Frozen Heart
by  ChiK
CHiK:"Oy!Hallo world.This fanfic ('Frozen Heart') is kinda short sorry 'bout that. Anyway,this is my first fanfic so it might be woozy.Hope y'all enjoy it!Byeee!"

"Bye Fuuko.I'll be thinking of you,every minute,every second"

"Yeah,I know Raiha.I'll be thinking about you all the time too.I wish you didnt have to leave for three days." the purple-haired ninja Fuuko Kirisawa replied with a few tears rolling down her cheek.

"Now dont cry Fuuko."Raiha said gently."You aint no wimp and I love you.Besides,I'll only be gone three days.Dont worry.Time will fly by.Now I must go." With one last passionate kiss and a tearful goodbye, Raiha Tsukiyani, Fuuko's fiancee left for Tokyo for a business trip.

Fuuko stood in the same position,unable to move.She spun on her heel and faced the couch.Suddenly,Fuuko fell down face first on to the couch and began to cry.Between her sobs she couldnt help wondering that she had a feeling something terrible was going to happen...........

Meanwhile,downstairs at the bottom of Fuuko and Raiha's apartment stood a very nervous Tokiya Mikigami, holding a boquet of roses.He tried to make him look good but all he accomplished looking like a fool. He sigh. He knew that Raiha Tsukiyani was leaving town for a day or two..............he wasnt really sure.......but he had a plan. He planned to march up to Fuuko Kirisawa and annouce his love to her.

"Fuuko,I no,no,Fuuko,,that's not it......"Tokiya said to himself,thinking of what to say to Fuuko. He was totally out of ideas.

"Fuuko....."Tokiya sigh,with a tiny smile appering on his pale face.He had a MAJOR crush on Fuuko for about six years but lost her to Raiha about two years ago.Sure, he wanted Fuuko to be happy, but he wanted Fuuko to be happy with Tokiya,not Raiha.

Tokiya clutched the bouquet of roses,his palms beginning to sweat,his breath beginning to stink. He started to look around a nearby seller,who mostly sold hard candy. While Tokiya kept looking for a seller some silently crept up to the back of Tokiya.

"Hey To-kiya...."a cool voice said.

Tokiya jumped and fell down,with the bouquet of roses crshing down beside him gently.Tokiya turned around to see who scared him.....

It was Raiha! Raiha smirked but gave Tokiya a helping hand.Tokiya ignored it and stood up on his own. Raiha couldnt stop laughing while Tokiya brushed himself off. It took Raiha several second before Raiha was able to speak.

"Hey Iceman.Never knew you get scared so easily."Raiha said coolly but friendly and let a deep belly laugh.
"Yeah,yeah,yeah."Tokiya muttered.He dusted off a little dust on his sleeve and shot back:"You didnt scare me THAT much......"

"Oh,yeah right Iceman." Raiha smirked. He let out one last belly laugh,which made Tokiya blush a little. But Raiha couldnt help it but ask this one little question,a question that took Tokiya off guard......

"Hey,whose roses are those?Pretty nice."Raiha complimented.His question made Tokiya a wee bit nervous. He couldnt let Raiha know the truth or else,his life would be over.......

"Er....ah.....I-uh.....ran a er-errand for Recca.You know,Recca was busy that he wanted to give Yanagi a little surprise.You know.....Yanagi.....his gi-gi-girlfriend....."Tokiya stammered.He wasnt any good at making up lies.

"E-yeah,sure,Iceman. I mean duh, I know Yanagi.Well,I gotta go.Well,see ya!" with one last wave and a smile,Raiha finally left.But in Tokiya's eyes,Raiha still looked confused.

As soon as Raiha was out of earshot Tokiya let out a huge sigh of relief. "Maybe I'll...........Nah!I'll head up to Fuuko later.I'm still a nervous wreck.Especially after that Raiha-fiasco. Maybe.......yeah,that's it! I'll head out to Ryoko's first for something........"Tokiya thought. "Yeah!"Tokiya shouted proudly. He was so loud,people actually covered their ears and winced.Tokiya also made a baby boy cry.Tokiya blushed then ran across the street to Ryoko's for a cappucino and a frozen cinnamon roll.......

*-One hour and 30 minutes later......-*

Fuuko lifted her head off the couch,the position Fuuko cried on.She immediatly thought of Raiha,his personal health,everything.She begane to sob again when Raiha's voice scolded her.

"Stop it Fuuko! C'mon,I know you aint no wimp! You know that wimps dont cry,right? Are you a wimp? I dont think so!C'mon your the prettiest ninja out there and I love you."Raiha's voice said.His voice cheered up Fuuko a bit.She stood up,feeling much better.Fuuko turned around to see what time it was.

4:30.4:30!!! "Oh my!!!"Fuuko exclaimed. Her favorite soap opera was about to end and that episode was supposed to be a very exiting one.

Fuuko dove for the remote,turned on the tv. As the tv was loading the picture, Fuuko pressed the 2 and 4 button,nearly breaking the the controls. "Hurry,hurry....."Fuuko said impatiently.Maybe she could catch the end of the show.

Too late.As soon as the picture appeared on the tv,the credits were rolling."Oh well."Fuuko sigh."Maybe there's something else good on." Fuuko decided to channel surf. While searching for something good to watch,there was a knock on the door.

"Anyone home?"asked a muffled voice.

"Door's open!"Fuuko hollered back,her eyes still focused on the tv. She heard the door open and closed with a small click.Fuuko turned around to see who it was.

It was Tokiya.Fuuko gave Tokiya a big smile."Hi Tokiya!"she greeted."Hey."Tokiya greeted back.He sat down right next to Fuuko,his hands sweating nervously.The bouquet of roses slipping out of his hands.

"Hey!"Fuuko exclaimed suddenly,which made Tokiya jump. Fuuko laughed at him and Tokiya blushed,which made Fuuko laugh even harder.Her face was all red after all that laughing.Finally,she was able to speak.

"Whose flowers are those?"Fuuko asked.

"Er...ah....yours.A little something from me to you.Hope you like it." Tokiya replied and handed the roses to Fuuko.

"Oh!!How touching!!Thank you Tokiya!!" Fuuko gushed.Tokiya was blushing like mad but secretly,he was so,so proud.He knew this was his way to success......he began to dream about how happy Fuuko was, with Raiha.....many,many dates with Fuuko,finally hitting it off.......His thoughts just seemed to go on and on........

"Hey,Tokiya!! Hel-lo!Are you there?"Fuuko asked,interrupting his thoughts.

"Wha-?Huh?"Tokiya asked.He shook his head to pay attention.He turned his head to look at Fuuko,which was rapidly becoming his favortie hobby.

Fuuko tilted her head,with strands of her purple hair following the angle of her head.She started to smirk then said."Nice to know that you care."

"Oh yeah?"Tokiya challenged.Then he softened."Hope you like the roses." He blushed but Fuuko didnt notice him.

"Of course!"Fuuko replied with a smile."Do you wanna stay here for dinner?"asked Fuuko."Maybe you could help me cook........since I havent started cooking yet."

"How 'bout I'll take YOU out for dinner."Tokiya suggeested with a smile. "So then you dont have to cook."

"Aw,how sweet!"Fuuko gushed. "Okay!But let's hang out here first. Maybe we can leave"

"Seven's great."Tokiya said."So....can I channel surf?"asked Tokiya.

"Sure you can,Tokiya.You dont have to ask."Fuuko replied.

"Great.Thanks."Tokiya grabbed the remote and began to channel surf.

Fuuko settled back and laugh as Tokiya made a sudden grab of the remote,which happened to slip out of his hand.Fuuko sat there,thinking "He sure is funny.I'm soooooo lucky to have a friend like him" Fuuko smiled and shook  her head,her purple-hair shining in the sun. She couldnt seem to get Raiha's words,'I love you' out of her head.As if something bad was happening.She shook her head,which made Tokiya stare at her. "What??" Fuuko asked."Is my hair doing something stupid?"

"No-no!"Tokiya replied quickly."I just thought......."he trailed.The truth is,he couldnt stop  thinking about Fuuko's purple- hair,which always seemed to have a life of its own.In Tokiya's eyes anyway.

Fuuko couldnt help it but chuckle.She shook her head,stood up,turned to Tokiya and said "Hey.I'm gonna grab a drink.Want one?"

"No thank you."Tokiya replied.Just before Fuuko turned around a news flash suddenly popped on the screen.

"BREAKING NEWS."the newscaster said."AIREA airplane numbred 7-S21M has crashed somewhere near Tokyo."

Fuuko gasped."That's Raiha's flight!!!!"she exclaimed.She tried to move so she could sit but her feet were frozen.Tokiya sat on the couch,open-mouth.

"Now,here is the latest development."the newscaster said."Now,I'll announce the missing people.They will be listed below." suddenly, a list appeeared.Above the list,the title said 'MISSING:67'.

"WHAT?!?!?"Fuuko exclaimed."Raiha could be one of those!!!"So she began to search for Raiha's name,for about three times.

After scanning the list six times quickly Fuuko let out a huge sigh of relief. "Yyyyess!Raiha aint lost!" Fuuko cheered.She started to celebrate and left the room for her drink. "Whoooooo...."Fuuko sang.

Tokiya smiled as Fuuko left the room.Sure, he was happy for her,but deep down,something told Tokiya that thid was only the beginning.......

"And now for the annoucement of the dead people."the newscaster annouced. "After the following names,please stayed tuned for the message that Prime-Minister,Kanirkeno Ouroo for the blah,blah,blah......" Tokiya stopped paying attetion.He knew Raiha was really a strong man. Not to mention smart.

"Me?Stupid,short-tempered,all the things Raiha's not. I wonder......if I was like Raiha,Will Fuuko fall for me instead?" Tokiya mind began to wander.....

Unfortunantly,his thoughts were interrupted by Fuuko,who came back with a glass of Diet Coke. Tokiya couldnt stop staring at Fuuko, her figure so perfect to Tokiya,so instead,he faced the TV. He abruptly stopped,his jaw dropping.He couldnt believe what he just read.
"What is it Tokiya?"Fuuko asked.She turned her head and started to scan the list. Suddenly,the glass of Diet Coke in her hand slipped, Diet Coke spilling all over,glass cutting her,blood dripping from her foot.she just couldnt believe it. She was completly frozen.

There was Raiha Tsukiyani's name.Raiha had died in a plane crash.

       -*-.....TO BE CONTINUED.....-*-

CHiK:"Bwah,ha ha!Didnt tell yaz there's gonna be a next chapter.Anyway,I'm workin' on it so......Stay Tuned!!!!"