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This is an extension of my miscellany section. It's more of a funstuff page (which is actually the name of this document). But since my PSP 6 evaluation program had expired (yes, now you know my's in the open *_* that I, Fuuko no Miko am a certified cheapskate. Too scroogey to buy a real graphics program.). Ergo I can't make any new graphics for my site ^^;;;. Which is why some of my site renovations are currently on hold. So that's why this is merely an extension of the miscellany section instead of a new one. Got that???? Anyhow, I would like to say that this section is inspired in full by The Random Section of The Rurouni Kenshin Archive, one of the coolest Rurouni Kenshin sites I've ever run into ^_^ and one of the funniest too! My favorite section is "Ask Hajime." So anyhow, have fun in this section ^_^...and please don't take anything too seriously. After all, this is in the spirit of good fun. Lastly, this section is dedicated to all the wonderful people at the Flame of Recca ML I'm ^_~.
Hear Recca & co., say the unthinkable
Do workouts with the Hokage
Pick up lines, courtesy of your favorite anime
See strange Fuuko pics

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  • If you beat me, I'll be your ninja forever ^_^
  • Did you know that my madugou is the twin of yours?
  • I know where Meguri Kyoza can be found.
  • Do you want to see my madougu?
  • You're so good at puzzles...can you teach me how to do that Rubix cube?
  • Wanna be my ninja?
  • I believe I did see the fuujin's central stone. Come let me show you.
  • This bandaid on my face? It's about 400 years old. You see when I was a baby....
  • You're going to the Urabutousatsoujin too? What a coincidence!
  • I'm a talent scout and I'm looking for someone to star in a Fire Prevention Awareness commercial.
  • Your madougu or mine?
  • You want to see the gorgeous piece of anatomy I'm hiding under this 2-ton armour?
  • How would you like to be the spirit of my blue flame?
  • Under this cold chunky armour is a hot, lean and mean lover boy.
  • Let me show you the meaning of boytoy.
  • I've got just the ice to cool down that burning flame of yours.
  • I can melt that icy exterior of yours, wanna bet?
  • Let you and me make beautiful music with my waon.
  • I've got just the thing to make your forget those bitter 400-year old memories.
  • Wanna play games with me?
  • This bod aint no illusion.
  • How would you like to be the wind beneath my....
  • Light my fire, baby.

  • You're a healer? How about curing my heartache?
i said that?

(A modification of the Kyoto Hen Drinking Game (Rurouni Kenshin Archive)
Are you tired of having a beer belly or a big tummy? Have you wasted enough allowance to last a lifetime on buying slimming teas, workout videos and miracle diet pills that simply do not work? Do you want to fit in clothes without having to turn blue becuase of breathing in? Then sweat no more as your favorite group of Ninjas offer you the workout of a lifetime! Guaranteed to cut down that adipose to size at half the cost of other diet regimens! And you'll be having fun too! Get a figure like Fuuko-san or Kurei-sama absolutely free! How? By following these simple steps:

1. Take your Flame of Recca episodes on CD, VHS or tune in to your Flame of Recca official station and start the show.
2. Get comfy in any outfit you want to sweat it out in, like Domon's fashion-police inducing brown animal-print cycling shorts, Kurei's swirling red dress with leather straps or Mikagami's wrinkle-free gray three-piece suit...anything that fits!
3. Start your work-out regimen!!!

For warm-ups: Start with the opening theme, Nanka Shiawase by the Oystars.
Do: Stretches for every time any Team Hokage Member's face appears.
       Kicks for every time any Uruha Member's face appears.

And then, you start out your Hokage Workout!

Do 5 jumping jacks for every time: 

  • Recca calls for hime
  • Yanagi screams "Reeecccaa-kuuun!"
  • Tokiya insults Recca.
  • Tokiya belittles Domon.
  • Domon harasses Fuuko for a kiss/date 
  • Koganei makes smart aleck remarks
  • Fuuko smacks Domon
  • Mikagami changes outfits***
  • Yanagi looks silently concerned***
  • Kurei expresses hate for his half-bro
  • A reference is made to Fuuko's bust***
  • Mikagami uses a new technique***
  • Kage Houshi recognizes a new madogou.***
  • Fuuko's opponent makes some remark about "fighting women"***
  • Mikagami makes reference to his sister/her murder/her murderer/revenge.***
  • Kage Houshi expresses surprise over the opponent's madugou
  • Recca insults Domon affectionately (?)
  • Team Hokage tells their team mate to quit fighting already because they're badly injured
  • The badly injured teammate responds that he/she aint quitting 
  • Yanagi is kidnapped
  • Yanagi faints
  • Recca's clothes miraculously mend/become cleaner.***
  • Kage Houshi uses her Ekkai ball.***
  • Kage Houshi describes the new madogou***
Then 5 sit-ups for every instance that:
  • Tokiya makes mention of his reason for *joining* Team Hokage
  • Genjuroh laughs
  • Kondo gets really obnoxious
  • Domon is inspired by Fuuko while fighting
  • Domon gets touchy with the UBS judges/combatants
  • Raiha is seen standing next to Kurei
  • Kaoru changes his Kougan Anki's form***
  • Mikagami puts down Recca or Domon***
  • Tokiya expresses a pessimistic remark
  • You catch Kage Houshi with two earrings/no earrings.***
  • Recca and Tokiya pick a fight
  • Domon is called a "Mongoloid" or "Mohawked"***
  • Kaoru puts down someone else's fighting talent***
  • Tokiya vows to protect Yanagi
  • One of the other Hokage members yells at Mikagami***
  • Fuuko is in danger of being stripped down to her skin
  • Neon defends her Master Kurei
  • Recca's hide gets saved by his flame dragon
  • Domon gets into a fight with Kondo***
  • Kage Houshi uses her shadow technique***
  • Mikagami's hair color is depicted as anything besides silver/gray***
  • Fuuko uses her needles***
  • Kurei reminds Recca of his sordid past
  • Kaoru calls someone "niichan" or "neechan"***
  • Recca has a problem with Mikagami.***
  • Yanagi screams***
And 5 push-ups for whenever:
  • Domon gets labelled as the weakest member of Team  Hokage
  • Recca is inspired to win the battle by his promise to Yanagi
  • Tokiya reminds Recca of being a poor guardian to Yanagi
  • Kaoru's opponent makes some remark about "fighting a kid"***
  • Recca uses a ninja technique***
  • Yanagi demands to know why the fighting must go on.***
  • Domon brags
  • Fuuko rejects Domon's advances
  • Yanagi stands passively in danger, unwilling to put up a fight.***
  • A reference is made to Domon's nose ring***
  • Fuuko gets a panty shot***
  • Kage Houshi uses her Ekkai ball***
  • The audience change their minds on whose side they're on
  • Domon drools/nosebleeds/etc***
  • You see a flashback of Kage Houshi manipulating time***
  • Kaoru's is referred to as "a traitor"***
  • Fuuko is subjected to an ecchi situation***
  • Team Kuu is impressed by Team Hokage
  • Recca expresses supreme confidence in his fighting abilities.***
  • Domon gets rejected by Fuuko***
  • Recca gets a new flame dragon***
  • You can see Kaoru's fangs***
  • Yanagi passes out and someone must catch her usually by Kagero ^_^)***
  • Domon utters the phrase "da strongest"***
You know you're done when:
  • Kurei finally forgives Recca 
  • Kagero touches Recca without getting electrocuted 
  • Domon realizes Fuuko isn't in love with him 
  • Tokiya says something nice about Domon 
  • Kondo shuts up
  • Raiha takes a seat next to Kurei in the UBS
  • Anime Raiha smiles genuinely
  • Kagero's fighting skills return
  • Fujimaru does something of worth
***All lines indicated with  three red asterisks were contributed by Bottou-chan of The Flame Of Recca Museum
by RiA & Iam6a
The webmistress had finally given up upon getting bombarded by hentai mail and decided to give in. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...a topless picture of Fuuko Kirisawa. (modified by yours truly)
Fuuko finally decides to be more girl-like and dons a miniskirt. (modified by yours truly)
Fuuko grows her hair long. (modified by yours truly)
Fuuko + Raiha equals= (contributed by Ri-Ayanami & Iam6a)
This is actualy a footage of Fuuko after getting electrocuted on the Laser fence (also contributed by Ri-Ayanami & Iam6a).
Fuuko lookalike (contributed by Yanagi-chan)
Fuuko plays with a bottle of peroxide(also contributed by Ri-Ayanami & Iam6a)
Fuuko in pigtails (also contributed by Ri-Ayanami & Iam6a)
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