by Bottou- chan
Gomen! So instead of my usual curatorial duties... I found myself working
the museum giftshop for two hours today. So to keep my mind active, I
accidentally ended up composing four sonnets. ^_^;;; I apologize in advance
for anything I might produce this weekend, when I'm scheduled to spend
fourteen hours working there... @_@
Remember, sonnets are 15 lines each. These are Shakespearean (English)
sonnets, which go ABAB CDCD EFEF GG. And I tried keeping it in
five-stresses-per-line (iambic pentameter), although I _did_ vary from that
(on purpose) in a few cases.
From Raiha to Fuuko: A Sonnet
O Fuuko-san, my goddess of the wind,
I stand and watch your fighting from the side.
Around the ring you jumped, twisted, and spinned;
You fought with grace, with dignity and pride.
How swiftly your opponents seem to fall!
They fight, but then they soon submit to you.
Although I haven't faced Fuujin at all,
Still, Fuuko-san, I fear I've fallen too.
How admirable your innocent ideals,
As you refuse to kill your vanquished foes;
Your kindness to your enemy appeals--
This conqueror's kindness on my heart bestow.
For I've been trounced as well as any you've fought;
As should I not be also spared a thought?
(The third stanza has a different beat... but I liked it, so I kept it.)
Reminiscing-- Kurei's Sonnet
Born amidst much happiness and joy,
Set aside to make room for another;
I fell from heir to ordinary boy.
The oni killed my father and my mother.
I flew four hundred years through swirling time,
Was taken in by Tsukino-sama kind;
But happiness seemed never to be mine,
As Mori-sama further warped my mind.
And those I loved were doomed to die--
Yet loveless lives are worth but naught.
Mori's murdering dog was I,
In this endless cycle I was caught.
And so I hide behind my faceless mask,
To let my nightmare end is all I ask.
(Here, I gave the last line of every verse 6 beats.)
It's Not Time-- Raiha's Sonnet
Pinned beneath the murdering hulk of Noroi,
My thoughts on death; my heart for better life pines;
My reluctance to fight for real Kurei annoys--
I wish I could, I fear I can't, it is not time.
Trapped inside a dark and rocky cave,
My raijin could ensure we all were fine;
It's not by me, but by Kurei we're saved--
I wish I could, I fear I can't, it is not time.
I jump inside Soukakousai's cauldron deep,
I need to rescue Fuuko from that swine;
It's not the raijin which saves us from that creep--
I wish I could, I fear I can't, it is not time.
Why don't you use it? so many voices chime--
I wish I could, I fear I can't, it is not time.
The Requiem Defeated-- Neon's Sonnet
I stood upon the porch and rang the bell,
The red-and-blue haired girls were at my side;
With no family or friends, our life was hell--
But pleasant-smiling Kurei took us inside.
Soon we were ensconced as Kurei's maids,
And loyally we worked to make him proud;
Until the murder of our Kurenai--
Then as Uruha, we asked to be allowed.
We fought to make our master well and pleased,
Hoping we could somehow assuage his pain;
Yet through our murering fingers those two squeezed--
So they're alive... and I shall die in shame.
I close my eyes and await the final blow--
I'm pleased to die for you, I hope you know.