To my Beloved Mokuren
From  your cuddly wuddly teddy bear, Mikoto
 by Kat
- Excerpts from her Book of Conscience
Oh, what a man is my Mokuren.
Who the deuce does he think he is fooliní?
With his laugh, do I sigh,
Exclaim rampant ď Oh my ď,
Oh, what a darling is my Mokuren.
For nights have I loved you, my dear.
With you I have nothing to fear.
To the ends of the earth,
Shall we giggle in mirth,
Not now! Donít pinch at my rear!
Shrill is the shriek of their screams.
Tonight shall we sleep in sweet dreams,
He is my hunny bunny,
Itís not meant to be funny,
My joy is ready to burst at the seams.
Exquisite the curve of his brow.
He refers me: his own little sow.
His fetish for begonia,
Can lead to Estonia,
But I donít care; Címon baby, take a low bow.
His rotwood scent wafts through the din.
How deeply in love am I in.
Some fun and some games,
Even in falling rains,
How can anyone think this is sin?
This is supposed to be like Edward Learís ď Book Of nonsense ď. As for included illustrations like LearísÖ well, maybe I could give you some visual aid by describing what sort of pictures are supposed to go with these limericks. I guess you could try imagining a SD Mokuren and Mikoto having a tender moment like Recca and Yanagi.

I did. Couldnít sleep a wink for a week.
Maybe you could add a lot of corpses strewn randomly around and miscellaneous torture objects protruding from the bodies or something. Well, leave it up to your imagination. I think Iíve done enough perversions.

Hey, anyone want to see a Mokuren and Mikoto romance?