by Jacquey

In case any1 still is blur, this fic is the sequel to 24hr Pas de Deux. I got a few complaints that the romance was very rushed, but I had a very good reason for doing that- so the reckless liaison could result in a sequel, which is this! This fic is much shorter, with less flowery language and even kind of boring. Hey, I’m having school now and rushing this fic… u can’t blame me… Thanks for Saturn and Kat who keeps edging me on, and for all those pple out there who’s been buggin’ me… 

I looked up from my clenched fist, and assumed the poise of an extremely calm and cool diplomat. Tilting my head to one side, I sure did hope I gave an impression of being bored. Mikagami sat next to me, eyebrows furrowed in concentration. I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye, and was satisfied. After being married for a year, I could tell his mood by the little gestures and body movements he made, and sometimes, but still quite rarely, his facial expressions. Mikagami was tensed, not nervous, but on the borderline between frustration and anger. I got him exactly where I wanted him to be. 

“Mrs. Mikagami…” 

I turned sharply, and glared at the lawyer opposite me with a deadly expression. He coughed and rectified his mistake. Despite my annoyance, I was rather surprised. I though all of Mikagami’s lawyer friends were as cold and bland as he was. Apparently I was wrong. Mr. Yoshima continued. 

“Ms. Kirisawa, if you would sign here,” he gestured to a line with his Mont Le Blanc pen, (a similarity) “You would be officially separated from Mr. Mikagami.” 

I nodded, and grabbed the pen. I couldn’t wait to get this whole mess done away with, and get on with my life and my work. Hell, it was what caused the separation anyway. 

“Fuuko,” my pen paused just above the document, my eyes narrowing at the sound of my name, “Are you sure about this?” 

I willed my face to be as polite and accommodating as possible, to balance the seething rage inside. Granted, Mikagami looked reluctant, almost sad, but… 

“Mr. Mikagami, might I remind you that you were the one that suggested a separation. Now that everything is finally going to be settled, you want me to reconsider my stand. Aren’t you being unfair here?” I locked gazes with him, my tone so civil is sounded false even to my own ears. 

“If you say so.” Mikagami replied with in chilly timbre, donning his unscrutinizable mask once again. Grabbing a pen from the inside of his jacket, he flipped through his portion of the separation documents, signing quickly with no expression whatsoever. The balloon of hot fury that was about to explode inside me immediately deflated and plummeted back to earth. I did hate him; all the hours of yelling at each other –okay I admit I did most of the yelling- but I only started hating him a month and a half ago. I loved him for 8 months before that. No matter how much I detested Mikagami now, he was once my beloved husband, whom I would have done anything for. My heart silently shed a tear as I flipped through my pile of papers, slashing my signature on those hateful lines, bidding a farewell to all those wonderful memories that we’ve shared. What exactly happened to cause this rift, I didn’t know. I didn’t care. Of course you don’t care! Jeez, you’re having a divorce for heaven’s sake! How can you be feeling sorry?! I snapped out of my depression. My sub-consciousness was right; how could I be mourning over Mikagami when he initiated this separation? The thought gave me a steel edge, and smiling, I arranged my papers neatly, and handed it to Mr. Yoshima. 
“Thank you, Mrs. Mika… er… Ms. Kirisawa…” 


I paused, my hand in mid-air, as I stared at the newcomer. I sighed. My friends never got over the fact of my separation. Especially Yanagi. I turned to look at Mikagami, but his face was totally devoid of any emotions. I guess I never really knew him. 

“Yanagi, this is an law firm. You can’t just storm in like that!” I chided softly. 

“Fuuko, are you mad?” Yanagi grasped me by my arms, eyes earnestly pleading. “Why are you divorcing Tokiya-sama? It’s so obvious you both are still very much in love!” 

“Was in love.” Mikagami wasn’t looking at Yanagi, but was sitting erect in the chair, facing his colleague. I found myself agreeing with him for the first time in ages. 

“Yanagi, there’s no hope. Besides, it’s too late. We’ve already signed the papers.” 

“If there’s nothing else, I have a client to meet.” Mikagami got up from the chair, elegant and graceful as ever (What am I thinking?!), buttoned his blazer, and turned to leave. Watching his retreating back, I felt a sense of loss, knowing that once he walked out of this room,  as of now, we would never be lovers again. Mikagami walked to the door, and stopped. Was stopped. 

“And where the hell do you think you’re going?!” A thunderous boomed out. 

 Eyes closed, I massaged my throbbing temples and groaned. Yanagi was bad enough, but when she dragged the entire Hokage plus, I bet, Saicho, Neon, Raiha (whom I was now on friendly terms with) and Kurei in, things became much, much worse. Please do not think Yanagi is some weakling that faints and only says “Oh Recca…”-Okay, maybe she does… did- But that was almost 9 years ago; Yanagi has learnt to be more independent and confident, and worse of all, discovered her ability to cajole people into anything. Like this. 

“Domon, please. This is over. Everything is over. If anyone should be devastated, it should be me, and I’m not. The way you people are acting, it seems like you all married Mikagami instead.” At that moment, I wanted to go home and have a hot, bubble bath. I felt as though someone had been hammering my brain into pulp, in fact I had been having frequent headaches over the pass few months. No thanks to you, Mikagami, In fact, you’re most probably the reason for them. 

“Fuuko, you would never give anything up so easily, without a fight! Are you just going to give Tokiya-sama up like this?” Yanagi persisted on. 

“No point asking, she just did. And Domon, if you don’t mind, I would really like to…” Mikagami sounded as fed-up as I was. Good. So this was having a negative effect on him too. My headache subsided slightly, knowing that he was frustrated. Boy am I mean, huh? 

“Where are you bringing me too? Watch it! Recca?! Koganei?! Hey, let go of me!” 

I watched in amusement as Mikagami was bundled away by Domon, and obviously tried to escape which resulted in Recca and the others called in as backup. Yanagi saw laughter in my eyes, and steered me out of the office. 

“Fuuko, we’re going to have a little chat.” 

I signed. Yanagi’s little chats would definitely escalate into either a debating match or something much longer and tiring. 

“Yanagi, I am leaving for Kobe tomorrow. I still need to pack!” 

“Kobe?!…” For once, Yanagi was totally speechless. “Tomorrow? But why…” 

“I’m a field meteorologist. I travel around studying natural disasters! Besides, I’m moving out. Maybe permanently to Kobe. There’s a great job offer that practically screams ‘Fuuko’ on it.” 

“No!” Yanagi’s face had adopted an ashen gray shade. “You can’t!” 

“Yanagi, I know what you mean to do, but it’s too late. I admit I love Mikagami, but it was so long ago… Hey, where are you bringing me?” Yanagi had grabbed me by my hand, dragging me to goodness knows where. 

My mind was cleared as the sweet-smelling aroma entered my respiratory system and rejuvenated my entire body. I took a sip of the hot tea and felt in a much better mood. Yanagai had brought me into this quaint little (but expensive) teahouse, to, well I suppose, lecture me once again. 

“Fuuko,” Yanagi looked up from her beverage, “Have you ever wondered why both of you suddenly just fell out?” 

I stared at my Yanagi, eyebrows raised. “I think I told you a thousand and one time; Mikagami wanted me to quit my job as a field scientist. You know that means everything to me, I can’t just give it up!” 

Yanagi wore a sad smile. “There was once, when you were willing to do everything for Tokiya-sama.” 

I turned away. “Once. I was still naive. We were attracted to each other. That was all.” 

“Are you sure, Fuuko? I know for a fact Tokiya-sama would do anything for you. Even now. Even if both of you are separated, he would still kill for you.” 

“Not anymore. He was the one who initiated this. He was right. It’s better for both of us.” 

“No, it isn’t. Ever since your quarrel, you’ve been falling apart. You’re easily distracted, emotionally unbalanced, but you act as if everything was fine. Tokiya-sama’s worse. When you both got together, he was so happy and so… so … open. He laughed and smiled. But ever since your…, he has refused to talk to any of us. Or at least have a decent conversation. He totally clamed up; shut himself away. Just like he used to.” 
I felt guilty. It wasn’t my fault we had a separation, but it was partially my fault we had a fight. I met Yanagi’s brown warm eyes. Understanding passed unspoken between us. I had broken his heart, just when he forgot Mifuyu, just when he had begin to love again. 

“Look, you all were right. Before our marriage, you and the entire Hokage plus even Saicho, Neon, Kurei and gang told us this wasn’t going to work out. You’re all correct. Mikagami and I could never live our lives together. We are so different. Too different.” 

“But you told me, Fuuko, that opposites attract.” 

I snapped back. “Opposites attract; they do not love! You, of all people should know that only love can bind 2 people together, not attraction!” My temper was fraying, I don’t know why. My mood swings had gotten more mercurial ever since the divorce proceedings. Must be the emotional turmoil… 

I wiped beads of sweat away from my forehead, and moved another box loaded with all my stuff to the door. There were three boxes already there, all ready to be transported to the Kobe the nest day. I sighed and looked around. Blue walls with white borders met me eyes, a round mahogany table surrounded by a blue green sofa set, flanked by a Sony television and the stereo set. The cool marble floor. The French windows. My life. I didn’t know why, but I knew I would miss this place very much. I may have separated… No, divorced from Mikagami, but it left a sour taste in my mouth. I thought I would be happy. But here, in our… NO, no… it was his house, I spent some of the happiest times in my life. Ghosts crowded the room and reenacted the happy scenes from the past, the time we made each other laugh, the many beautiful memories buried deep into my mind. I felt tears welling… NO… what am I thinking? Why am I thinking like that? We are already divorced. Nothing will change the fact. Just then, the door opened, and Tokiy… NO! Mikagami walked in. Handsome as ever, cold as ever. He acknowledged my presence was a slight nod, and moved to his room. For some reason unknown to me, I was furious at his cold greeting. It was as though he was faster at getting rid of the past, and I didn’t like that. I had the priority. I felt my temper rising. I did something reckless. 

“Mikagami,” I saw him stop and turn ever so slightly, “I challenge you. Ensui versus Fuujin. Are you game?” 

“A fight?” His voice was cold, “I thought you had enough at the lawyer’s today.” 

The fire in me rose another 20 degrees celsius. “ Scared? Afraid to lose again? Like our marriage?” 
He stiffened. I had hit a nerve but I didn’t care. I was usually sensitive, but after all, I was leaving the next day, and didn’t have to care. Anymore. 

“20 minutes. The woods.” 

I nodded. 

He wasn’t down yet. I was sitting on a bench in the deserted woods. Oh, it was a park, but here in the denser area, no one came, and we could have as much privacy as we wanted. I gagged, it sounded like we were having a midnight rendezvous. I examined the fuujin on my arm, and fingered the beautiful blue orb that Raiha had given to me so many years back. A dark shadow was cast over me, and I looked up to see Mikagani… 

“WHAT THE?! You’re still in your suit. I thought you would have at least enough sense to change!” Great, you’re gonna start another fight! 

“It’s not as though you’ve never seen me fighting in the suit before,” he raised a delicate eyebrow, “ I did it all the time in the Uroubatousatsujin. In case you have forgotten.” 

There was soo much sacarsm dripping in the last word I nearly strangled him there and then. “If you want to hinder yourself in that suit of armour,” I tried to inject more sacarsm in, “Go ahead. I would gain from it.” 

“Nobody would gain ANYTHING from me. You should have known that by now.” He responded with in a chilly tone. 

“Yeah? I’m gonna beat tonight. Hands down.” I was furious, and my voice wsa trembling with rage. I think I was mad not as his words, but the meaning of me never ever having his love. I loved Mikagami, and that hurt. I was determined to win. 

I leapt over his head, and came down behind him, shooting the translucent spikes at him, before leaping into the air again. Mikagami blocked easily, and came after me. We had been fighting for about an hour, and I was tiring. I wasn’t easily tired, but this time, for some reason, I was really drained. Mikagami, on the other hand, was so cool and calm I’d bet he had a ventilator in the armour. He came after me, and I wasn’t sure I could go on. Suddenly, Yanagi’s word came flying into my mind… He would do anything for you…Darnnit… I didn’t need distractions at that time, but it was too late, he came behind me and that blasted Water Snake hit me squarely in the legs. I was furious that Mikagami wouldn’t use his full powers, but I wasn’t using them too. He was … well, not enemy, but not friend either. Still, I don’t think killing him would be nice. He still got me, and I fell heavily to the ground. By right, I would have been defeated, but Yanagi’s words came rushing back, and I decided to put it to a small test. I curled up, and clutched myself, and with my best version of “puppy dog eyes”, I looked up accusingly Mikagami, and then closed my eyes in pain. I felt the vibrations of him, running towards me, then slowly picking me up… Mikagami wouldn’t be so nice to me… would he? 

“Fuuko,” his voice sounded so soft and tender, “God, what did I do?!” 

I couldn’t help it, my heart gave a sudden lurch and it was as though we were in love again. I couldn’t afford another heart break. One divorce was more than enough, that I can tell you. I leapt out of his arms, and leapt behind him once more. 

“You tricked me.” 

It was a statement, not a question, and I knew it. I felt ashamed of myself, but as I’ve said, I didn’t care. “So what?” I knew I looked rebellious and care-less, but I felt bad. I never used trickery before, at least not during a fight with a fair opponent. Like Mikagami. I had a sudden urge to prove myself, to show I was a good fighter. Why, I do not know. I just had to. It was a pride thing, I guess. I ran towards to woods, waiting for a chance to strike, and there he was, between the trees, trying to flush me out. I decided an elevation was necessary. I let the wind current carry me up, but then I saw Mikagami, loss my concentration, and in my haste, loss my footing. I plummeted to the ground. Oh, it wasn’t that high, but I felt as though I had fallen off the Empire State Building. I landed with a sickening thud, and felt pain lance through my body. I tried standing up, but the pain was too much to bear, and felt to the ground, weak in the knees, clutching my stomach, the centre of the pain. I saw a shadow cast over me. 

“Don’t you know even the lousiest fighter wouldn’t fall for the same trick twice?” Mikagami sounded angry. I was too much in pain to bother why. 

“I’m… not…” I gasped out before the pain snatched my breath away. I was panting now, wheezing in short gasps. I tried to get to my feet, but only succeeded in falling once again, to my knees. Fog clouded my mind, and I felt myself suddenly staring at the midnight stars, brilliant amidst the darkness. As I slowly slipped into nothingness, I felt warm arms encircle me, supporting  me into sitting position, but the pain became greater. Just before I passed out, I saw the blur image of Mikagami, face full of worry and concern. I knew immediately I was only dreaming, and then, did. 

Editor’s note :From henceforth, I’m really gonna rush. People want me to finish this, and I’m gonna to, by sacrificing lengthy words… 

“Fuuko… Fuuko!” 

I slowly opened my eyes, and saw Yanagi bending over me. I knew I was in the hospital. 

“Yanagi, “I croaked, “Did I break anything?” 

“You didn’t,” her eyes full of anger. “Why didn’t you tell me?! And how could you go fighting with Mikagami knowing full well you’re pregnant?! You almost had a miscarriage!!!” Yanagi was slightly hysterical now. 

“I’M PREGNANT?!” I yelled, or at least I tried to yell. It came as a whisper from my parched throat. I was very thirsty. Yanagi turned to pour me some water as I tried to sort my thoughts out. I couldn’t be pregnant. Oh, Kobe, Kobe. 

“You didn’t know you were pregnant?” 


“You’ll have to get back with Tokiya-sama now, for the sake of your child.” Yanagi was positively beaming. 

“No,” I decided immediately, “I will not. It’s too late.” 

“Fuuko, didn’t you tell me you both divorced because of your temper? Pregnant women are prone to temper tantrums. It wasn’t your fault.” 

So, that was it. I knew I was always easy-go-lucky. So all those headaches, lethargy and fraying tempers had a source. The baby. I was going to be a mother? I felt quite weird. A single mother. Should I? I was confused. The drugs were taking its toll. I felt giddy and nauseous. 

“Yanagi, does Mikagami know that I’m pregnant?” 

“I haven’t told him. Fuuko…” 

“Don’t tell him please…” 

“Fuuko, it’s also his child. He has a right!” 

“I need the job at Kobe. If he knows…” 

“You’re still too weak.” 

“Heal me, Yanagi. You can do it.” 


“DO IT! Or else I’ll leave the hospital myself. It’d be worse. You know that.” 

“Fuuko… You know I’d done it already… I think you should know that Tokiya-sama was so worried about you, more than I have ever seen him. He was terrified to lose you.” 
I knew what Yanagi was hinting at. 

“Yanagi, it’s never going to work out. It’s not just about the child, or me temper. It’s about out incompatibility. This just helped proved it wasn’t meant to be. Please Yanagi, keep it a secret. I’ll tell him myself.” Yanagi could only shake her head sadly. 

I stood in the crowded airport, about to head towards to departure lounge when I suddenly heard a strange yet familiar voice. 


I turned, and smiled. “Raiha.” 

“Where are you going? I just heard you were hospitalized.” 

“I got Yanagi to Heal me. I’m going to Kobe. Maybe permanently.” 

“Well, take care. I have to go.” 

“You too, Raiha.” 

My eyes lingered on his back as he left. I had thought… Well, to be honest, I wanted it to be Mikagami, just to prove, I did mean something to him. But…  sighed. As I’ve said, it wasn’t meant to be. As I moved off into the crowd, my honed senses felt someone following me, and I turned to face whoever it was. I nearly cried. Facing me, the lone stationary figure in the crowd, was Mikagami, looking more forlorn and alone than ever. 

“Fuuko,” came the tone devoid of feeling, “You should be in the hospital.” 

“I had to go. My team in Kobe needs me.” 

“How could you,” his voice suddenly shook with suppressed emotions, “not tell me?” 

“What?” I was surprised. Surely Yanagi wouldn’t betray me… Would she? She was desperate for our reconciliation after all… She did tell him… 

“Yanagi told you I was pregnant, and you want custody of the unborn child, am I right?” I was a fool to think he came because I had meant something to him. Clearly, I was wrong. As soon as the words left my mouth, I knew I had mistaken. Mikagami looked as though he had a nuclear weapon dropped on his head. Maybe it did. 

“You’re… pregnant?” In any other circumstances, I would have laughed at the incredulous expression on his face. 

“Ok, yes I am. So what?” 

“Were you planning on telling me?” He recovered quickly, that I can give to him. 

“I would tell you, once I settle in Kobe, and thought of a way to deal with it.” 

“Fuuko,” his eyes dropped suddenly, “I came to see you one last time. Instead, I find out you’re pregnant. What should we do?” 

“I don’t know. I thought you should know. You always do.” 

“Not for our marriage. Fuuko… look, our arguments, I understand now, are because of your pregnancy. You tend to get touchy at times. I thought it was your character, so I…” 

“Mikagami, I know. I’m confused now. What’s best for the baby?” 

“Fuuko, do you think…” Mikagami moved to hold my hand. It was so simple, just that. I could accept, be happy once again. Right? I didn’t know. I took my hand away. 

“Mikagami,” tears welled up in my eyes, but I was determined not to cry. I did mean something to him. He had wanted to see me. “It’s not going to work out. What happened the past few months, proved that we cannot be together. The child, would it suffer more, if we remain? I really do love you, but it’s time to let go. We’ll see each other again, I promise.” He looked devastated, I was tempted to change my mind. 

“I understand Fuuko. I’ll see our baby in a few months. OK?” 

“Mikgami…” A thought sprung to mind, “I’m not leaving you… Not like Mifuyu…” 

“I understand. Really, I do. Fuuko, please take care. I guess you nearly hurt yourself badly yesterday. I was so scared.” 

“I know.” I put a hand on Mikagami’s cheek and looked into his eyes. And was surprised at my finding. Acceptance. So had I. We had accepted life together. We did and still love each other. But we knew this was for the best. Then, I left. Goodbye Tokyo. Goodbye Mikagami. Farewell. 

Editor’s note : Pple who wanna stop here can, but if you fell like killing me for not having a happy ending, then read on. If not… DON’T! 

I landed in the Kobe airport a few hours later. Hello new world, hello Kobe. I ws so absorbed in greeting my new surroundings, I missed a step and toppled down the flight of stairs. A long flight of stairs. Pain exploded this time. The BABY! OH no… I groaned as I felt wetness spill down my legs… I fainted, not form pain, but from sadness… 

I woke up, to a very cold environment, with no Yanagi this time. I hurt, from head to toe. A doctor came in. Before he had even spoken the dreaded words, I knew it. It was too late. The baby was gone. I spend the rest of the day sobbing softly, until a nurse had to sedate me for fear of hurting myself. That was silly, I would never have done that. But I didn’t mind, the still and silent blackness, blocked from all conscious thought was a relief. Until I woke again, and the truth hit me. With blurry eyes, and looked and saw Mikagami. An image of him my mind produced. I burst into tears. He triggered the guilt in me, he had trusted me to take care of our child, yet I… Soft kisses fell on my lips, eyes and hair, and as I looked up surprised, arms held me tenderly, and through my bewilderment, I realised it was no hallucination. 

“Mikagami… “ I couldn’t finish. 

“I know Fuuko.” Three words, so simple, so pure, so much. 

“It’s my fault.” 

“Don’t cry. I’m going to take you home. The rest are so worried. Unless you want…” 

“No. I’m don’t want to stay in Kobe. Take me home… Tokiya.” We didn’t say anything more. It had already been spoken. As I buried my tear-ridden face in his neck, his arms around me, embracing me once again, like we were meant to be, I knew how wrong I had been. We were meant to be. 

 To my baby up there some where, thank you for bringing us back together. Mummy and Daddy loves you… 


Hope you enjoy it… cause I rushed like mad…. Saturn and Kathy, you better love it, since you 2 bug me sooo much….