When Fuuko Mysteriously Plays
By Janella
Chapter 1
The Beginning

Everything was over now. It’s been 2 months since we won the Ura Buto Satsujin. Yanagi’s safe for now and everything was back to the way it was. We should just go on with our lives like nothing happened. I should be happy, I guess. I mean, we got what we wanted. We all wanted to save Yanagi and now that we did, why don’t I feel so… so… good? I just feel so… empty and… bored. Nothing much has been going on since then. This is weird, when I was fighting; I just wanted it to end, but now I kinda miss being there and fighting and facing all the challenges.

Fuuko had been thinking about this since she went back from the Ura Buto Satsujin. She was in her usual place in school, the rooftop. Classes had just ended for that day a little while ago. That’s where she likes to hangout when she wants to be alone. That’s where she’d go to think. She was just sitting there until she heard someone open the door that led to the rooftop.

“Fuuko, I thought I’d find you here”, Recca said as he walked towards Fuuko. Yanagi was right behind him. Recca went real close to Fuuko and also making his voice softer as he talked to her not wanting Yanagi to hear. “Look, you gotta help me. Hime says she has to go to the National Library, but I can’t come with her today ‘cause I’m busy”, Recca said to Fuuko.

“Busy, right. It’s Friday and obviously, you don’t want to miss your favorite show ‘Ninja Stuff’” Fuuko replied.

“It’s only once a week and my week won’t be complete without it. Anyways, I can’t let her go there all by herself so, I was wondering since, I don’t want Mikagami to go with her and Domon has to help his mom with the flower shop, maybe you could go with Yanagi”, Recca said.

“Fine, I’ll do it. I’ll protect Yanagi for you” Fuuko said walking towards Yanagi.

“Hello Fuuko! Recca-kun and me were just about to go to the National Library. Wanna come?” Yanagi asked as Fuuko walked to her.

“Yeah, sure”, Fuuko answered.

“Oh, wait I forgot, umm… I still have this uh… project left undone and it’s due tomorrow. You and Fuuko go without me. Fuuko, you better take care of Hime. If anything happens to her, I’ll-”, Recca was stopped by Fuuko. “Don’t worry Hanabishi, I’ll keep your hime safe for you”.

While Fuuko and Yanagi were on their way… “I can’t believe Recca-kun. He expects me to believe that he wasn’t coming because of a project when obviously, he just doesn’t wanna miss his favorite show, ‘Ninja Stuff’”, Yanagi said. “He should have just told me that. I’ll understand. Then he didn’t want to let me go there by myself so, he asked you to come with me”, Yanagi added.

“Guess you know Hanabishi more than I thought you did” Fuuko said.

“You know, it really bugs me sometimes that Recca-kun would always treat like a little girl. You know, like, I’m so… innocent. I know he keeps telling me that he thinks I’m really strong and brave and I’m helping as much as you guys in the Ura Botu Satsujin, but I know that’s not exactly what he thinks” Yanagi said.

“Guess he does act like an overprotective parent. Can’t blame him though. He just really likes you so much to see you hurt” Fuuko replied.

“I know”, Yanagi said.

They were finally in the library. Fuuko opened the door and they both went in. “You go on ahead, I’ll go get a soda” Fuuko said. Yanagi nodded and went to the bookshelves. Fuuko walked towards the vendo machine to get a soda. She passed by this long stairs leading to a door that forbade other people to come in. Fuuko then saw a red light. She shook her head thinking maybe, she was just seeing things. She looked at the door then kept walking to the vendo machine. She stopped, went back to the stairs and looked at the door again, curious what she might find behind it. She then made up her mind. She knew she wasn’t supposed to but it wouldn’t be any fun if she always did what she was supposed to.  Besides, she was bored and looking inside that door would be a new adventure for her. Not knowing why her mind thought that it would be an adventure, she took one step up the stairs. She looked aside and saw Yanagi looking at some books. She walked to Yanagi took her hand not saying anything and pulled Yanagi with her up the stairs.

“Fuuko, what are you doing? We can’t go in there”, Yanagi said to Fuuko.

“Don’t worry, they won’t find out”, Fuuko replied. They went in and saw a lot of shelves filled with many books. The shelves started to shake and then they heard one of the books fall down the floor. Fuuko and Yanagi went to the aisle where the book fell. They saw the book. It was written in Chinese characters. Yanagi picked it up and read the title. “Book of the Four Gods”, she read. “Looks interesting. Open it so we can read it. I mean, so you can read it to me. You’re much better in reading Chinese than me” Fuuko said. Yanagi opened the book and suddenly, they were surrounded by red light.

They were both lying on the ground. Fuuko was the first to stand up.

“Fuuko, where are we?” Yanagi asked as she tried to stand up.

“I don’t know” was Fuuko’s answer. They were in an area where there weren’t any trees or houses.

“Hey, you girls better come with us. We’re gonna have lots of fun together” they heard a man said. A group of men was in front of them.

“We’ll see about that. I bet I can beat you up before you lay a finger on me”, Fuuko said with an amused look on her face. “You guys came in perfect timing. I hadn’t had a fight in weeks. I can finally get a workout”, Fuuko added as she stretched her arms. They all ran to attack Fuuko. Fuuko took out her darts, one on each finger. She ran to them as well, jumped up and threw her darts. A few of the darts hit some men on their shoulders and knees or just cut through their skins. Some of the darts just fell on the ground. Fuuko got down and started to dodge the hits from some men. She was able to beat up half of them. They all lay on the ground unconscious. She turned to look at Yanagi as she heard Yanagi scream. The leader was holding her, pointing a knife at Yanagi’s throat, threatening to cut it as Fuuko made another move. Fuuko gave the same amused look.

“What are you smiling about?” the man said, annoyed at Fuuko’s actions. Fuuko didn’t answer. The man was too much annoyed to notice that Fuuko had just threw one of her darts at him. The dart hit his knife making him loosen his grip and dropping it to the floor. He was too shocked to notice that Fuuko ran to attack him and the rest of them. Fuuko had finally beaten up all of them when a man suddenly came into sight.

"Looks like there’s still one left” Fuuko said, getting ready to fight again.

“No, wait, I’m not with them, ok?” the man said. “I just came here cause I heard some men threaten you and then heard fighting noises. I thought you were in trouble so I came here to help you out”, he explained.

“Well, your too late ‘cause I’ve already beaten up all of them” Fuuko replied.

“Yes, thanks anyway”, Yanagi added.

“No, don’t thank me. I was going to ask for money after helping you, you know. I ain’t doing this for free, but since I wasn’t able to help, I don’t think I’ll be getting anything”, the man answered.

“Well, that’s just too bad, isn’t it?” Fuuko said. Fuuko just looked at the man.

“Fuuko? Umm… Fuuko? Fuuko!!!” Yanagi called out. “Fuuko looked at her hearing the last ‘Fuuko’ as a scream. Blue light surrounded Yanagi. Fuuko ran to her, but when she got to Yanagi it was too late. Yanagi had disappeared. Fuuko didn’t know where Yanagi went. She didn’t know if Yanagi went back to the library or some other place. “Yanagi”, Fuuko said.

Yanagi had appeared in the library again. “Fuuko” Yanagi called out as she was standing up. She looked around the room seeing if Fuuko was there, but no on was there. She saw the book lying on the floor. She picked it up again. “I wonder what kind of book this is”, Yanagi said. She opened the book again and read the first page. “This is a story about a young girl who had appeared in another world and became the miko and together with her Seishi, she would summon the sacred beast”, Yanagi read. “It all begins one day in Ancient China, two young girls had suddenly appeared somewhere outside the town of Konan. These girls had come from another world. As they stood up, a group of men had come to them with bad intentions. One of the girls was able to beat these men who had even tried to take the other girl has hostage” Yanagi kept reading until the part where the man came and that the other girl had disappeared and went back to their world, which was exactly what happened to Yanagi and Fuuko. “So, I can see that this book is talking about me and Fuuko. We came in the book and became part of the story”, Yanagi said until she saw letters popping out of the book, continuing the story. “The other girl was left behind in this world with the man” Yanagi read.

Back inside the book Fuuko just looked at the spot where Yanagi stood before disappearing.

“Alright, I’ll be going now”, the man said.

“No, wait. What am I supposed to do here all alone? Hey!” Fuuko said running after the man who had just turned to leave. He was also running. Fuuko tried to catch up until she got to the town. There were many people blocking her way. “Move it, move it, move it!!!” Fuuko yelled at the people. They moved aside to give way to Fuuko and the man. Fuuko kept running until she bumped into a woman. She bumped too hard that she fell to the ground, while the woman was still standing straight not even affected by what bumped into her. She turned around to see Fuuko on the ground.

“You should really watch where your going, you know”, the woman said. She was very beautiful. She had long purple hair that was tied up neatly. She had a mole under her left eye.

“I told you to move it. Didn’t you hear me?” Fuuko said rubbing the back of her head. “Never mind. Just step aside so I could catch up to him”, Fuuko said. The woman stepped aside, but when Fuuko looked the man was gone. “I lost him”, Fuuko said. Fuuko sighed then looked at the woman again. The woman had just turned to leave. “Umm… wait”, Fuuko said. The woman looked back at Fuuko. “Maybe, uh… you can help me”, Fuuko said.

“Why? What is it?” the woman asked. “I’m really confused. I don’t know where I am. I was just in the library with my friend Yanagi and the next thing I knew, We were here and then she disappeared and I don’t even know if she’s safe”, Fuuko said.

“Then I’ll tell you where you are. You’re in Konan. As for you’re other concerns, I don’t have any answers. But if you want answers maybe you should ask… the emperor. Yes, that’s right the emperor. He’ll know all about that. The palace is right over there. I’ll take you”, the woman said.

“That’s ok, you don’t have to. I can go there by myself”, Fuuko said. “No, really, it’s ok. You look lost and I don’t think I should leave you all alone”, she said. “Fine, come if you want.

Yanagi started to get scared. “Fuuko… What’s happening? What kind of book is this?” Yanagi didn’t know how to explain what exactly was going on. “Maybe, I should tell Recca-kun and the others”, she said. She closed the book and stood up. She was afraid to go down with the book with her. If someone saw her she might get in trouble. It wasn’t really important anymore, she thought. She hid it in her school uniform’s jacket. She went down the staircase slowly and as quietly as she could. Making sure no one saw the book; she walked over to the pay phone in the library. She dropped in her coins and dialed Recca’s phone number.

“Hello”, a voice of a young boy answered, telling Yanagi that it was Kaoru.

“Hello, Kaoru, I need to talk to Recca-kun”, said Yanagi. “Yanagi-neechan, I don’t think he’d want to take any calls right now. He really gets grumpy when I disturb him while he’s watching ‘Ninja Stuff’”, Kaoru answered.

“But, It’s really important. Fuuko and me went here in the national library a little while ago and then we found this book and we went in it. I came back but, Fuuko’s still in there and everything that’s happening to her is getting written in the book”, Yanagi said. “I’m not really sure I understand what you’re saying, but whatever it is, it sounds serious so, just wait there Yanagi-neechan me and Recca-niichan will go there as soon as we could. I’m calling Tokiya-niichan and Domon-niichan too”, Kaoru said. “Alright, I’ll wait for you then”, Yanagi said. She put down the phone and then went to a table in the library, opened the book and kept reading.

They started walking to the palace. “So, do you know the emperor?” Fuuko asked.

“Not personally. I’ve already seen him though”, she said.

“Do you think he’s nice?” Fuuko asked.

“Absolutely”, she answered and started to blush.

“Now I know why you wanna come”, Fuuko said when she saw the woman blush.

“So, may I know your name?” the woman said trying to change the subject.

“Kirisawa Fuuko. Call me Fuuko. And you are?” Fuuko replied. They were in front of the palace. The guards blocked their way. “Identify yourself and your purpose for being here”, said one of the guards. “Kirisawa Fuuko, 16 Yrs. Old, from Tokyo, Japan. I’m here to talk to the emperor. Now let me in”, Fuuko said being kinda sarcastic.

“And what is it that you want to talk to the emperor about?” asked one of the guards.

“I wanna know where I am? What I’m doing here? How I got here? And how I could get back?” Fuuko answered.

“What?” one of the guards asked.

“Wait, maybe we should let her in”, said the other guard said. “I mean, look at her clothes. They look different from what women usually wear. Maybe, she’s not from here. Maybe, she’s from another world. What if she’s the girl that we’ve been waiting for, you know, the Suzaku no Miko”, he continued.

“Look, I have no idea what you’re talking about, but if your going to let us in then, let us in now”, Fuuko said. The guards step aside and let them in.

“Take these 2 to the emperor”, said one of the guards. 2 more guards came out and brought Fuuko and the woman in the palace to where the throne is. A young man, around 18 years old was sitting on the throne. He had long brown hair tied up in a hat and brown gentle eyes. He was very beautiful, sexy, and kinda girly. The kind of guy most girls would usually drool over and run after. So he’s the emperor. He reminds me of Mi-chan except he seems less cold than Tokiya. Wonder if he’s as kind as he looks.

“Are you the emperor?” Fuuko asked him.

“That’s right, I’m the emperor. What can I do for you?” said the emperor.

“My name is Kirisawa Fuuko. I was wondering if you could tell me what‘s going on? My friend and I were in a library then, we saw this red light and we just found ourselves here. My friend then disappeared and now, I don’t know how I could get back home”, Fuuko said.

“Red light? So, you came here from another world. You are the girl that we’ve been waiting for, the Suzaku no Miko”, he said.

“I’m sorry but, I really don’t know what you’re talking about” said Fuuko. “It has been said that a girl from another world shall come to this world and become the Miko, who shall summon the sacred beast and shall be granted 3 wishes. This is the universe of the four gods. There a 4 gods, Genbu, Byakko, Seiryuu, and Suzaku. Each one will have a Miko. Each one also has 7 constellations, 7 people will be representing each constellation. They are the Seishi they will be protecting the Miko with their powers given by their god and also let the Miko summon the god. There have been 2 Miko’s that summoned two gods already. Genbu no Miko, and Byakko no Miko”, the emperor explained.

“I see, so, you’re saying that I’m supposed to be the next Miko. And I’m going to be the Suzaku no Miko since I ended up in this place” Fuuko said. “Yes. The Suzaku no Miko will not just summon Suzaku but will also bring peace to Konan” the emperor added. “So, if I become the Suzaku no Miko, I get to have 7 Suzaku ‘slaves’ who will protect me and then I get to summon Suzaku that will grant me 3 wishes?” Fuuko asked. “That’s pretty much it. I just don’t think Suzaku slaves will be the right term for it” he answered while both the woman and him sweatdropped. Fuuko giggled to herself. “I know, I know”, she said. After getting herself to look serious again, she opened her mouth to say something. “Alright, I’ll do it. I’ll be your Suzaku no Miko. This sounds really interesting”, Fuuko said.