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Konnichi-wa one and all! Allow me to welcome you to another one of my sites. this time dedicated to the one and only, RAIHA of Flame of Recca fame. This wasn't one of my original plans. It's more of a *spur of the moment thing* ^_~. I was inspired terribly by Raging Fire's Raiha Shrine and The Uruha Jyusshinshuu v2.5 site. And the more I knew about this man who would be Fuuko's soulmate, the more interested I got to be in his character. And it doesn't hurt that I run The Fuuko Shrine too ^_^. Oh, and I am Fuuko no Miko, by the way ^o^! So here goes the site hailing the man you always see by Kurei's side. My apologies if tthe sections are limited. It's up to manga no. 24 and very little is revealed of this ninja hunk. His anime exposure is just as scanty. More sections will be added as time goes by. Choose your destination on the map below. My apologies if it aint as fancy as Fuuko's...but I tried making an image map...and it just refused to adhere to one another *_*.  Oh, and before anything else, ALL WEBGRAPHICS HERE WERE MADE BY ME AND MY SISTER. If you want to use them for purposes of the net, then go ahead. We just like a little credit, ne? Link us, mail us or thank us. The usual blah, blah as I always say on my sites.  I FINALLY GOT RAIHA HIS OWN GUESTBOOK!!!!!! That's because I think he deserves one ^_^! ALL MANGA SCANS AND SCREEN CAPS DONE BY OTHER WEBMASTERS. Okay. Now beat it before Raiha-kun makes Soukakousai soup out of all of us ^_^. 
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(This pic stolen from The Flame of Recca Adoption Agency)
December 25, 2000 
Not much of an update I'm afraid *_*. Essentially because Raiha-kun, along with Kurei, Joker, Tokiya have been visibly absent in the past few manga volumes of Rekka no Honoo >_<. So there isn't much here, save for a new frames version, plus some pics here and there, and a little bit of the Fuuko and Raiha page. *Sigh*. Gomen people, I promise to do better next time around. Okay? if you have anything productive in mind, do let me know Thanks! 
October 8, 2000 
Okay...I'm sure you people have had enough of my countless apologies for being late. *_* I've been busy as of late...he he he. I've added a couple of piccies in the gallery and The Fuuko & Raiha page has more ramblings, ficcies and fanart added. To vote for Raiha-kun as Bishounen of the month, click here. To see who's winning in hte Uruha poll, click here! Plus, another award courtesy of Jullian Soullard! If you have any suggestions on what I can add on this page, please, please, please let me know! 
July 10, 2000 
Ohaiyo! Gomen nasai if it took me *forever* to update! Work keeps me up most of the time *_*...very busy indeed. And it's not easy maintaining five websites ^^;;;. Yeah, Fuuko no Miko bites off more than she can chew. Right now I'm even trying desperately to restrain myself from making a Flame of Recca Fanfic Site and a Vision of Escaflowne site. FYI, I LOVE VAN FANEL AND HITOMI!!!!!! ^_^ They're my third fave anime couple next to Rei-Tasuki and Fuuko-Raiha, and if I don't grab a hold of myself I'm going to make them a love page too ^_~!  

Now, eherm...on to the updates. 

I had to redo Raiha's *entire* gallery. This is what one gets for *not* reading instructions properly with my Thumbnail Generator ^^;;;. Stupid Web Page Wizard overrode my files. Baka, baka, baka...Fuuko no Miko no baka ^^;;;. So I had to reconstruct everything from scratch. I put in about 16 more new images, and since it was overhauled, the old images are mixed with the new images. Gomen nasai! So if you want to see the new ones, I guess you have to go through the entire gallery again. (Not that you'd mind, would you? After all, Raiha-kun is a site for sore eyes ^_^!) 

I also updated a little of Raiha's profile and the section dealing with the Uruha Jyushinshuu, in accordance with what's happening in the manga, which is now in volume 24. Apparently the manga will come to an end *sniff* soon. I just hope it'll be a happy ending for Raiha-kun and Fuuko-san. 

Fuuko and Raiha's Page by the way, has also been updated, with a new section, a lot of ramblings, a number of new pics and a heckuva load of spoilers! 

Lastly, I recieved three awards! Yaaaay! Thank you people. Click here to see them! 

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By the way, I want to make an Omake section for this shrine. Unfortunately, my new graphics program couldn't duplicate the effects I used for these webgraphics. Anybody out there who wishes to help me with this? That is, I need help to make new webgraphics for the page. Any help extended will be highly appreciated. Thanks everyone and enjoy! 
May 9, 2000 
Okay! My first update for my little Raiha shrineee!!! First of all, I'd like to thank all my visitors for coming! I'm so happy that you people are supporting Raiha-kun as much as Fuuko-san (*throws confetti around* while doing the Mt. Leikaku dance). Come on Raiha-kun, smile for all the wonderful who came to visit you. 
Raiha *smile*: Arigatou! 
Anyway...what's new? I got Raiha his very own guestbook!!!! So please do make our sexy uruha ninja (and his soulmate ^_~) happy by signing it.  I was able to acquire scans of manga volume 20, thanks to Quantum Queen! You can all view them at the Fuuko-Raiha love page! Then I have chopped versions of those particular manga scans as well, separating the Fuuko and Raiha images in their particular galleries. I have about 75 images in the gallery now ^_^ mostly manga and a handful of anime Raiha images (from Perlya of The Willow Glade). Not all of them will be up immediately. I might put in the first two galleries for the meantime.  Anyways...I also have some updates in my Fuuko-Raiha page. Plus I got *two awards* from The Kurei Fan Club!!!! Hurray!!!! Then I joined some webrings, some fanclubs, etc., Added some pics in the different sections. Added Joker in the Uruha section. Added a few ramblings in my love page.  I'll probably have another Fuuko-Raiha fanfic sometime next month...I'm such a slow writer. Contributions for Raiha fanfic, fanart, images, etc., are all welcome!!! By the way, this shrine is a separate entity from The Fuuko Shrine, so if you want to link here...I'd greatly appreciate it! That's it for now. Enjoy your visit!