Dare Date: A Tokiya loves Fuuko story
By: Fuuko Hanabishi

 “C’mon, Tokiya!” Kenji Hino said.  “It’s just a simple dare!”
 “Yeah!” One of Tokiya Mikagami’s classmates said.  “Ask the most beautiful girl who you think is, out!”
 “No, I won’t.” Tokiya replied.  “I already told you guys.  Ever since my sister died, my heart has died with her, and I haven’t learned how to use the heart ever since.”
 “It’s easy!” Kenji said.  “Watch the master!” He walked over to one of his female classmates, and put his arm around her.  “Hey babe, wanna go out to dinner sometime?”
 The girl at first looked at him, and shrugged her shoulders.  “Sure! Why not?”
 Then he went back to where Tokiya and the others where standing.
 “As easy as that my man!” Kenji told Tokiya.
 “Sorry.” Tokiya said.  “I don’t think so.” And to himself, he said, I wish they’d stop bothering me.  Since when did they not understand the word no?
 “OK,” Kenji said.  “Just ask the next girl who passes by.  Then I’ll stop annoying you.”
 Tokiya sighed.  “I will... if you would stop bothering me about it.”
 “Sure.  It’s a deal.” Kenji replied.  “But you really have to go out with this girl.”
 Tokiya sighed again.  “Fine.”
 “There! A girl just passed by!” Kenji nudged Tokiya, then he whistled.  “Wow! The sexiest girl in school.. Fuuko Kirisawa.  You lucky guy! Go! Ask her!”
 “Fuuko?” Tokiya asked.  “No way!”
 “Yes way!” Kenji pushed Tokiya towards where Fuuko was walking.
 “Hey Fuuko!” Tokiya greeted her... without a smile on his face.
 “Hello Tokiya!” Fuuko said smiling.  “What’s up?”
 “Ummm...” Tokiya blushed a little.  “I... I.. uhh...”
 “What’s wrong?” Fuuko asked.  “Are you OK?”
 “Yeah! I’m fine!” Tokiya said assuringly and fastly.  “Can you go out with me?”
 “What?” Fuuko asked.  She heard the question.  But why would Tokiya want to go out with her?
 “Umm.. Can you go out with me?” Tokiya repeated, slowly this time.
 I always thought Tokiya was good looking, but I still like Recca.  Fuuko thought.  And it would also be improper to say no to an offer.  I mean, he is kinda cute.  “Uhhh... y..y..yeah.  I guess so.” Fuuko replied.
 “OK, that’s great! Well, I’ll pick you up at around seven.  See you then.”
 “Weird!” Fuuko mouthed.

 Tokiya knocked on Fuuko’s front door.
 “Coming!” Fuuko shouted.  She opened the door.  “Hello!”
 “Hi” Tokiya replied.  “Ready to go?”
 “Yeah.” Fuuko nodded.
 He stopped a taxi cab while they were walking, and both of them went in.  “This was a dare, right?” Fuuko asked him after a while of silence.
 “What was?” Tokiya asked.
 “The asking out thing.  The one that’s happening now.” Fuuko said.
 “Yeah.  It is.” Tokiya replied honestly.  “How did you know.”
 Fuuko grinned.  “I sense things.  And I saw the look on your friends’ face when you did what they told you to do.”
 “Sorry.” Tokiya told her.  He looked at her and managed to smile a little.  Hmm... I never really noticed how pretty she looked.
 “So what did you have in mind?” Fuuko asked.
 “Is a movie OK with you?” Tokiya asked.  “If it’s not we could always go somewhere else.”
 “A movie is fine.” Fuuko said.

 When they reached the movie house, they were looking for a place to sit.  Fuuko spotted a familiar figure.
 “Tokiya, why don’t we sit with Recca and the others.  They’re over there.”  Fuuko said.
 “Sure. OK.” Tokiya said.
 They made their way to the others.
 “Hey Tokiya! Hey Fuuko!” Yanagi said.  “Good timing!”
 “Hello there!” Kaoru and Saicho said.
 “Hey Mikagami, what do you think you’re doing with my Fuuko, huh?” Domon asked.
 “I’m not your Fuuko, Domon!” Fuuko said.
 “Yeah, well, you’re my best friend.” Domon replied.  “My hot best friend.”
 Steam went out of Fuuko’s ears.
  Tokiya and Fuuko sat beside each other.
 “Hey,” Recca nudged Fuuko.  “Are you guys on a date or something?”
 “No, not really.” Fuuko replied.  “Tokiya asked me out because his classmates dared him to.. so.. he didn’t really have much of a choice.”
 “Oh, OK.” Recca said.

 After the whole movie ended, all of them hang out at their favorite fast food restaurant to have a little snack.  Tokiya glanced at his watch.  “Oh, it’s getting late.  I have to bring Fuuko home.”
 “No,” Fuuko replied.  “It’s OK.  I could go by myself.  You could stay here with them and enjoy for a while.”
 “No, I have to bring you home.” Tokiya insisted.  “It’s part of the whole thing, right?”
 “Yeah.” Fuuko said.  “But you don’t really have--”
 “It’s OK.” Tokiya said.  “Let’s go.”

 Tokiya stopped a taxi for the both of them, and they both waved at their friends who were still talking and eating in the restaurant.  Fuuko yawned and closed her eyes, then all of a sudden fell asleep.  Her head fell on Tokiya’s shoulder when the taxi turned to the left.  He was shocked.  Great! Just what I needed!! He rolled his eyes and started to panick.  He didn’t know what to do, but he just had the urge to put his arm around her shoulder.  He sighed and took a deep breath, then did what his head told him to do.  After a few minutes, they arrived at Fuuko’s house.  Tokiya shook her a little, waking her up.
 Fuuko opened her eyes and found herself circled around Tokiya’s arm, and her head was on his shoulder.  She blushed and looked at him.  “Sorry,” She said.  “I must have fallen asleep.
 “It’s OK.” He told her.  “No problem.”
 Tokiya brought Fuuko on her front doorstep.  “Well, I guess this is it.  Mission accomplished.”
 “Thanks.” Fuuko told him.  “I had fun tonight.”
 “Yeah, sure.” Tokiya said smiling.  “See ya!” He kissed her lightly on the cheek and left.
 “Yeah, sure.” Fuuko replied, her face growing redder and redder by the second.  Wow!!
 “Fuuko?” Tokiya said, just when Fuuko was about to get in her house.
 “Umm.. would you like to go out again... sometime on the weekend?” Tokiya dared ask.  “I mean, it’s just that, I’ve never really cared about a girl in my whole life, and you seem to be like the first.  No one has really made me laugh like you do, and it’s been a long time I haven’t really smiled that much.  Fumiyo did most of them, and I’m sure she’d be happy to know that you would always be around to take her place just in case I need some cheering up.”
 Fuuko smiled.  “I’d love to go out with you sometime this weekend, Tokiya.”  she said, emphasizing the word LOVE.  “So, ‘till then!”
 She went inside her house and locked the door, lingering there for a while.  She grinned, “Man, he’s hot!” She walked to her room, humming.


© 2002 ReccaLovesFuukoFanfics
by Fuuko Hanabishi.  All rights reserved