a strange look but then he looked down, his face paled considerably.

He then let his hand roamed downwards underneath the sheet and he then realized his was missing a very vital part of every male’s body.

“Breasts and no…which is replaced by…..I’m a woman” Tokiya managed to say several octaves lower then Yanagi could ever possibly try. The oni raised himself and sat on the foot of the bed across Tokiya.

“And what a pretty girl you make, not to mention a fine body” he smirked.

Tokiya immediately raised the blanket to conceal herself.

“What the **** is going on!!!”

The devil lit a cigarette “well you see there has been a change of plans and it requires you to be Miss Mikagami rather then Mr. Mikagami.”

Tokiya curled her right hand into a fist. “Talk fast.” It was extremely easy to tell that Mikagami was really pissed off.

“Apparently our original plan was to send you to hell.”


“But none of us really expected you to do anything so unselfish and help the Hokage. We thought you would end up killing half of Japan in search of your sister’s killer”


“Anyway, you put your life in risk for a good reason and now you may go to heaven. However I was really hoping you would join my team”.

Tokiya’s mouth was in one straight line. “I would never do that”.

“You don’t really have a say in the matter. As I was saying, since the High Commander couldn’t really decide where to send you, here is the catch: if you find a person who loves you by any point in your life, you are in the Big G’s domain, but if you die before doing so, voila, you are my new soldier”.

He dropped the cigarette carelessly on the carpet “I have seen you fight, and your skills are amazing. My territory would be invincible”.
Tokiya went into deep thought. “So, you are saying that I must find a person who loves me before I pass away or otherwise I am going to hell to be your servant?”

“Slave is more the way I would describe it”.

Tokiya snorted, “Ha, no chance for that to happen I can easily find somebody!”

He whistled and gestured towards Tokiya’s body, Mikagami then realized what he was trying to say.

“Damn youuuu!”

“Ah, you see the catch now.”

The oni got up and left the room.

“Let’s see how you do,” his voice still appeared in the room; it sent shivers down Tokiya’s spine.

The alarm rang loudly and Tokiya knocked it off his side table, but then he just remembered something.
Immediately Tokiya woke up and dashed towards the mirror.

Please let that have been a dream please

To his dismay he was looking back at a girl. He was now a she.
Tokiya was exactly like Yanagi, except that her hair was the same silky form, even the color was the same. And her eyes were still pale blue.

Tokiya sighed a whipped out a tank top and her cargos, those were the only things that came close to female clothing. She bit her lip. This is really bad I better get some help.

She dialed Hanabishi’s home, he wasn’t there and he had taken Koganei to some baseball match

“He tried calling that fridge boy’s apartment to invite him but no one was answering the phone” Recca’s dad hollered on the line.

 “Fridge boy?”

“You know, that Mikagami chap?”

 One of Tokiya’s eybrows started to twitch “I see.”

“So I bet you like my boy well. I should warn you that he is already dating someone and…”

There was a dead tone on the phone.

“Huh? Never mind” Recca’s father went back to his fireworks, which apparently went off because he left one of his smokes next to them.


“Dammit! Everyone is gone out somewhere!” Tokiya was left stranded, until she realized that there was one person who was actually available.

“Mi-Chan! I don’t believe this! You look so pretty!”

Tokiya pouted and folded her arms “that is not the issue here, Fuuko.”

Fuuko started to laugh. “This is a real good punishment.”

“Ha ha…are you going to help me here or not?”

Fuuko stopped laughing. “Sorry Mi-chan, but first things first…we have got to get you some new attire.”

Tokiya froze.  “What?”

“You can’t go around looking like a man.”

“If you forget that I -am- a - man.”

“Well- no- longer ~ ”

Tokiya puffed and fell back on the sofa. “This is the most stupid thing I have ever heard of”.

Fuuko simply looked at Tokiya in amazment. ::I do not believe this he looks exactly like Yanagi.::

Just then something struck her. “Yanagi-nechan can get us stuff!”


*some time later when Yanagi. Recca and Koganei were at Tokiya’s apartment *

“Come on Mi-Chan!”

“If you expect me to wear this….” A muffled yet dry voice remarked through the bathroom door.

“Hey, what is wrong with it!” Recca barked.


“Its not exactly pink more of light red…”

“Ah shut up, Koganei.”

“I did not think that Tokiya could scream that loud,” Yanagi said softly.

“And what’s with the bow?!” Tokiya protested further.

“I thought that was a nice touch” Koganei remarked cheekily.

“Once I get my hand on you, you little…”

“Whoa … take it easy Mikagami, he’s just a kid,” Recca said, gesturing towards Koganei to try to control the chuckles which kept on escaping his throat.

Everybody paused to see Yanagi looking down at the ground.

“Hime! What is wrong?”

“Ano…I thought that he would like my clothes,” Yanagi said sadly, bowing down further.

“Hime, you know that I love everything that you wear.”

“But Tokiya-kun seems to despise them. Look, he won’t try them on…”

Tokiya obviously heard her saying that and there was a great moment of silence.

“I’m coming out” Tokiya announced reluctantly and she stepped out of the bathroom like an animal stepping out of a dark cave into the light.

There was a hushed silence as everyone stared at Mikagami. She was in a short summer dress, which was strawberry pink in color, and her hair was left untied, flowing down her shoulders. For shoes Tokiya had on a pair of black strappy heels. The strange thing was, nobody had ever imagined Yanagi wearing such an outifit. Now they could though… Unlike the Hime, Tokiya wore a scowl on her face and the trademark ribbon was clutched in her hand.

“I will wear my own hair accessories, thank you very much.” She tossed the bow to Koganei.

Koganei let the ribbon fall to the ground.

Tokiya then looked around at the group weirdly. “You guys are all staring at me more then I told you that I was now a woman.”

There was no reply.

“Well, WHAT!”

“Wohoooo! Tokiya, you are such a babe!” Recca raised his fist in the air.

Tokiya raised her fist also, not in the air but towards Recca’s face. “Watch it,” she threatened. But it was kind of hard for her to control her face from turning red.

“I told you that you look pretty,” Fuuko said in a I-told-you-so voice.

Yanagi just smiled and watched as Koganei and Recca continued to bug Tokiya.

Just then Kage Houshi arrived with Domon.

“ I brought her as fast as I could Fuuuukoo!!!”

“Ugh, get away from me!”

Domon went teary eyed but then forgot about it. “Why were you all cheering and hooting?”

Suddenly he saw Tokiya standing in the middle of the circle created by the Recca-gumi.

“Oh I get it you got a stripper!”

Tokiya stared at him. “St-stripper?”

Yanagi shut her eyes and covered up Koganei’s with her hand.

*crash *

Domon went flying through the window and plummeted down several stories before landing in the shallow (when I say shallow I mean shallow) pond below.

“That must have hurt with the heels on,” Recca remarked.

“For Tokiya?” Koganei asked he was frantic to get the details.

“No for Domon” Recca added with a wince.

Tokiya regained her posture. “As I was about to say. Kage Houshi-san, do you have any idea about this test that they are making me go through?”

“I am afraid so Tokiya-san,” she looked at him, “Since I managed to alter my destiny, I happened to alter everyone else’s around me…see what you do happens to effect around you, and those effects changed people around me thus also altering their destiny. Namely yours. But you should be happy was all for the better”.

“Not really” Tokiya frowned at her reflection in the mirror once more.

“Being a girl is not really bad Mi-Chan” Fuuko pointed out.

Tokiya sighed “its not that it’s just that everything is changed for me, my whole life” she shut her eyes

I will not cry over such a small matter, she scolded herself

“Somebody HEEELLLPP MMEEEE” Domon wailed from down below.

The whole group including Tokiya groaned.

“You have to find a WHAT!”

“You heard me, straight women won’t go for me. I guess I don’t need to explain why I hope. And I am definitely not even mentioning men.” Tokiya sipped her drink.

Tokiya and Recca were standing right outside the school plot and discussing the situation. Fuuko and Yanagi were about to join them pretty soon. Domon had come but as soon as he saw Tokiya he dashed away.

“Somebody should tell that gorilla what is going on,” Tokiya said flatly as he watched Domon scamper rather hastily.

“Maybe later, forget that. But about the whole lesbian subject, won’t it be kind of freaky? I mean I don’t have a problem with the whole homosexuality thing but for somebody who is straight…. These women are not really always into the body they are in love with other females period.”

“I know what you mean and that is exactly why that son-of-a bitch turned me into a woman,” Tokiya said rather bitterly.

“I am not a son of anybody’s actually~”

“ITS HIM!!!”

“Yaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” both Tokiya and Recca jumped up and then fell over.

“This is what they mean when they say speak of the devil and the devil is here.” the oni grinned.

“What are you doing here” Tokiya said in a raspy voice his eyes were comically wide.

“Checking on my favorite warrior to be” he drawled.

“Oh you wish.”

“Please Mikagami-neechan ~”

“Ne-chaaaaannnnn ~”

“My mistake, Mikagami-san. After this change you still expect to find someone?”

“You just watch and learn.”

Recca knitted his eyebrows “Satan is going to learn tricks from you?”


“Sorry,” Recca mumbled. “My, do we get touchy,” he added inaudibly.

“Give it up Mikagami-san, you ain’t getting anywhere”

“Yohooooooo oh Satan deeeeaarrr ~ ~ ~”

All three turned towards the direction of a genki woman in a white dress.

Satan raised an eyebrow “what are you doing here?”

“What does it look like, I am here to help Mika-sama ~ ~”


“That’s you sweet cakes ~ ~” she waved to Tokiya


Satan snorted. “Fine.  Whatever. But I am going still going to be here no matter what.” He walked away and eventually disappeared.

“Now who are you?” Recca whined, he wasn’t believing the whole day’s event. First of all he always thought of Tokiya as a woman but he never did he expect…and then he came across with his worst nightmare and Recca did not think that he would be like some punk kid he would end up beating up. And now came a woman waltzing around like she was Aphrodite from the TV show Hercules.

“I am Mika-sama’s guardian angel!” She struck an over exaggerated supermodel pose.

Tokiya and Recca just stood there blinking.

“Well what is it!”


“I thought you always had something interesting to say Mika-sama” she said cynically

Tokiya held his head  “do you all think alike up there?”

Recca started to circle around her “Whoa, an angel, but I thought they were….”

She looked at him. “They were what?”

“Well … ” Recca scratched the back of his head.

“Conservative.” Tokiya curtly finished Recca’s sentence since he was taking such a long time doing so.

“Of course I am con-con-conser what ever he said!” She shrugged it off.

Tokiya felt like sitting down. “Great.  Now I know that nobody up there in the high court likes me.”

“Speaking of which…is there anybody down here who likes you?”

*dead silence*


Tokiya shrugged.

She smiled. “Recca, dear you and me have to do some serious match making! Uhhh Recca?”

Recca was circling around her.

“Honey, I am not an museum exhibition!”

He jerked up. “Sorry.”

“Oh yeah, what is your name?” Recca asked.

“I don’t really have a name but you can call me Genie.”


“That’s what everybody calls me ~”

“Okay, Genie,” Tokiya managed to say in his normal tone of voice (well his normal) “how are you going to help me?”

“First, we’ve got to get you enrolled in school.” She transformed into a person who looked similar to Kage Houshi (except for the clothes) and dragged Tokiya away.

Recca was left standing on his own.

Fuuko and Yanagi came up to a shocked sea monkey

“Hey Recca, where is Tokiya?”

“An angel who is called Genie transformed into my Mom and she took him away to become a student.”


“Is Recca-kun alright?”

“Recca-kun has left the building!” Fuuko exclaimed gawking at the ninja from the floor.

“Miss, your name is?”

“Genie Sakura.”

“Excuse me…”

“Hahaha… Remember, _mother_ that’s your nickname”

“Hey, I am not your mother!”

The principal adjusted his glasses. “You are not?”

Tokiya quickly sprang up. “What I mean is that she has been like a mother to me!”

The Headmaster sighed. “Alright then, who is she” he said, running a little out of patience.

Tokiya eyed Genie coldly.  “Why don’t you tell him?” she said a little snidely.

“Hai. My name is Yukionna Sakura and this is…” she paused gulping and Tokiya’s don’t-mess-this-up stare focused onto her face.

“Natsumi Mikagami!”

Tokiya crashed to the floor.

“Oh my…are you alright, Natsumi-chan?” The principal said from over the desk.


“Never mind.  Its seems that we have a few openings left and if you are willing to take this simple test then we will see if you make it fine.”

Tokiya nodded and took the sheets of paper.

Two hours later Natsumi grabbed Genie “where the hell did you get that name from!”

“If you really want to know I got it from this really cute police show called YOURE UNDER ARREST and…”

“Never mind.” she said letting the angel go.

“So, how did the test go?”

“What do you think? I scored the highest the school has ever got.”
“Nerd!” Genie grabbed hold of the school’s information chart

“I already have that.”

“But it applies differently for girls. Look!” she pointed at the activities list. “You need to join at least two of these clubs and almost all of them are full! Except for the Martial Arts and….”

“ARE YOU READY!” A blonde girl in a short mini skirt cupped her hands and yelled.


“RULE!!!” several other similar girls hollered.



Natsumi’s eyebrow started to twitch again. “You have got to be kidding.”

Yanagi clapped her hands together in delight “Imagine Tokiya-kun as a cheerleader!”

Fuuko coughed to cover up a laugh. “I’m imagining.”

Recca grinned. “Lucky devil gets to go in the women’s locker room.”

On this note Domon started wailing.

“Ah shut up you big gorrilla….wait a second … do you want to change places with me?”

“You cant do that Mika-sama?”


Koganei’s eyes widened looking at the girls fly in the air. “Whoa … do you think you can make it?”

“Forget about this I will try to squeeze into something else…what? Excuse me did you just ask if I could qualify for that the cheerleading team?”

“It looks pretty hard, do you think you can cope with the gymnastics?” Koganei was oblivious to Tokiya’s scowling face because he was too engrossed in the latest routine.

“Fuuko, where do I try out?”


part 2 will have action in it no...i dont mean fighting action..well....I like cheerleading routines alot and also my school dance routines sooo i might be adding a little of that!