Title: Can You Feel the Love Tonight? (Uruha special)
By Miki-chan
I have never done an Uruha song before, not to mention a funny one. I have no idea if Neon really knows about Kurei’s past as the one undeserving of the title as the Leader of Hokage but this is based on her not knowing all that messy part. I’m sure our darling and forgiving Kurei-sama won’t take this song too seriously for I’m really just playing around… would you? *Evil glint in Kurei’s eyes. Nothing a little chocolate can’t do… the glint disappears*

What did I tell you? ^-^ Anyway, characters are property of Nobuyuki Anzai (worship our hero!) and please don’t sue me. By the way, this song belongs to Disney’s The Lion King.
Joker-->blue, Raiha, or Raiha & Joker -->green, Neon-->pink, Kurei-->red, yours truly--> teal (song only)

The chandelier hung high from the ceiling above the great hall. A beautiful mural of cupids, clouds and everything else worth fantasizing was painted on the ceiling and everyone who entered the hall marveled the realism of the ‘sky’ above their heads. Raiha smiled as he wove towards Fuuko with drinks in both hands. Passing her a cup, he drank his own in his right hand.

“Where’s the rest?”

“I don’t know. Last time I saw them, Recca and Yanagi were talking, Aki and Miki were fighting over Mi-chan and Domon was trying his best to impress the two girls. Koganei was seen running away from the three Nincompoops who were trying to pinch his kawaii little cheeks and Ganko was stopping Kondo from spiking the cocktail with his deadly small bottle of concentrated ethanol.”

Raiha stared at Fuuko incredulously and she lowered her voice, leaning over to his ear. “He bought it from the nearby pharmacy.”

Raiha nodded and looked around the room when suddenly, a figure jumped on him and clung on tightly to his neck, almost strangling him. Another figure was hiding behind Fuuko and holding her waist like a chick holding a hen’s waist. (I’m not hinting that Fuuko has a waist like a hen. I value my life, thank you very much)

“Save us from Domon, please Raiha-sama.”

“Control him, Fuuko-sama. I can’t stop him without my madougu that he destroyed,” Aki begged as she fell to her knees.

“Help me, Raiha. Please,” Miki begged as she hung on even more tightly. Raiha’s face turned bright red, then blue, then purple. Miki noticed his face color changing dangerously and let go of his neck. A chibi Raiha fell back on the floor with a purple face. He soon regained composure after Fuuko threatened to kick him.

“Where’s Domon? I’ll handle him,” Fuuko smiled deviously, rubbed her hands together and walked off with the two girls. Raiha rubbed his neck, smiled and walked towards Joker who was sitting cross-legged on top of a slightly tall and wide Greek-like pillar as he scanned the area.

“What are you looking at?”

“Them,” Joker said and pointed towards Neon and Kurei. Both of them seemed to be in their own world despite the noise in the room. A cloud of Domon and Fuuko passed them as chibi Aki and Miki ran on short little legs after them, cheering for Fuuko.

“Look at them… they’re so sweet. The room is so full of electricity,” Joker said as he jumped off the pillar and landed softly on his feet next to Raiha. Fluttering his eyelids (not that anyone could see), he added, “And love.” He became serious suddenly and a tune somehow ended up in his head. This is evil music… so tempting, he thought to himself and unconsciously sang out.

“I can see what’s happening.”


“And they don’t have a clue.”


“They’ll fall in love and here’s the bottom line. Our trio’s down to two.”

“Trio? You, Neon and I or…” Raiha caught Joker’s face turned to him. Even though he couldn’t see Joker’s eyes, he could feel his glare burning into his skull. “Oh.”

“The sweet caress of twilight, there’s magic everywhere. And with all this romantic atmosphere… Disaster’s in the air.”

“Nice voice.”

“Thank you.”

“Can’t you feel the love…” a voice rang out and Joker and Raiha looked around nervously. The voice seemed to have floated out of nowhere. “Who’s there?” Joker asked cautiously. No one else but the duo seemed to have heard the voice.

“I’m a figment of your imagination… I’m the terror that flaps in the night-”

“Dark Wing Duck?” Raiha and Joker chorused with wide eyes. The voice said nothing but the two felt something hard hit their heads. “Baka! I’m the narrator. Can’t you take a joke? I control everything here and right now, only the both of you and the two lovebirds can hear me…” A long silent pause followed. “Work with me, bakas!”

The chibi Uruha members nodded as a large bead of sweat formed on their heads.

“Can’t you feel the love tonight, the peace the evening brings? The world for once, in perfect harmony, with all its living things.”

Across the room, Kurei was looking at Neon as she seemingly floated as she walked, ignoring the cloud of dust containing Kondo, Domon and Fuuko with Ganko, Aki and Miki turned chibi and cheering on short legs, running after them. He had heard the voice singing. Did Neon hear that too? He let her walk ahead and sang softly to himself.

“So many things to tell her, but how to make her see… the truth about my past? Impossible! She’ll turn away from me,” he sang then raised an eyebrow. “Did I just sing that?” Hoping it was a temporary lapse of memory and that no one heard it, he caught up with Neon but lingered behind her instead of taking charge like always. Somehow, Neon sensed that he was different from the ruler she had made him in her heart.

“He’s holding back, he’s hiding. But what, I can’t decide. Why won’t he be the king I know he is, the king I see inside?” She sang softly then quickly looked around, hoping no one else heard her confession of love. Unknown to her, a satanic grin was growing on the person, who controlled their every move, thought and word.

“Can’t you feel the love tonight, the peace the evening brings? The world for once, in perfect harmony, with all its living things.”

“Can’t you feel the love tonight? You needn’t look too far. Stealing through the night’s uncertainties. Love is where they are.”

“And if she falls in love tonight, it can be assumed,” Joker half moaned and sang. He didn’t want to lose a friend to love and even more than ever, he hated being controlled.

“Her carefree days with us are history,” Raiha sang and paused, waiting for Joker who seemed to be dreaming. Wanting to get over with the singing, he whacked Joker hard across the back. The cloud of dust was growing. Domon, Fuuko, Kondo, Koganei and Recca were engaged in exchanging fist as Ganko cheered for Fuuko while Yanagi stood by her ninja. Mikagami was running from Aki and Miki who had given up cheering for Fuuko and decided to attack him.

In short, our pal is doomed,” the two chorused harmoniously and waited cautiously. When nothing happened, Joker yelled out. “Hey narrator, we don’t have to cry, do we?”

“Unless you want to. I can make that happen,” a voice spoke, followed by cackling in the background that resembled Snow White’s evil stepmother.

“Never mind,” Raiha answered quickly and glared at his friend who was smiling sheepishly. Raiha fished Fuuko out of the passing dust as Joker grabbed Aki and Miki by the collar before walking out of the room. Mikagami had run to the toilet to hide and the two girls were almost in tears, unable to find their bishonen.

Just then, Recca summoned Rui out in human form and Domon jumped out of the dust cloud, allowing the rest to take a breather. Koganei looked around, cocked his head to a side and looked at Recca.

“Why are we fighting?”

“I have no idea,” Recca said just as Rui jumped back into his arm. Domon launched at Recca and commanded him to take Rui out again. Refusing to torture his dragon, Recca ended up in the second cloud dust before he could even find out why he was in the first.

Owari! ^-^