raiha and the uruha jyusshinshuu
Tsukishiro : In the Uruha, there exists Kurei-sama's ten people who are his personal death squad. they are the Jyushinshuu!! You can gather up all the normal soldiers up till now and they wouldn't be a match for those ten. They're strong like gods and demons!
The section that deals with the relationship of this ninja to the other members  The Uruha Jyusshinshuu. Lets start off with... 

"Raiha (stand up, perfectly alright) : Really, I don't have a reason to fight. (brush off the dust) I'm only here to help Kurei-sama advance. (pick up his sword) I am Kurei-sama's loyal servant... therefore, why do I need Raijin now? Maybe, when you're in danger one day... then I'll unseal raijin. this is not my battlefield! I'm only a day lamp, and I'll be leaving the field now."  

Seemingly, the only other person Raiha feels so strongly about, other than Fuuko-san. It's pretty obvious to you and me what these two have in between them....^^;;; (errr...yaoi????)  
Kurei (right arm flares): Repeat what you said!  
Webmistress (*turns pale*): Eeerrr....nothing..., it was a slip fo the tongue, promise... 
If the Uruha Jyusshinshuu was a rock band, then Kurei is the vocalist and Raiha the lead guitarist. It's that kind of relationship. They are FoR's version of Shishio and Soujirou. Raiha is perpetually by Kurei's side. He refers to himself as Kurei's loyal servant. As Recca served Yanagi with his life, Raiha does it with his Master Kurei. He is Kurei's personal ninja ^_^...though Kurei rarely needs the kind of protection Yanagi does, as he is more than able to defend himself. 

Why does he do this? 

Nobody, even the *almighty* Kamiya Shuusai ^_^ (who makes the manga translations) know. Noboyuki-sensei has not yet revealed why this is such. It's a theory that Kurei may have done something for Raiha-kun that makes the latter faithful to him. Raiha remains as such even after the Urabutosatsoujin fiasco. 

master and servant
Raiha, nice man that he is, gets *real mad* when people insult Kurei. He perpetually defends his Master from his detractors. From people who speak evil of him and who misjudge him. I think he sees himself as Kurei's protector. He never uses the raijin, yet promises to unseal it the day Kurei may be in danger. When Kurei's mother, Tsukino was in the throes of death from the bomb Mori Kouran planted, Raiha unsealed the raijin and saved her. 

He's been with Kurei for the *longest time* even before Neon and Jishou. He was there, asking Mori Kouran to refrain from killing Kurenai and beating up Kurei. He's also in to all of Kurei's secrets, as he is the only one who knows of his foster mother Tsukino. He knows more of Kurei-sama than the rest of the Uruha Jyusshinshuu combined. Technically, he's Kurei's best friend. 

Even so.... 

Kurei doesn't completely trust him...but then I guess with all that trauma he's been through, Kurei finds it hard to fully trust anybody ^^. Kurei at times appears wary of this ninja. Probably because he doesn't know as much of Raiha as the latter does of him. For two people to be together so very often, Kurei doesn't understand Raiha very much. It must have somehing to do with Raiha's background. 

It doesn't really show, but these two have a bond quite different than what Kurei has with the others. In volume 21 of the manga, when Kurei meets Raiha again, he goes something like "How have you been?". For old times sake obviously. When Kurei opens his doors and acknowledges that this Uruha ninja is indeed his best buddy and confidante...that will be the day.

Lately, in volume 23, Fuuko asks Raiha why he fights for Kurei, to which the bishounen ninja answered, "Because of blood."What does this mean? The people at the Flame of Recca Mailing List can only speculate. Perhaps Raiha was saved by Kurei from a near-death situation. Maybe Raiha was Kurei's protector during the time of the Hokage and through time manipulation, he was able to arrive at the present time in order to protect and serve Kurei as Recca would his hime. There's also a theory that they are related. What happens now? Let's all wait for it to be revealed....  

raiha and neon

The only other Uruha you see Raiha with other than Kurei (Fuuko, of course, is a different story ^_^). Of course Fuuko-san has nothing to get jealous about, as the relationship between these two is strictly platonic ^_^.  
Fuuko (*raving mad*): What the hell are you talking about???? 
Webmistress (sweatdrop ^^;): Just kidding, Fuuko-san. 

Neon, in the days when she was still serving platters in Kurei's household, had to ask Raiha's permission to join the Uruha. He even warned her back then of the difficult training, but she did insist. They can be seen training together (along with Jishou) in the olden days, but Raiha is obviously of higher rank. Neon turns to Raiha for advice and would also ask him so very often about the other aspects of the Uruha she doesn't know about. 

Although they are quite close, Neon shows respect for him in the guise of seniority. She knows his place in the Uruha hierarchy. She values his opinions and does show some respect. Why did you think she desisted from killing off Koganei when the temptation was so great? 

And thought she is one of Raiha's closest allies, Neon *doesn't* quite understand him either. He's quite a puzzle. An enigma. 

Neon, together with Raiha, Jishou and Joker remain the most faithful to Kurei, post UBS. They had signed a contract before that if they died, they were to become one with Kurei in spirit by becoming part of his flame. Though you don't suppose Neon (if she did die) can get along with Kurenai inside Kurei's arm ^_^??? (just a thought). 

Anyhow... (we're getting out of topic here) though there are advocates of Neon-Raiha, as they are often seen together...it's rather obvious to you and me who loves who. Neon has eyes, ears and soul only for Kurei, bar none. And Raiha's heart belongs only to Fuuko-san  (and vice versa????) ^_^. 

Fuuko: Why do you keep bringing *that* up?  
Webmistress (smiles mischievously): Why do you turn crimson when I do bring it up? 
Fuuko (curses and walks away blushing) 
Raiha (in SD form turns to webmistress): Do you think she likes me? 
Webmistress: Do birds have wings? Ah, you know the answer to that one! 

Another member of the Uruha that Raiha is often seen with, if you recall that episode in Mori Kouran's mansion. Though Jishou didn't have too much of an exposure, as he was killed during the semi-finals of the Ura Buto Satsoujin by Magensha. Jishou trained together with Raiha and Neon in the early days of the Uruha. They're pretty much a trio until Jishou passed away. No, he doesn't quite know how Raiha's brians work either. 

Kurei: Tell me, Raiha. Is there anyone here who can figure you out? I've been with you all the time and I can't tell a thing. 
Raiha: Therein lies the secret of a warrior, Kurei-sama. If people figure me out, that would be the end of my defense system ^_^. Besides, I don't want to be too readable. 

The cool, cruel Uruha with a "baaaad attitude" ^_^ and a half-ton armour. Member of the Uruha Kurenai and one of the remaining few who remain faithful to Kurei after the Urabutousatsoujin. Friendly and exhibits a streak of independence from the other members of the Uruha. Apparently good friends with Raiha-kun. Moreso in the manga than in the anime where he gets 2 minutes of airtime in the whole darn series. According to Kamiya-san's translation, Raiha had not known of Joker's existence until the latter's appearance in the UBS semi-final bout. Although they both remain loyal to Kurei, post-UBS so I guess there is camaraderie that developed between these two.  

Ex-Uruha actually ^_^ but he WAS Uruha...until he developed a certain affection for Yanagi and decided he wanted to protect her too (Do you realize that all the guys in Team Hokage with the exception of Domon, is in love with Yanagi??? I know she's beautiful...but...).  
Recca (begins to  summon for Setsuna): You were saying???? 
Tokiya (fills the ensui): Do you realize the consequences of your commentary? 
Kaoru (rearranges the Kougan Anki into Ryu): What were you saying about Yanagi onee-chan? 
Webmistress: (*sweatdrop*): Oh....nothing...I was just about to say she isn't as...voluptous as Fuuko...ehehehe...(runs to hide behind Raiha's back) 
Raiha: Well, she's right about that one ^_^ oroooo (gets walloped by Fuuko-san o.0). I didn't mean anything by it Fuuko-san. I was just stating a fact. 
Fuuko: Yeah but I wish you'd say it when they're not around....I mean...ah you know...(turns *red* for the nth time) 
Webmistress: Anyway..we're geting off topic here....to continue... 

Raiha is Koganei's mentor. I suppose he's the one who helped train this kawaii Fang Boy some of the tricks he's learned in combat. He's also the one who rescued Koganei's hide from being creamed by Neon. This occurred when the former resigned from the Uruha. Raiha was also the one who delivered Koganei the invitation from Kurei to the Urabutousatsoujin. He had warned Koganei that Kurei was bent on punishing him if he did go to the tournament. So it's rather evident that Raiha does care for the Master of The Kougan Anki. In return, Kaoru looks up to Kurei's right hand man as a big brother as well. 

So much for Raiha and The Uruha. Special thanks to the people who contributed greatly to this section ^_^, namely Kamiya Shuusai and Julia. Now click on any of the links at the side for more of Raiha-kun!!!!