Part 1: CHANCE
by Jacquey-san

Ok, so this is a new fic, which is completely not fuu-tok. It’s also the sequel When the Ice Melts. Sorry guys, but I’m breaking the 2 love birds up. Anyway, I’m introducing a new character. It’s a 4-parter, so you’ll have to wait for the installments. It’s a lot to do about fate, chance, and basically life. Do note that Fuuko’s attitude here is more of a young adult, unlike her action and thinking in “Ensui vs Fuujin”. I’m not gonna say much, but hope u like it. I think it’s gonna be short, since I’m STILL pressed for time. 
I breathed in the warm salty air, and stared out at the wide expanse of the ocean. When did it all happen? Where would I be now, if not for him? It was such a long time ago, but it seemed like only yesterday… 

“The prom was nice, don’t you think so?” 

“Yes, it was absolutely boring!” 

“Tokiya, at least we were crowned best couple.” 

“Which is still meaningless on my job application.” 

“But you have to admit it was fun!” 

“You had fun, I just pretended to make you happy!” 

“Oh come on! Just loosen up for once, will you?” 

And so it went on. Tokiya and I had been bantering for the best of the past hour and the end was still no where in sight. I rolled my eyes and sighed. I had managed to get Tokiya to profess his love for me, but I was beginning to think he did so only to put Raiha down. He was like that. Competitive. Always having to have the last word. Even if he did love me, I still couldn’t change his icy demeanor much. Come on, I’m just his girlfriend, not a miracle worker! This sort of thing takes time, and well, we’ve only been together for about two weeks. At least that was what I had been telling myself. We had just finished our lunch, and were walking down the street, taking in the sights, and enjoying our weekends by just being together. Even Tokiya admitted just as much. Suddenly he stopped walking, and peered around a corner. He turned to me, and grinned. 

“Wait here.” 


“Just wait here.” Tokiya walked into a shop, leaving me outside in the sun. I was curious, but decided to wait for what he had in store for me. I backed away, and accidentally bumped into another passer-by, grazing his shoulder. I turned, wanting to apologize, but the moment my eyes caught his, my words froze in my throat. Silver, pure silver. That was the colour of his amazing eyes. His gaze was so level, so calm, so familiar, but I could have sworn we had never met. I was sure; I would have most definitely have remembered seeing such beautiful eyes before. For just a fleeting moment, time stood still. I stared him, drowning in the intensity of his eyes. It was as though he had seen all of Time pass by, had all of eternity, and mundane things just did not matter anymore. I did not know why I felt this way, but I just did. I did not notice his facial features; it was a blur. All my attention was focused on those silver orbs what were his eyes. Then he broke the spell, turning away, and I could only see his back. I never turned on a challenge, and that man was an enigma. I moved to catch up with him, but at that moment, Tokiya came out of the shop, holding two ice-cream cones. 

“Here for you.” 

“Why, thank you. You know I love desserts!” Then holding hands, we continued our journey. It sounded incredible, but for some reason I never knew, I just forgot about Him. Completely. Until… 

“Do you think it’s nice?” I held the blue asymmetrical dark blue dress in front, and twirled in front of the mirror. And received no reply. I spun angrily around to face Tokiya, who had a huge scowl on his face. 

“Come on, Tokiya, say something!” 

“What’s there to say?” He replied, in a frosty tone, “You’re wearing it, not me!” 

“Fine Tokiya, if you want something to wear, you’ll get something to wear.” I replaced the dress onto the rack and then dragged a groaning Tokiya towards the escalator, heading for the male section of the departmental store. I wasn’t giving up; I was going to get him interested in clothing! Even if it’d killed me, which was precisely almost what happened. 

“Fuuko, I have plenty of clothes already!” 

“I know, but Yokko’s new boyfriend is a millionaire, and I have better things to worry about than clothes at that barbecue. I’m not going to let Yokko show me up!” I stamped my foot to emphasis my last point, but unfortunately, I forgot I was wearing heels instead of my usual Nikes. And that I was, at that very moment, walking down an escalator. Obviously, I missed my footing, and tumbled down, seeing Tokiya’s petrified face just before I closed my eyelids in fear, anticipating the cruel, hard ground. Which never came. I opened my eyes, and saw Him. All of a sudden, I remembered our first meeting, which was buried somewhere deep in my mind, only released now. His arms were around me, preventing my fall, and all I did was, which I think was rather silly, stare at him. I heard footsteps, and suddenly, Tokiya appeared. 

“God, Fuuko, are you alright?” Tokiya’s face was full of concern and worry. Though rather shaken up, I just shrugged it off. I had been through worse with Kurei, this was child’s play. 

“I’m perfectly fine. Come on Tokiya, you should know…” Tokiya frowned at me, then suddenly heaved a sigh of relief. He apparently remembered. Then remembering courtesy, he turned to Him. 
“Thank you. If not for you, Fuuko would have been injured.” 

I would have retorted any other time, but now… His eyes were just as intensely silver, but I noticed his face this time. Jet balck hair framed his narrow, angular face. Sculpted cheekbones were prominent just below his eyes, and his mouth was… well… great for a mouth. He would have looked dashing in any other circumstances, but now, he just looked worried. With a tinge of guilt, I felt that he looked more worried than Tokiya. Tokiya was handsome, no doubt, in an icy, chilly way, The dark, brooding Knight. But He was soft, his eyes, his face, the Poet. Then I realized how wrong I was. He body was honed to perfection, muscles bulging underneath his T-shirt disclosed that he was more than he seemed. He was a trained one. Perhaps one of us, maybe a very good martial artist. But his voice was unexpected. 

“Your girlfriend seems tired. Perhaps you’d better bring her home. It was a rather nasty fall, despite what she says.” 

Warm, clear and pure alto. Not deep like Domon, cheeky like Recca. Not cold Tokiya. He voice deep not belong to a warrior. It belonged to a choirboy, or an angel. It was soft, reminding me of fluttering wings. Fixing his eyes on me, he left, and I had the weirdest feeling, he had experienced what I felt during our first meeting. Confused and puzzled, I let Tokiya lead me away, If he noticed that I was quieter and more subdued than usual, he blamed it on the near fall. 

“Excuse me, but do you know the way to Lt1?” 

“Sure, I’m heading here now…” I stopped. It was Him, again. We looked at each other, and grinned. This time, however, I had learnt to stop ogling. 

“You’re a student here?” he asked me. 

“Of course. You too?” 

“I just transferred. I’m Cassius Nakomaru. Pleased to meet you.” He tired to extend a hand, but fumbled, since his hands were filled with files and books. He chuckled and gave me a wry smile. 

“I’m Fuuko Kirisawa. Student of meteorology and I-C of martial arts club.” 

“Really? I also applied for martial arts as a club!” 

“Incredible! Have you been taking classes? I mean it’s rather obvious…” 

And so it went on, and over a coffee after classes, I knew more about Cassius than I ever did about Tokiya. By the time a few weeks had passed, I felt as though I had known Cassius forever. I knew his entire background, and so did he about mine. Cassius was sweet, charming, caring, humourous and smart. When Yokko had teased me mercilessly, he stood up for me, since Tokiya was in a different class. He was a terrific consoler, and by the time he finished, I couldn’t care about my failed test. However, I was puzzled about something. No girls flocked around Cassius liked they did with Tokiya, not that Cassius seemed to mind. Cassius was just as handsome and Tokiya, and a whole lot nicer, but none of the female species seemed to notice him. I asked him once, but he just shrugged. I never figured out why. But what I did figure out was that I was more comfortable with him than Tokiya, and it made me so ashamed. And confused, because I wasn’t attracted to Cassius. It was passion with Tokiya, but with Cassius, it was right, as though we had spent our life together and enjoyed each other’s company. But since we were just having fun, which Tokiya never seemed to want or like, I pushed aside my conscience. 

At least, I though it was; until a night when Cassius and I were locking up the martial arts equipment. It was all so sudden. One minute we were packing poles, the next minute e just grabbed me by the shoulders, and kissed me. Softly. I was so shocked I didn’t do anything. But during that moment I realized that the kiss had no passion, just rightness. No charged chemistry, just rightness. There is no word to explain my feelings then. Feeling right is the closest expression to it. However, I never got to experience all of it, since I suddenly Felt a presence, and turned, meeting the cool gaze of Tokiya…