by Nefer da Fox Demon

Author’s notes: er…a very very dark poem refelcting Kurei hey I enjoyed writing about him though ^_^;;;

Legal crap: the anime shown in this fic is the property of their own respected owners I do not own any claim on it and neither am I doing this for profit. Besides when did fanfic writers ever get paid for doing anything?

Don’t expect me to cry or die for you people…. Yes I mean what I say

Don’t expect me to come around or open up to you people…I’ll push you away

Don’t expect me to try or lie for you people…I will simply tell you that it is real

Don’t expect me to know or even care for you people…I’m not afraid to tell you what I feel

How many times have you left me crying on the streets, do you know about the pain I have suffered?

How many times have you crucified me, the stigmata’s cut through my skin making my veins ruptured.

Don’t expect me to take you down or to take revenge I have moved on…. So should you

Go ahead shiver and shake and move through the shadows…that’s all you people can do

Oh you sad people…I wonder if there is any life in that empty shell you call a soul.

Oh you pathetic people leave me alone

It could be your blood on my hands next


Comments? Anyone extremely experimental poem though.