A-Cruising We Will Go
by Ling-chan
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“And the winners of the third Ura Butou Satsujin are Team Hokage!” announced Tatsuko and Nemi together, both flashing big smiles at the Hokage platform with a V sign over their right and left eyes, respectively. “As the winners, you can keep your bidding and get your prize money, and you win a free all-expenses paid cruise around Japan for two weeks. You can bring up to ten guests,” said Tatsuko, her eyes gleaming as Nemi and her flashed a million-watt smile at Team Hokage.

“You mean I have to stay with this bunch of monkeys for two more weeks?” Tokiya said, a look of pure horror on his beautiful face, in reply, he got pummeled repeatedly by Recca, Domon and Fuuko.

“Wow, a cruise around Japan for two whole weeks! Who are we going to bring with us? Oh I’m sooo excited! Wowee!”

“Gosh, are you really so excited about it Fuuko, or are you just glad that I’m going too?”

“Dream on Domon, I have better things to do on the cruise like admiring the scenery than to look at you!” Fuuko then sent Domon to the land where Pokemon sing and play and annoy the heck outta you.

“Hime, I finally get the chance to see you in a swimsuit! I’m sure you’re gonna look absolutely gorgeous like you always do!” said Recca, his nose bleeding as he daydreamed of Yanagi in a bikini.

“Recca no baka, don’t embarrass me in front of so many people,” said Yanagi as she blushed a bright red.

“But isn’t it true, Princess?”

“Well children, I guess we better go get ready for the little vacation and get changed out of those bloodied clothes okay?” said Kage Houshi shooing the teenagers back to their hotel room.

“So who are we going to bring? Are Kagerou and Ganko counted as our guests or part of our team? Shall we invite Team Kuu with the exception of Fujimaru or what, huh?” inquired Fuuko as she happily bounced back to the hotel room.

“I don’t understand why you are so excited about it Fuuko. It’s just a stupid cruise,” Tokiya stated in an extremely bored tone. “I guess you would be just as happy if we were going to Disneyland.” Cutting him short, Fuuko undoubtedly sent him heading straight for the ceiling of the fighting dome.

Back in their room, Saicho came over to see them, having miraculously recovered from his injury. [Of course, by my good, gracious hand and eye for Saicho!] “I’m so glad you won the tournament. I wonder if Kuu could do it if we were the ones fighting instead of you. I know I couldn’t, with my fighting time limit,” the adorable brown-haired boy said as he unconciously folded a paper crane with a newspaper cutting he found lying on the sofa. [Gosh, he even folds origami absent-mindedly. How kawaii!]

Meanwhile, Fuuko was rummaging through the cushions on the sofa seats beside, busily looking for something. “Hey, did anyone see my newspaper cutting on the bikini sale at the mall?”she asked, not noticing the dislocated jaws of her friends around her.

“Is this it?” Saicho timidly inquired, showing her the paper crane.

“Ah, yes, yes! Man, I can’t wait to get my hands on that blue one, and that black one!”

By this time, Domon was creating a flood with his drool. “Wow Fuuko, I can’t believe you’re going to wear it just for me to see. I’ll accompany you to the mall right now and buy it for you if you want.”

“Hentai baka! If I wear it for anyone, it’ll be for Raiha! Definitely not you,” with that she landed him in a comatose state on the floor. [Hey, I wonder who made Fuuko say that thing about wearing a bikini for Raiha. Heheheh!]

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and Fuuko got up to answer it. She found Raiha in chibi form staring up at her at the doorway. “Fuuko-sama, did you say something about me?” he asked in his most innocent voice. “You see, I was at Tsuki no Miya, using my Raijin to free Tsukino Mori from the bomb implanted in her when I suddenly sneezed. I figured you were talking about me so I hurried here as soon as possible. Do you have anything you want to tell me?”

Looking down at him with a cherry-red face, she said, ”Oh no Raiha, there is nothing I want to tell you about.”

He eyed her suspiciously, still in chibi form before saying “Bai, bai!” and turning to leave.

Unfortunately, Domon had woken up by now and spotted Raiha at the door. Overcome by a wave of jealously and envy, he rushed to the door and picked Raiha up by his ninja outfit collar. [I dunno what it’s called]

Bellowing as he shook Raiha furiously, he shouted, ”I can’t understand what Fuuko sees in you. Compared to me, you’re just a small, chibi-sized action toy figure who goes around acting like a total idiot. Why Fuuko? Why would you rather wear a bikini for this pathetic, sissy, girl-like wimp who only knows how to act stupid. Why Fuuko? Why?” With that, he burst into tears and looked at Fuuko with wobbly eyes and a puppy-dog look. Raiha looked at her with his trademark I’m-a-sweetie-pie-who-girls-fall-over-but-my-heart-only-belongs-to-Fuuko grin [That grin belongs to the Ling Fanfic Company Pte Ltd and is copyrighted] but suddenly changed it to a I’m-too-sexy-for-my-ninja-outfit complete with a wink at Fuuko the minute he heard Domon’s words.[That grin is also copyright and I swear I’ll fry anyone who uses it without my permission] Seeing Raiha’s nose bleed a little at the thought, Fuuko sent him back to Tsuki no Miya to finish rescuing Tsukino Mori via Fuuko Air.

[In case you don’t know, I stopped time just for my dear Raiha to spend some quality time together with Fuuko so Tsukino Mori didn’t die in the end]

By the time Domon had returned to the normal world, Team Hokage had already decided whom they would invite on the cruise. Saicho, Kuukai, Nan, Daikoku, Misora, Menou, Tsukeshiro, Kashemaru, Gashakura and Fujimaru.(Much to Fuuko’s vehement protests) When Domon found out that Fujimaru was going, he threatened to beat up Recca who had given the suggestion but decided against it when he saw Kagerou looking his way. After two day’s preparation, they were finally ready to set out for the cruise. The invitations had been given out and heartily accepted and Fuuko had bought her bikinis. The group met at the port and chatted for a while before boarding the ship and heading out in the horizon.

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