by Chichiri no Miko

Fuuko walked on the street leading to her village. It was her birthday but she didn't seem happy. Something was missing to make her day happy. It was Raiha. He left out of the country a few months ago and Fuuko was missing him. They became really great friends and as soon as Raiha left, Fuuko had developed feelings for him. She
still didn't want to come home so she walked a bit slower. She smiled at the thought when she and Raiha mailed each other letters each week.

She stared at the night sky. Raiha...what if you aren't coming back? What if....what if you have somebody else as your lover? She thought sadly. Tears started to well up her eyes. She knew she couldn't help it if Raiha had another girl. She wiped away her tears and thought about the time when Kaoru and Ganko used to tease Raiha
and her. She laughed softly and walked even slower.

"Hime, is Fuuko there yet?"

Recca can't wait for Fuuko to come. He had planned a party her a few weeks ago.

"She still isn't here, Recca-kun." Yanagi answered.

"What's taking my darling, Fuuko so long?" Domon asked impatiently.

"Very funny, Domon. Fuuko-sama isn't even your darling!" Kaoru teased.

"Yeah! She belongs to Raiha-kun!" Ganko added. Then, a knock came
on the door.

"Fuuko!" Recca exclaimed. He opened the door but it wasn't Fuuko.

Fuuko stared at her house. She was a few meters away. She was about to go inside but hesitated. All she really wanted for her birthday is Raiha. She wanted to talk to him again, joke with him again but didn't happen. "Oh well..." She said to herself. She opened the door.


All the lights opened and loud music played.

"Guys, you remembered!." Fuuko exclaimed.

Recca laughed. "But of course! I mean, we are your friends after all!" He said.

Fuuko smiled warmly. "Thank you, guys. I really appreciate it." Then, she felt someone's arms wrap around her from behind. She also felt someone whisper in her ear.

"Fuuko. I'm back."

She turned around and saw Raiha's smiling face in front of her. "Raiha..." She said softly. They stood there, with arms wrapped around each other.

Fuuko and Raiha sat on the sofa alone. The others had gone early, wanting the two to spend more time with each other.

"So Raiha, what's up?" Fuuko asked.

Raiha smiled. "Well, I'm okay. I feel great that I was able to come here. I was glad that Recca called me about the party. I'm so happy that I was able to see you again. How about you?" He asked.

"Me? Well, I also feel happy that you are here. I'm really glad that we meet each other again." Fuuko answered.

Raiha gazed at her face. Fuuko gazed back. "Fuuko...I really missed you and I....." Raiha caressed her cheek. "Fuuko, I love you." He whispered and kissed  her.

Fuuko sighed as he deepened the kiss. As they slowly pulled away, Fuuko looked into his eyes. "I love you too, Raiha." She said and they kissed again. She really felt happy that Raiha is with her again.

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