This little section shows the difference between Raiha, the anime character, and Raiha as created by Noboyuki-sensei in the manga. You'll see there are major differences in the character design. It's almost as if they are two very distinct characters. Although they do have *a few* similarities. Which one is more likeable? (Honestly I love both of them ^_^) Read and you decide which of Raiha's alter egos you prefer. Here goes:
This is anime Raiha.
Anime Raiha is different from manga Raiha in the following aspects: 

Physically...(well, in my biased opinion ^_^) better looking. Well the above pic isn't his best. He's just a bit more bishounen in the anime than in the manga. Especially in the first episode he appears in. The anime Raiha is also apparently taller. He's about  6 or 7  inches taller than Kurei in the anime while he's not too tall from his Master in the manga. He's also got green eyes and light purple hair unlike in manga. When he first made an appearance in anime, his hair wasn't *this flat* (See, I told you there's a Raiha conspiracy in the anime!!!!).  

Socially, he's also different. The anime Raiha is more serious than his manga counter part. He hardly smiles and always speaks in a serious tone. His personality is a little *stiff* if you ask me. He's not quite as friendly either. 

His relationship with Fuuko is *not defined* at all in the anime *_* which is why I understand why people aren't voting for him in my Fuuko's Guy poll. In the anime he is portrayed as merely interested in Fuuko because of the fuujin. Which is so unlike him in the manga *_* 

Anime Raiha appears as an accessory character in the anime...heck, I think Genjuroh had even more airtime than he did (And Genjuroh died a little halfway down the series!!!). He has a bigger part than that in the manga!!!! 

The anime Raiha looked as if he never fought in any of the battles! Of course Raiha in the manga didn't show his battles either, but it was *implied* that he did fight! 

This is manga Raiha, as originally concieved by Noboyuki-sensei. 

You may notice.... 

He's bishounen as well. Most of the time his hair color is depicted as dark so it's rather obvious his hair is *not* light purple. At the back of one of the manga volumes, his hair is depicted as brown. It's funny to note though that his look often changes. Sometimes he looks like a girl *_*!!!! I guess he looks just a litle bit more masculine in the anime. Though I do love his hair in the manga. It's looks so soft and smooth ^_^. Can I touch it Raiha-kun, please??? (Raiha *turns SD*: Uhm, okay. Just don't pull it. That hurts. 

He's lighthearted and funny. In our country, we'd call him "mababaw" (shallow). He gets amused by merely seeing Fuuko. Apparently he please easily, doesn't get pissed at the slightest provocation, and possesses a sense of humor. He's polite, friendly and amicable. Not that anime Raiha isn't, he is! Only it's more obvious in manga. 

Manga Raiha is *obviously in love with Fuuko-san.*See my Fuuko-Raiha love page for the mushy details ^_^. And he's NOT after the fuujin in any way. I don't think he even spoke of any interest in Fuuko's madougu.  

Raiha has more appearances in the manga. He's purportedly a major player. 
Manga Raiha is also more obviously powerful than his anime counterpart.'s not that anime didn't say he's not just isn't implied very well ^^;;; 

I used to think that it's only in movie-book tie-ins that the story gets altered *_*...its obvious this also occurs in manga-anime tie-ins. No wonder Watase-sama was complaining about the Ayashi no Ceres animated version. Oh, ah anyway. There's nothing we can do about it really. On to the next section!!!!