Raiha-kun and the webmistress would like to thank the following people for the images and information used in this little site, namely:
Kamiya Shuusai
The Uruha Jyushinshuu 2.5
Raging Fire: A Flame of Recca Site
The Flame of Recca Museum
Hokuto Hanabishi
Hokage City
Raiha Style
Quantum Queen
Flame of Recca with Absolutely no Focus on Recca
The Willow Glade
Little Raptor
Animen: The Bishounen Universe
This is for you guys, thanks ^_^.
This is lovingly dedicated to Fuuko-san, the inspiration behind it all.
Other sites by me:
~Rated R: A Sailor Mars Shrine~
obviously, my shrine to Hino Rei/Sailor Mars of Naoko Takeuchi's Sailor Moon
~Eternal Flame: A Rei and Tasuki Romance~
dedicated to my favorite alternative couple
~The Fuuko Kirisawa Shrine~
Everything yo wanted to know about the Wind Goddess and more!
~Fuuko & Raiha: A Flame of Recca Romance~
don't even ask what this is about
Sites I co-run:
~Animen: The Bishounen Universe~
Bishounen Galore! Men from various anime to manga, from Ayashi no Ceres to Yu Yu Hakusho!
Sites by The Raptor (my sister):
a webgraphics grab bag! mostly backgrounds, and other sugoi graphics
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