by  Nefer Da Fox-Demon
Black Coffee 
Night Swimming 
Beach walking 
Always silent 
Never talking 
Then you call my name 
And I know inside I love you 

Fuuko watched Raiha with interest. Throughout the whole trip he had remained silent. Perhaps he was shy to say anything, but it was kind of hard for her to tell because he hid his face by the help of his violet hair. The water reached their feet again tickling her between her toes. 
“Ahhh this feels great, its so beautiful ” she remarked gazing at the sun set into the ocean. 
Raiha looked at her and smiled “yes it is” then he turned away again. 
Just then Fuuko was about to suggest going back but at about that time she heard an angel calling her 
The way Raiha said it, it made her heart flutter, her hands were out of her control and there were butterflies flying in her stomach. 

Sail away 
I miss you more 
Until you see the shore 
There I will be waiting 

“Well I guess this is good bye for now” Raiha said reluctantly as he watched Fuuko collect her stuff. 
“Yeah but I will see you soon” she waved. Fuuko appeared closer to him, perhaps to kiss him but she hesitated. Raiha halted and blushed, he did not realize that he himself was inching dangerously close. 
“umm bye” Fuuko said and hastily got off the car. 
Raiha did not drive off, instead he waited until she was safely inside her home, and then he started to bang his head against the car wheel. 

Each moment is new 
And breeds a moment 
Each moment is cool 
And breeds a moment 

“He was about to…what?” Recca and Fuuko were perched above on the school’s rooftop, bunking the P.E class as they did always. 
“Yup I think we were about to kiss” she admitted. 
“You think?” Fuuko did not answer instead she looked down at the principle who was frantically searching for them. 
“Come on Fuuko look at me, are you into Raiha?” 
She sighed “I can’t tell, I don’t know how to describe this feeling, its so strange and especially when hes around and…” 
Recca grinned “yeah I know what you are feeling, and your heart starts to pound right?” 
“And your hands start to shake and you stumble on your words” 
“yeah yeah yeah! But how do you know all that?” Fuuko looked shocked, she wasn’t expecting Recca to understand what she was going through at all. 
He looked down trying his hide a red streak cutting across his nose to his cheeks “uhh that’s how I feel around Yanagi” 
Fuuko smiled “I guess this means I love Raiha” 
“I guess it does” 

‘I wouldnt wanna be 
Anywhere else but... here 
I wouldnt wanna change 
Anything at all’ 

Raiha checked himself in the mirror over and over again, he wanted to make sure he was looking perfect. 
“Only girls do this” Neon joked and plopped herself on the bed. 
“And how would you know?” Joker peeked through the door. 
Yet another verbal match started while a chibi Raiha quietly tiptoed out and sped off in his car. 
I have to tell her but what if everything will become different between us, I mean I don’t want to change this relationship between us at all. 
He bit his lip, he better keep a bit away from her otherwise his true feelings would be revealed and poor Raiha had no idea what comes next. 

(Anything oh I..) 
‘I wouldnt wanna take 
Everything out on... you 
Though I know I do 
(Although I know I do) 
Everytime I fall’ 
Fuuko sat quietly across Raiha at the dinner table , she was a little frustrated that Raiha was acting like a speechless robot, At this point he was beating Tokiya at his own game. 
He looked up from the bill not looking at her straight in the eye like he usually did. 
“never mind…” 
Outside Raiha opened the car door for her but instead she just walked away past the car. 
“Where are you going Fuuko!” 
“Far away from you!” 
“huh? What is the matter?” 
“Sleep on it!” She hollered and stamped away to a bus stop. 

 ‘Did I tell you that I love you’ 

Finally Raiha caught up to the wielder of wind. 
“Fuuko…tell me what is going on!” he was reallly confused but deep down inside he knew that she was getting peeved about his attitude. 
Her green eyes encountered his “what’s with the ice personality” she snapped. 
He said nothing 
“Don’t keep secrets from me! I mean how could you…” she blinked back tears. 
Raiha instinctvely reached for her face “don’t cry Fuuko” he pleaded with the back of his hand he gently wiped away a stray tear sliding down her cheek. 
“Please tell me Raiha” she begged. 
He sighed “I don’t want to do anything to ruin this friendship of ours” 
Fuuko knitted her eyebrows together “neither do I” she said slowly. 
What was Raiha getting at? 
“Fuuko my feelings for you have changed” 
The wind child back up “you don’t like me anymore” her expression wore a cute look of shock. 
Raiha laughed “no Fuuko I don’t like you anymore…now I love you” 

Each moment is new 
And breeds a moment 
Each moment is cool 
And breeds a moment 

Fuuko went back slightly, this saddened Raiha 
“I knew that this would happen” 
Fuuko still masked her true feelings “well now I can do something that I have been wanting to do for a long time” 
Raiha sighed again “go ahead” he got his face ready for a painful slap. 
Suddenly without warning Fuuko captured his mouth with hers and both of them enveloped in a deep kiss. 

I wouldnt wanna be 
Anywhere else but... here 

Raiha gazed at her he did not want to remove his arms from around her, ever. 
“I can’t believe this is happening” Fuuko said softly. 
“Neither do I” he kissed her again. 

Each moment is cool 
And breeds a moment 
I wouldnt wanna be 
Anywhere else but... here 
Both of them walked on the beach together. 
“This changes everything between us before” Fuuko realized. 
“So let’s start over again” 
“But you know nothing really has changed actually its still the same except I feel different more mature somehow” 
“You are the same and that is what attracts me the most to you” 
 And I know inside I love you