by Nefer da Fox Demon

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ARIGATOU FOR READING! A leeeeetle bit of violence is involved...basically a what if fic conerning how Kage Houshi came across the Fuujin and that control device. Also a reason to show why the Hokage may not like Kurei.Pretty short concerning the time I get these days :p P.S *da foxdemon begs for comments*

<It was pure ecstasy>

Another wind cross went and hit the man. This time he could with stand it. But we will see about the next blow.

<All this power in my hands, the power to hurt>.

In the corner a woman stood shouting but it was too late. Her opponent made another advance and she sent an even more deadly blow. She watched with pleasure as the slashes sliced through the skin, through the flesh and eventually revealed the bone.

<The power to kill>

The woman with two moles laughed as the man flew backwards on impact. But stubbornly he landed upright,

<I am the strongest...No one will look down on me again!>

She put her hand down and lifted her self-high in the air. Pitch black hair flying everywhere like a mad woman. The look in her violet eyes would scare anyone.

"SAYONARA!!!!" the woman in mid air flung her hand.

<This wonderful Fuujin... with it I shall take over the whole Hokage!>

"Fuujin Kamatachi!" she shrieked.

"Kysoooo!!!!!!" man extended his hand further. An orange flame burst forward.


The ball of fire met its faith with the deadly wind and blew up on contact.

<My wind was...>

Unexpectedly another flame came and pierced her shoulder blade. The pain overcame her and she fell to the ground.

<What happened?>

"Iieeee!" The other lady ran towards her.

"Stop! It's too dangerous!" Ohka yelled from a distance. But his wife ignored him.

The Wind Warrior flipped over so she landed back on earth with proper footing. One second later the woman embraced her in a tight hug.

<Who is she? Doesn't she realize that closing in on me is suicide?>

"Get away from me..." she said harshly.

But that did not stir the lady who held her "...Please come out of this trance!" warm tears dropped on the Fuujin user's back.

<Stupid fool...>

The crystal in the middle of the weapon was lit brightly.

But that did not stop the woman, she grabbed the younger lady by her shoulders and began to shake her hard.

"Kagerou...Kagerou! Listen to me this is your best friend!Kagerou wake up!!!"

The violet eyes immediately turned back into blue.

Kagerou looked around she was confused...what was going on?

<Why is she shaking me, as I am possessed?>

A wave of nausea rushed in her as she saw a man bleeding uncontrollably and other bodies sprawled on the earth. Who could have done so much destruction? It frightened her...but then was she responsible for all of this?

"What have I done...."

All she could remember was that as soon as she entered the Hokage village a young boy almost a baby handed her a bracelet telling her that the Head had ordered her to wear it.

As a joke she wore according to her a piece of jewelry and after that...her mind was a blur.

"...I am scared! I..." she choked back her tears.

The crystal began to glow, In a sinister red color.

Kage Houshi's eyes went back to violet.

<How dare this pathetic female come near me!>

She raised her hand to attack.


Kage Houshi turned around to see that her original opponent had gotten up.

He wiped the blood trailing down his chin and flicked it away.

"There is no honor in fighting one who cannot fight back...fight me!"

Kage Houshi smiled with a lust for blood. She pressed her cheek against the Fuujin affectionately.

<Ha look how confident he has become just because of a fluke that he is not seriously injured>

"You don't seem to be a challenge for me either...BUT I WILL GET RID OF YOU ONCE AND FOR ALL!"

She slashed downwards in an oblique strike, the attack missed the flame caster. Bursting past a Sakura tree ripping up the bark only centimeters from his retreating leg.

"But the end of this..." Kage Houshi said. "I'll make you scream before you die".

Fuujin Kamatachi flew through the air to the right, then abruptly reversing course, swiping at Hokage's feet,

Her eyes were bright as her legs powered her forward. The ninja feinted to the right, then came in beneath the Shadow's guard. With the weight of the madugo device she hit his chest making him hit the ground, hard.

<I am really psyched now>

Wind swooped down sending debris of grass and dirt flying upwards, and leaving a dent right next to his torso.

Ohka gritted his teeth...he just realized that it was Kage Houshi's aim to make use of whatever he might know of his abilities, drawing him into his own strength. He might as well give her what she wants, he thought.

She knelt over him with one knee her next attack sizzled downward cutting a vicious arc through the air.

Desperately the man twisted, raising his left arm upwards so that it broke inside Kage Houshi's upraised arm, deflecting the blow out and away from him.

But because of his previous injuries he had to release her as pain vibrated through his arm like fire.

Can I take anymore pain? He thought to himself

He heard the answering crack as ribs caved in beneath the blow.

The Shadow went in for the second strike.

In a distance a boy hid behind a tree and witnessed the fight. His eyes were matching the crystal in the middle of the Wind God weapon.

"I think she has done enough damage..." Kurei smiled wickedly. He ran to his mother.

Kage Houshi's eyes opened wide with shock. The evil color had evaporated. She looked at him.

"Buddha...." she said weakly before collapsing on the body below her.


She slept for a time after that, sliding down into a vertiginous whirlpool, a troubled slumber in which her fear brought to the surface, would not allow her to slip deeply into unconscious.

Rather, she fought in a series of battle-scarred dreams, on the edge of sleep her eyelids fluttering constantly, her limbs thrashing and twitching like a dog.

When at last she awoke it was near night

Kage Houshi woke up it was near night again and it was as if no time had passed at all.

But the truth was that she must slept for at least a day.

"How are you feeling?" a woman asked.

Kage Houshi rose to her haunches she saw her good friend, an elder and a man who looked very familiar.

Her expression was full of concern as reality came to her "I am so sorry..." she said softly.

"It was not your fault" He told her.

"Who is this Reina?" she then turned to the lady for answers

She smiled and stroked her hair "Kage Houshi...I would like you to meet my husband Ohka".

She bowed down. She had great respect for him, after all he risked his life to stop Kagerou from further shame and still she could have murdered him but he seems to understand the situation entirely. Kage Houshi knew little men like him.

The small boy who handed her the weapon entered the room.

"And this is my son Kurei..."

Kage Houshi paled and was at a loss for words.

"Leave us alone.." the elder ordered the rest.

As expected, the couple walked out of the room immediately.

But Kurei ran up to her.

"Stay away from my father...." he whispered harshly before departing.

"Where did you get this?" the elder asked breaking off her trail of thoughts.

She leaned forward and took the Fuujin off the floor. It seemed quite heavy to her now. She did not look at him and nor did she speak.

"I know how you got it" he said narrowing his eyes.

She looked at him "What...happened last night? I am not too sure of the facts"

"You attacked some of our of them was more hurt then the rest"

"Is he dead?"


The Shadow swallowed hard.

"That boy must be..."

"No!" She interrupted sharply "He is just a child he had no idea what he was doing you cannot blame him for anything!"

The senior sighed deeply "if you had seen the look on his face like I had did

"Just a child" Kage Houshi repeated quietly, it was not wise arguing against a master.

He nodded his head, but there was still doubt in his mind. But this had to be put aside for the original business.

"Your tribe has selected well...I have decided that I shall train you to become a Hokage ninja. But that is if you want to learn."

"I want to learn" she said softly.

The elder did not turn around or make any motion that he had heard her or indeed was aware of her presence.

Kage Houshi brought up the Fuujin to his face. Holding it gave her some kind of odd security.

"I want to teach me everything you know..." she took out the crystal "so nothing like this could ever happen again"

"And it shall be done"

She got up from the bed and went on her knees. Then the ninja to be placed her forehead to the ground.

"Domo arigatou" she muttered.

<I am the one who should be thanking you...for I see that you will bring that child which the we have been praying for centuries>


- why did I use the name Kage Houshi? Well the thing is that I was trying to show that she was simply a ninja brought into training and she was using her ninja name...yeah many ninjas didn't use their real names once they became ninja.

-No I dont think Kurei's evil...but hes just a kid I am implying that he didn't like this new woman coming in and it gave him some source of uncomfort.

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