It’s just that you don’t know
by Yuffie-girl

The sky was dark and gloomy, with lumbering cheerless black clouds that blended with melancholy with the velvety sky. The air was cold and heavy with sorrows, as light drizzle showered the atmosphere, enveloping the whole air with a ghostly mist. 

It was all silent until a small creak was heard at a door. Slowly, a figure emerged from the doorway, silhouetted against the dim lights from the door. The girl’s eyes were downcast with ultimate anguish, and her head was tilting towards the concrete ground. 

Slowly, she lifted up her head, as the silent patter of rain pelted onto her pale porcelain skin lightly. Her eyes scanned the surroundings, with was encircled by the whirling mist. She was at the rooftop of an old building, which was the highest in its vicinity. An unsounded small bitter smile was formed between her cheeks as she inched towards the edge, meeting the asleep city under the blanket of stars which shone dimly above the raven clouds. The lights of the city blinked and glimmered as a hushed silence fell upon them. 

Then, a sudden roll of thunder raced across the dark skies, sending a flash of light that reflected the girl’s face. 

A trail of silvery tears was reflected on her pale cheeks. 

Unable to control her feelings anymore, the lass clad in white blouse and denim jeans fell onto her knees, with her hands covering her eyes, as she sobbed loudly, with pearly tears streaking down. 

“Why did you leave me?” The girl stammered, as she cowered with extreme emotional agony. Her silky violet hair was wet in both her lukewarm perspiration and the gentle sprinkle of rain. Her eyes glanced upwards into the skies, as bits of fragment memories rushed into her…. 

They were going fine… both deeply in love. Everything was perfect, until his company called him for a business trip. Fine, he said, he would be back within a couple of weeks. She didn’t mind it either, and declared that she would wait patiently for his return. 

She could remember the smile he was wearing on that morning. This morning, in fact. It was filled with utmost warmth and jubilation. She could recollect his shimmering dark purple hair that glittered with the morning sunrays. She could recall the dreamy kiss they had shared before he left for his departure. 

“I’ll be back soon…” 

How ironic was the last sentence he had spoken to her face to face… because… he would never come back. The plane he had boarded had caught fire at the very minute it had taken off in the air, and within seconds, chaos broke out as it crashed onto the runway and exploded into a deadly inferno. 

It was just minutes before he had bid farewell… 

The girl bit her trembling lower lip, with tears trickled down her cheeks as she recollected the painful moments. 

“Why did you leave me? I hate being alone, and you know that… why did you go away in a journey that will never return? Why??” The girl’s shivering voice was choked with her tears. Then, she huddled herself, with her moist eyes staring into the glittering city lights and the birthing tempest as the rain began to grow heavier. 

Suddenly, an unanticipated coldness fell into her. She could feel her hands shaking even more. 

It was just the wind… She thought as she hugged herself tighter. 

It isn’t the wind… it’s me… 

A transparent, mist-like ghost whispered as he sat down beside the bitter figure. The ghost held a grim expression, with his long hair swirling in the nightly breeze. He traced her ashen face with his long fingers, but could not feel a thing. The girl could not either, as her eyes continued gazing onto the dark surroundings. 

“Why did you go? Why did you leave me? I miss you…” The violet haired girl uttered with gloom lingering in her voice. 

I miss you too… didn’t you know that? I haven’t gone away…yet! 

The ghostly figure spoke in a whisper that all mortals could not hear. His voice was too, filled with grief. Silent tears rolled from the girl’s face as she closed her delightful eyes. The phantom tried to wipe off her tears, but apparently could not, as it dripped down to her chin. His pale eyes were doleful and filled with dejection. Then, he flew behind her, and wrapped her into his invisible hands. Tears streaked down his face, as he closed his eyes, and pressed himself onto the slender back of his girlfriend. 

I haven’t gone away… I’m always in your heart… and you are always in mine too. I’m right behind you, hugging you tightly like every night we shared at this place. I’m here… can’t you see? 

He then planted a kiss onto her cold cheeks, which was unconscious to the girl. He careened onto her back as he closed his eyes, enveloping her with his unseen muscular hands. 

 I didn’t leave you at all… Fuuko. Not a single moment.  I’m still right here, kissing you, touching you…loving you.  It’s just that… 

His eyes flashed opened as he looked serenely yet ruefully onto her. 
It’s just that you don’t know… that’s all. 


© Jing Productions 2000