by Jacquey

Okay, so I did finally get down to writing part 2, which, as again, was rushed, but still hope you like it. Any comments are more than welcomed.

At that moment, meeting the chilly gaze of Tokiya, I never felt more ashamed in my life, more than when Fujimaru embarrassed me in the UBS. Thousands of explanations flashed through my mind, but all words were caught in my throat. I felt hot tears of anger burn in my eyes, as I really how foolish I had been to betray Tokiya. I didn’t actually betray him, but my actions had indirectly caused this. I could only look down, tears blurring my vision, and shook my head. There was no explanation, no excuse for what I had done. I would take the blame, but Tokiya didn’t deserve any of this; it was entirely fault. Then I saw Cassius walk towards, no, walk by Tokiya, towards the exit. Damn him, was he going to blame me, not that I was totally innocent; but what he said next caught me totally by surprise.

“Mikagami, you don’t deserve Fuuko. It’s not her fault this happened,

but I’m warning you, sooner or later I’m going to go after her, and

you’d better hope she chooses you.”

I didn’t notice Cassius leaving, because Tokiya was walking towards me and blocked my vision. I couldn’t meet his eyes. Cassius was wrong, I didn’t deserve him, not the other way round. Tokiya stopped in front of me, radiating anger and disappointment.

“Tokiya, I know, I was stupid. If you want to…”

Fingers placed against my lips stopped my apology, and tipped my chin up to look into eyes filled with, yes, anger disappointment, but it was directed inwards. Only love, and care was emitted and absorbed by my body. He sighed.

“Cassius is right. I haven’t spent enough time with you. I don’t blame

you. You’re smart, beautiful, caring, funny… You have and are

everything anyone could want in a girlfriend. It’s not your fault,

you’re too honourable. Cassius, I don’t blame him, in fact, I have to

thank him for slapping me awake.”

That was the longest speech I had heard Tokiya make. Still, I was filled with deep regret.

“But don’t you feel betrayed? I mean after Mifiyu…”

“I cherished my sister by holding on the her memory. You’re different,

you’re alive, and well I must cherish you by holding onto you, not

memories of us together. I guess I have to learn to live again.”


“Fuuko, I think I should pay a visit to Hanabishi and the others during

next week’s holidays. I believe you’re coming?”

Tokiya forgave me. I knew in my heart he loved me more than ever, and silently swore never to leave him. But it was rather strange. He was competitive, and he would never have let Cassius off without a fight, at least a verbal one. I guess Tokiya had changed. Human again.

When I reached home, I took an envelope out of my bag, and pulled the letter out. So close yet so far.

Dearest Ms. Kirisawa,

Congratulations. You have passed the aptitude test and examination and have been chosen to form one if the highly prestigious Japanese Young Meteorologists team on the expedition around the world. You will be gone on a field study for 2 years and learn to…

I closed the letter. It was not meant to be. I had intended to go, knowing that Tokiya would understand. He would still understand, but after Cassius, it wouldn't be fair. He didn’t deserve this desertment. I couldn’t leave him for 3 years. I just couldn’t, no matter how prestigious it was. Cassius. Anger and disappointment flashed through me, how could him do such a thing, knowing I was already committed. I thought he treated me as a buddy, not a budding girlfriend. I sighed and decided to avoid him for the next few days. Though I still had to thank him; he brought this change over Tokiya, and it wasn’t all that bad.

“It’s still the same isn’t it?”

“Yes, it has barely changed.”

Tokiya and I had arrived at the train station, and were waiting for the rest to come pick us up. I did manage to avoid Cassius, and Tokiya, was more caring and loving than ever. I relished it, but felt bad that I had to sacrifice my friendship with Cassius. It wasn’t that I favoured love over friendship or vice-versa. It was that I wanted both. But no one could ever have the best of both worlds. Fate had made the choice for me. It Tokyia hadn’t arrive in the hall, I don’t know how I would have reacted. Tokiya gripped my arm suddenly, and whispered,

“Someone’s following us.”


“I have no idea. Wait, turn into this corner.”

As the shadow of our unknown trailer fell across the small alley, Tokiya’s arm flashed up, and caught the stranger in the chest. And was grabbed into the open! I took two steps and reached the main street and saw Tokiya, with Cassius. I gasped in surprise. Coming here to avoid him, and we were still reunited. Tokiya was shooting daggers at Cassius now.

“Nakamaru, why are you here?”

“It’s none of your business Mikagami.”

“You have really good reflexes.”

“I’m in the martial arts club.”

I saw Tokiya’s eyes flash in anger. I was surprised. He seemed to be losing his cool easier these days. It was totally unlike my former team mate. Perhaps he had more human emotions now. Still, it was neither the time nor place to analyze Tokiya, when he was about to pick a fight with my buddy, er, friend, er, acquaintance? Even Cassius couldn’t understand, I did. Tokiya was was challenging Cassius.

“Yo, Mikagami! Fuuko!”

I was never more glad to hear Recca’s cheerful voice than now. I saw his figure literally bouncing towards us and hissed to the two contenders of my heart,

“Cool it, both of you. Don’t disgrace yourself.”

Recca arrived, leading the way for the rest of the Hokage.

“Who’s that?”

“Oh, Cassius.”

“Yeah, Cassius, the martial artist.” came Tokiya’s sacarstic quip.

I tried to will both of them to stop it, but Kagerou’s gasp of surprise, no horror, stopped me in my tracks. She was, after all, 400 years old, and frankly, not many things could surprise or even, worse still, horrify her. If it did, it had to be bad. Real bad. I turned to Recca’s immortal mother to see what had occurred. She was staring at Cassius, then me, the Tokiya.

“No, not again. I thought… Oh no…”

Groaning, Kagerou covered her face with her hands, and shook her head with disbelief.

“You’re only kids, how could it be happening…”

“Mum, what’s happening?”

Kagerou looked up into 9 stunned faces, and replied in a sombre tone.

“It’s a long story, which happened twice in my lifetime. 400 and 200 years ago.” Kagerou looked at mine and Cassius bewildered faces, especially Cassius, who had no idea whatsoever what was happening.

“Twice before you were lovers, and… and …” Kagerou looked away, unable to meet our gazes, “And then were … were… murdered.”

I inhaled sharply, noting that Cassius had done the same. Kagerou found the strength to face us and continued,

“Both times by the same person…”


I’m aware this chapter is rather shoddy, but there’s nothing I can do, since I’m rushing…