Do You Love Me Too?
 I have kept my promise and written a Raiha-Fuuko fic or rather sonnet! Hope all you Raiha-Fuuko supporters out there are happy. I know I am even though I prefer Tokiya-Fuuko pairing. Hope you enjoy this sonnet, it has no connection with “Helping Me Move On” if you are curious. I have tried my best to make sure the characters do not sound too out of character. Email me at this time if you wanna gimme any fan/hate mail. I’ll be looking forward to any comments or compliments. By the way, here are some additional Japanese terms that are frequently used in other people’s fanfics. Hope this little attachments help:
  kun – name add-ons for males e.g. Kaoru-kun  itai – ouch
  matte – stop      nani– what
 arigatou – thanks     chibi – little/small
  sugoi – cool/great     hai – yes
  daijouba ka – are you okay    tasukete - help 
  owari – the end      koshii - lover
P.S. My comments are all in the [ ]s. Note that they are not ( )s or { }s.
Lotsa Luv,
I look you in the eye
And I wonder why
There’s this feeling deep inside of me
That I had thought I’d never see.
(Raiha asks Fuuko if she dislikes him and she blushes and scolds him for asking her that question. However, she later wonders about a weird feeling she had never felt before that had hit her when he said those words to her.)
Is it true?
Can it really be?
That I was meant for you
And you were meant for me?
(Earlier on, after Raiha saved Domon’s and her life, she asked him why he saved them even though he knew that they were from Team Hokage. Raiha replied that they had a destiny together as their madougas were counterparts and would always draw them together.)
Does such a love exist for me?
Could you really be my koshii?
All I can do now is wonder
About the feelings I try to bury deep under.
(She laughs off all the feelings she has for Raiha, not believing that a tomboy like her could feel such things since she has not felt these feelings in all her sixteen years. She tells herself that Raiha only cares about her Fuujin and has no interest in her whatsoever.) 
I hope and earnestly pray
With all my heart and soul,
That we’ll be together someday
And I’ll pour out my feelings that are presently untold.
(Sometimes she looks at Recca and Yanagi together and envies them for they find happiness with each other, a kind of happiness she herself has never found before no matter how much she tries to return Domon’s sincere and unrequited love for her.)
Then maybe we will work things out.
And we needn’t fight that pre-destined bout.
 Will I find happiness one of these days?
Will it be in you and your cute, kawaii ways?
(She finds him very nice and warm, totally unlike the other Uruha members and comments that she would have easily mistaken him to be from Hokage if she hadn’t known any better. She also wonders why he helps her out in all her times of need even though she is the enemy.)
I can only look at you
And wonder if you love me too.
Now, in all I say and do
I mustn’t hint that I love you.
(She rejects all of Raiha’s advances and expressions of love, telling herself that she doesn’t like anybody and that nobody would like a girl like her. [Except for a certain Mongoloid whom she treats as her good friend and a certain pervert from Team Kuu who is her personal fan club.] She is disgusted at the kind of attention she gets.) 
For my biggest fear is that of rejection.
I know I cannot cope with the humiliation
That is etched deeply in the mind.
A memory, that is anything but kind.
(She remembers about the fight with Fujimaru, when he stripped her down to her underwear and how humiliated she was at the Ura Butou Satsujin. She’ll always remember the embarrassment no matter how long ago it was because people just cannot forget about these kind of incidents so easily.)
As I sense you behind me,
I wish that you would sincerely say
these words to me on bended knee,
“Fuuko I love you, beside you I will always stay.”
(She knows that he follows her around and always protects her irregardless of how much she insists that she is perfectly capable of protecting herself and she is touched by that and his sincerity and acts of what she thinks is his kindness towards her.)
But till then I must suffer in silence,
For even when I sleep I dream of you.
And in my mind, in utmost reverence,
I ask you, “Do you love me too?” 
(She steals a glance at him as he sits beside her and silently wonders if he is to be the prince that she dreams of at night. The prince that rescues her from all her troubles and worries and rides off into the sunset with her, to protect and love her for time and eternity, till death do them part.)