from Niji Kurayamiko
This kawaii award was given by Niji Kurayamiko!!! ^_^ Domo Arigatou!
from Bottou-chan and the KFC
And this sugoi one was granted by *the* Bottou-chan of The Flame of Recca Museum!
from soullard
This lovely one was bestowed upon me by the sugoi Jullian-san!
 from Tenshi Ayanami
And last but definitely not the least, the Impeccable Taste award as given by Tenshi Ayanami!
I am also proud keeper of the following stuff:
raiha is mine! get your own at.... tasukeetteee! yoji kun is mine mine mine!
Raiha-kun, Tasuki-kun & Yoji-kun are all mine, courtesy of The Kichiri Cards!
Keeper of Kurei's Sacred Blue Flame
Keeper of Kurei's beautiful mask ^_^
Keeper of Raiha-kun's sword
Keeper of Koganei's Mastery of Puzzles
Keeper of The Sixth Form of The Kougan Anki
Keeper of Fuuko and Raiha's Undying Love for each other
Fuuko no Miko
Tokiya no Hime
Member of the Kaoru Koganei Fan Club
Member of the Kurei Fan Club
Member of *TWO* Raiha Fan Clubs
Founder of the Fuuko Fan Club
 Keeper of Tasuki & Koji's Friendship
Member of The Drooling Tasuki Fan Club